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Saturday, August 12th

The CBS News Weekend Roundup with Correspondent Steve Dorsey, for August 12.

Segment 1: White House Correspondent Major Garrett reports on President Trump's response to North Korean nuclear threats. Correspondent Ben Tracy reports from Beijing on China's response. Correspondent Juliana Goldman reports on the Russia investigation. Correspondent Steve Dorsey reports on the story he broke about diplomats suffering mysterious ailments in Cuba.

Segment 2: Correspondent Jeff Glor interviews the parents of journalist Austin Tice, who was abducted in Syria 5 years ago. Steve talks with WIRED magazine editor and CBS News Contributor Nick Thompson about his CBSN: On Assignment story about Instagram.

Segment 3: Steve talks with CBS News Technology Consultant Larry Magid. Correspondent Michelle Miller reports on DNA testing. Correspondent John Blackstone reports on the popularity of cauliflower. Correspondent Peter King reports on new efforts to control opioid use.

Segment 4: Correspondent Anna Werner reports on a pre-trial hearing in the case of a Penn State fraternity pledge who died. Reporter Larry Miller reports on the Vatican taking steps to prevent euthanasia. Steve talks with Howard Kushner, author of "On the Other Hand: Left Hand, Right Brain, Mental Disorder, and History." Correspondent Steve Kathan reports on the public return of Anthony Scaramucci.

Segment 5: Correspondent Bill Rehkopf ends the Weekend Roundup with a report from Anthony Mason on the death of singer Glenn Campell. Bill also features a CBS This Morning "Note to Self" from the singer Kesha.


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If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael variation. This is the CBS news we can round up. President troll with this threat to North Korea amid rising tensions. It will be an event. The likes of which. Nobody seen before what will happen in North Korea the State Department confirms a bizarre story in Cuba people started experiencing ailments in late 26. And HBO investigating a hack that targeted some of its most popular content they got a lot of content including some scripture and gain the throne and Steve Dorsey at the CBS news Washington bureau. President trump isn't toning down his rhetoric about North Korea as tensions rise over that country's nuclear weapons program. Mr. trump tweeted Friday morning quote military solutions are now fully in place locked and loaded. Should North Korea act unwisely hopefully Kim Jong-un. We'll find another pack. More from White House correspondent major gear. President trump heard the criticism of fire and fury read the stories about dissension in this administration so we. Pressed ahead trying to turn the tables on Kim Jung un by making him worry about what the US might do. Instead of the other way around. The people who were questioned at stake and what to do now. Maybe it wasn't tough enough president trumps language was blunt and vaguely menacing North Korea that it get their act together. When they get a bit of trouble like your kids ever. Updated travel North Korea said it was planning a four missile strike near the US Territory of Guam as a warning. Depending on said he will not fortify the US military base there he did something. In Guam. It will be an event. The likes of which. Nobody seen before reporters asked if that was a dear he. Second go around threatening Guam and stuck at a threaten the United States and he's not gonna threaten Japan. It is not that it threatens South Korea. None of that stuff they be there as you say that is a statement of fact. The president vowed to maintain the world's strongest nuclear force no matter the cost. He also said he would prefer no nuclear weapons and the complications they or their pursuit present in North Korea Pakistan. And Iran I'd like did he knew that the world I would like Russia and the United States and China. And Pakistan and many other countries that have nuclear weapons get rid of them. In California Defense Secretary James Madison the Pentagon can confront North Korea but diplomats for now are in the lead. My responsibility. To have military option. Could they be needed you can see the American effort is diplomatically led it has diplomatic traction. The president said he doubts this latest round of sanctions against North Korea will succeed. And he tried to entice more cooperation from China with the prospect of better trade deals if they help out on North Korea playing an economic card. For the first time since this crisis intensified. Correspondent Ben Tracy is in Beijing with China's response China's government told us that they have been working very hard on the North Korean issue and paid a price for doing so it seems to be a reference to China going along with us tough UN sanctions. That will curtail its trade with North Korea the president trump says he wants China to do what he simply calls. I think Jenny if you're not going to try to catch and I think China will do a lot more president trump is simultaneously through the escalating conflict with the North Korea. And counting on China to sold it. He's threatening a trade war if they don't. But it. I feel a lot differently portrait. A lot differently forward. And if the US is trying to convince China to take significant action on North Korea is using more stick than carrot. On Thursday the US navy seal the destroyer through contested waters in the South China Sea. Just twelve miles off the shore of one of the island's China claims as its territory. Any terse statement China's Foreign Ministry said it is severely harm China's sovereignty and security and that China is very displeased. And the Chinese Government made another statement saying member of the US and North Korea should. Caution and stop taking turns and what China calls show. Or learning the investigation into the truck campaigns contacts with Russia has taken. A new turn after CBS news confirms the FBI raided the home of former campaign chairman bomb and a four on July 26. More from correspondent Julianna Goldman. Armed with a search warrant federal agents showed up early in the morning to go to palm out of ports home an aggressive move in an escalating investigation. None of sports spokesman Jason Maloney confirmed the searched. And emphasized his client has consistently cooperated with law enforcement and other serious inquiries and did so on this occasion is well. But legal experts say the search warrant indicates special counsel Robert Mueller doesn't trust man a fort. It suggests that they are concerned about possible evidence destruction. Peters I didn't surrogate former Justice Department prosecutor I mean I think that that the take away is that they felt they weren't getting. Full cooperation. Because if they did they would feel the need to take the step of getting a search warrant. The day before his home was searched Mann of port met with senate investigators to discuss the June 2016 meeting at trump tower organized by Donald Trump junior to meet a Russian attorney. Who supposedly had damaging information about Hillary Clinton. The special counsel is also looking into that affords business dealings. Typically in criminal investigations prosecutors tried to flip witnesses in exchange for their cooperation they lessen their legal liabilities. Mueller could be trying to do that now to pressure man afford. If they think he has. It information about the campaign. They would undoubtedly squeeze them for that he'd be in a position from a prosecutor's standpoint to tell you. What's going on who is doing what who knew what went. Metaphor was officially part of the trunk campaign for only five months campaign chairman for just three. But this development is another sign of how close this investigation is hitting to the president's inner circle. The special counsel's office declined to comment. Julianna Goldman CBS news Washington. Now to a strange story that I broke Wednesday about US State Department employees living and working in Havana. The State Department says it's investigating what it calls incidents causing physical symptoms a source familiar with the incidence. Says officials are looking into whether a type of acoustic device could of caused hearing loss and headaches and not only US diplomats but also at least one Canadian. Summit cut short their assignments to return home. The US says although it hasn't identified the source or calls of the incidents he did expel. To Cuban diplomats from the US may 23 and reminded Cuba of as international obligation to protect diplomats. Here's my exchange Thursday with State Department spokesperson had an hour. Why are we just learning about this this these two Cuban diplomats. Left on me the 23 this has been going on at least eight or nine months and now we're just learning about this what. As a reporter you're gonna ask that question having gotten couldn't speak about Donna reporting not slept. Now the honest question is in the end and the role it. Answer that it says people started experiencing ailments in late 2016 okay and think about it when you have an ailment you don't always know exactly what's causing. That's at least two senators and house foreign affairs committee have requested briefings on the matter still to come CBS news piece of the parents. Of an American journalist still missing in Syria five years. After he was abducted. We've never now it at anything that tree that's next on the weekend around. Texas weather can change on dime. I wanted to and renewing getting normally. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at sock thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right. Choice. On this CBS news he get around steep course. Friday was the 36 birthday Austin tight. He's the American journalist who was abducted in Syria five years ago no group has claimed responsibility. Correspondent Jeff Glor spoke to his parents that you can't vacation and away you can think it way it sworn. Prompts us. To keep working. Mark and Debra ties have seven children but Austin is their oldest. They made multiple trips to the Middle East Deborah even lived in Damascus for a time trying to secure his release. This administration. Is Ollie and fifth here. Let's bring him around. And that that does make it different and our and our everything thinking and that's different from the previous administration. The previous administration with command and and they realize that it way is on the to do list. That they weren't fishing net fell at stake believe it's being pushed down yes I do you. The push for US hostages around the world to be released received a new and grizzly impetus in June. After American student auto warm here was returned by North Korea in a coma. And died days later how confident are you that he's alive. A 100% absolutely and out. And I doubt and it's not just us that's not just pull into wishes stats the assessment of everybody involved in his situation. In a statement issued a CBS news a State Department spokesman writes his case says the attention of the highest levels in the US government and the administration. We are actively working to bring Austin Tice home. Where do you believe news right now. We really believe that he's been Damascus. We know that he and scary after you've been to Damascus are you gonna go back. We look ahead to Damascus before a lot. Do you allow yourself to visualize him being freed. Yes but visualize and to do for you yet you do absolutely absolutely. Yes I do so whether that would be. Help end alert tortuous experience. Apple really deep pain I mean you know again we never now ten add anything except a three man. That's the only way will ever know him. Austin Tyson Marine Corps vet and freelance journalist still missing in Syria. CBS news is giving a rare look inside in Stu Graham WIRED Magazine editor and CBS news contributor nick Thompson visited the company's Menlo Park headquarters. We're CBS and on assignment airing Monday night thanks for talking with us and delighted being on the first nick where is in stick Graham fit in these days in the social media landscape. In to grand isn't quite broad and Graham as a successful. Social media company and it's a place where while a lot of people particularly young people. They'll have their first experience as a social media and that has made the people who write to Graham worried. About all of the toxicity and negativity and bullying and cruelty that appears on the platform. So tell me about then that the kind of fights going on inside and outside into Graham over free speech. What they're watching now. And what became the exclusive look at it a new machine learning and artificial intelligence based system that will open that they cool comment before they even appear. The idea that the patrol write something mean the pipe it and and it won't even appear. On the person's speed and to the way they did. To help apology humans go for re out and out and about the comments and say. The hunt toxic this one's not they took those comments and the ratings and set them into computers computers and came up with algorithms for filtering comments. And so the debate over free speech is the question of whether it. Is it strange to be knocking commentary way without. Even human looking at just have a machines saying that's cool that's not appropriate we're just gonna delete it but there are questions about whether or make the platform field. I don't like it. Is it half ago because you have this machine that's that the traffic. Cop here. It's determining. What is acceptable and what isn't except would surely there has to be exceptions. Well it it is it ethical to really into questions and you can't answer that being of course it's all we're doing is getting rid of insults and believe. The fact that will make there be more speech right people feel like they're not gonna be insulted them more likely. Say what they genuinely think and you'll be willing to engage in conversation that we all had situations where while social media and he accomplished it. Conversation carried actually reduced turn off at. Walk away and it turns hoping that you could prevent things from getting happy maybe you'll have more each. On the other hand it is a little strange to think that people will be typing in things that. In the scene without it intervention will be well at least he can play. You also talked with in sir Graham CEO Kevin sister. Would you learn from him. I learned a lot from them and I learned a lot that I learned that he wanted to think I was trying to figure out is what you know put last year you've been working on this. Why what was the moment when you became so committed to. And yet you know adjusting entries that it would off when he would include content to a conference or social media stars. Last year and so fourteen months ago and what thirty pockets of the most active eat into the program. And they all said that I think they'd like at least words then nasty continents and it package if I read about in the peace about it's up a lot of magazine that also appear on Monday. He posted a picture of the economy Dick Clark and the comment underneath that all were pulpit. They're just insult after insult after insult that bad experience combined with a general feelings about the responsibility of social media companies. Let him to start trying to figure out how to make conversation better. One issue this is instant Graham followed. At all one snap Chad is doing because that's a major competitor it's tried to emulate elements of snap jet but snapped jets started as something. A little serious threat and now it's really gotten mainstream. Yeah kick it into an incredibly basic and it's commodore a lot of criticism for just copied ripping off snapped act. Featured the funny thing about Matt said he'd better is that in the beginning it was very you know demanding on them that you Olympic logo that would ban that would then it's a pit. So you know into examined Atlantic dealing with this problem the pocket comments and slightly different ways that cat is more about. Either platform it's not a public forum where everybody can see conversations. That they have a different set of problems from the pulpit to grant an Arctic. One of the things that interest me to boast that like. Fundamental question that apply this app chat or urged to rent. It that the people who want to meet platforms also applied to Twitter and FaceBook. Because let me platforms has immense power over our lives and they make decisions. But happy with the design of a platform structure of the platform but it act the way we think it out. Everything the weapon don't know what those decisions are. And often not obvious like. Small tweaks in the design of FaceBook and make fundamental changes in the way humans interact with each other and that's really important so I saw this story. There's secrecy yet and that he could WIRED Magazine had a chance to dig deep. In the one place and once that decision that the making that really do help keep the way we live our lives online and even off. It's as interesting in you could watch Nick's report Monday at 10 PM eastern on CBS and or digital streaming network CBS thanks nick thank you. Up next diversity in Silicon Valley as the issue shines a spotlight on Google I think it's sort of opens the wound on the CBS news weekend around. We know us and trafficking via. Challenged. These continue with time saver drastic mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven lead the right choice. On this CBS news began around Steve Morse HBO says it's investigating a big hack. Targeting some of its signature content including game of the runs but stop with CBS news technology consultant Larry Magid in Silicon Valley Larry. What happened. Well what happened is that hackers got into HBO server and as you pointed out they got a lot of content including some script term game of thrown. That we know and possibly episode although the episode haven't been released yet. As well as an internal communication. About staff levels have now salary things of that nature. So it's a pretty serious intrusion into the HBO and networks network I just did that with sure with Sony a couple of years ago. The impact hasn't been that damning if it wasn't phony case because they. Distribute a lot of emails similar kind of shown internecine fights and pettiness but. You never know what could come because what these guys are doing is they're releasing it in drips and drabs. And threatening even more releases if HBO to thin shell out some money via bitcoin does this. Show you how valuable intellectual property has become especially the media companies absolutely intellectual property is the coin of the realm for media companies it's what they make it what they do. It's why they're valuable and the theft of intellectual property can have a huge impact on the company. Now it's not gonna put HBO out of business if somebody gets to watch an episode on line that they haven't released yet. But it does have a big impact on their image on their bottom line. And on their ability to control their own property and Phil obviously. And they want to do anything they can to prevent the kinds of attacks. There's also been some controversy going on Google. As the company tries to address diversity tells about that. Well there was an engineer who put out a memo internal to Google which got leaked and then went viral where he questioned kind of the unique ability of many women to perform certain kinds of tasks can kind of implied that on average women Wear less capable than man when it came in there and kind of engineering jobs that young they're good at. Media other things feelings and with very stereotypical in terms of gender identity it in a fed a lot of people at Google a lot of women of course but managed well and ultimately led to his firing. Because according to their CEO it violated Google's code of conduct by advancing harmful gender stereotypes so. It's something that obviously it's very important to the Google and management in many people at the company but this controversy because others argue that the guy with simply expressing his opinion. And he should've had a right to do so. What kind of conversation that. Is happening now about diversity. In terms of gender and other factors in Silicon Valley will this the conversation going on for quite awhile as it turns out when you. Look at the number of women are very unrepresented. In the engineering ranks in the management ranks of many companies not just Google but other tech companies as well. And then we've had these very famous cases have. Sexual harassment and gender stereotyping at Lugar and and other companies so this isn't a broader context I think it's sort of opens the wound and reopened the conversation needs to happen. About gender stereotyping about the way men and women are treated in the workplace and fell. I think that the outcome of this in terms of the conversation it can be very good. Even though the fifth three painful experience for Google school employees and a lot of other people in the valley. CBS news technology consultant Larry Magid has always good talk with. Thanks so much Steve DNA testing is offering new promises to folks struggling with some illnesses. Every time back Cassell sat down that your favorite foods she says she suffered excruciating. Abdominal pain terrible start shooting pain loading this and that Payne went on for more than two years. Castles on multiple doctors. Then she took a DNA metabolic test at Butler star that's mostly about couples are peas. Sweet potatoes. On that Els that he me is the chief science officer at Newton genomics individual genetic differences. Can help us understand why some people respond differently. From others new economics says they are DNA test looks at a person's 45 genetic markers. They make a recommendation based on the patient's genetic profile pointing out attributes like an elevated risk for low iron. We're talking about metabolic. Tax genetic tests but the fact the week that he metabolize. Various substances you can sue. DNA tests for diet and exercise just or not. Doctor David Hagan is the CBS news contributor are any alias sack. They're very few of them that actually have data behind and to me that's a problem. Do you have companies like 23 and me that were taken off the market. For several years because they had to show data with regard to human disease while I think this thing he needs to happen with nutrition and exercise. Her iron status castle says that does produce more than thirty pages of results about her body I think it's worth it you don't need your blood taking your literally just spitting into a test tube you can do it in your sleep. Which means she can now avoid the foods that set off her stomach Michelle Miller CBS news New York. One alternative to starch is catching on as correspondent John Blackstone reports in the rich farmland of California's Salinas Valley often under rated vegetable. Is having its moment this Paula power of one of the hottest wheels so to get. Jordan Greenberg vice president of green giant that he confuses me when she could use it as a side dish. It can be barbecued baked stir fry. Green giant is threatening all outward sign it's. Maybe substitute for rice listed 15%. Of our the end of the day consumers want to eat healthier. My colleague flowers and now the center of the controversy and it's a love rice and men do we need to. Call call it flour rice rice farmer Mac he's like are right east Collie flower I mean why even call it raced Collie flower. Could call it. Bits a cauliflower or cauliflower crumbles and secondly when did rice to become avert convince Americans should know more about where their food comes out cease rice plants will be artists. Like aren't lost rice farming TV. We're about to play the right team on this field. Write about them. I got worried rice calling his confusing consumers do you think. Somebody calling calling flour rice that's gonna have an impact your sales I think it will. But even a rice farmer admits he can't live fight right solo home. There's cauliflower in our refrigerator it's a step ahead of color and you repay half a lead that you know now I'm not too excited about it but Elliott. What he won't do is call it writes for this farmer that's simply goes Ole against the grain. Complex CBS news rhythmic or point. More states are taking action to limit the use of painkillers at least seventeen states have limited the number of days worth of hoping you exit doctor can prescribe usually five to seven but in Kentucky. It's three days for acute pain. The State's drug agency says more than 14100 people died from overdoses last year the law's sponsor results sweaters and tells the Washington Post. It was time to hit the reset button for doctors to think about exactly what they were doing when there'll be always were truly medically necessary. Peter King CBS news. Coming up on the weekend around upheld one hand determines your life. Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter where we've got headlines at CBS radio news and I'm tweeting. At Steve underscored Dorsey on the CBS news weekend roundup. Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. Every weekday afternoons at 12343530. We may. Make you smarter. Hopefully it'll also make use some money yeah. Stay connected with top thirteen 78 the right choice. On this CBS news he get around. Steep course. A preliminary hearing was held in the beta Theta pi fraternity case eighteen Penn State students face charges of involuntary manslaughter aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. And the death of Timothy piazza he fails on a flight of steers during a night of drinking for a pledge ceremony in February here's correspondent in a Warner. Enjoy m.'s case. Charges should have never been filed attorney William Brennan represents Joseph and his junior who is facing one count of reckless endangerment a misdemeanor. Prosecutors say ams can be seen on surveillance video striking Timothy piazza hard in the abdomen while he was drunk and incapacitated. But Brennan says Joey I was makes. What have a court cameo appearance and we presume that he may have tapped him on the torso like hey bud wake up. And that's not crow piazza would later die of a ruptured spleen among other injuries according to a pathologist. Your client is on video how. Damaging is that for him and you're K I believe it X called H or tens to show the lack of criminality. When Jolie's part. Eighteen members of the now shuttered beta Theta pi fraternity have been charged of the ten with misdemeanors to waived their right to the preliminary hearing. Eight others were charged with involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault the most severe charges Tom Klein is the piazza family's attorney. Some more responsible for the planning some more responsible for the execution in. Some were responsible for the cover up and some were responsible. For 12 and fury. Piazza a sophomore was gravely injured during what prosecutors allege it was a night of drunken hazing the nineteen year old blood alcohol content was estimated at roughly four times the legal limit. He fell down a flight of stairs and hit his head repeatedly often in view of his fraternity Brothers no one called for help until the following morning. We have a friend who's sort Fawcett he's. I think there's code that goes. In a Werner reporting. The Vatican is taking steps to block some European doctors from helping people kill themselves. The Catholic Brothers of charity was ordered by Pope Francis not to permit euthanasia at its fifteen Belgians psychiatric hospitals Belgium and Holland let doctors kill people with severe mental problems if they seek and their lives. The decision allowing euthanasia was made by the charities labor board of directors but it's Rome based religious leadership calls the decision outrageous and unacceptable. The Catholic Church opposes euthanasia the Pope is investigating the decision to allow the procedure Larry Miller CBS news. How much have you as a person is defined. By your dominant hand most of us are right in and of course is ten to 12% of us are left handed. Howard Kushner is a professor at Emory university in San Diego State and he researched this in his new book on September. On the other hand lefty and write brain mental disorder and history. You all are left ended drink I. How how's that affected your life. Well I mean I got interest cities in. Trying to figure out this puzzle like people left handed in part because I was let him in part because my mother left him at its source. Switched to being oriented. And then another reason was it was working on the study of church and and down. I was were in a clinic at Brown Medical School. And a lot of art. Children that we were looking at for both attention deficit and stretch and don't seem to be left handed more than you'd expect so what so well since noticed throughout the course of tourette's syndrome maybe this was it an insert forums long journey. Turned out it's probably not it but. It opened up a lot of doors and sent my curiosity about left him. Well how was left handedness. Affected. Folks with mental disorders. And how they interact with the. Both for the longest time especially in that early twentieth century the belief was that left ten children had more mental disorders and I'd just. People tried to schizophrenia autism. And other sorts of disorders including stuttering. But it turned out. That actually the attempt to cure these people that left handedness and at a much more negative effects of whatever. Came from left handedness itself. So for instance many of those people who work kids who switched from left handed mr. right and center at higher than normal. Rate of stuttering. And in the 1930s and forties. The University of Iowa these speech pathologist wondered what would happen if they switched all of these starters back to their. Lefthanded dominant rather than that right and they did it and this staggering went away it was a really remarkable. What can end. Are dominant hands tell us about how we use our brain. You know we all learned over younger that are left hand. Is tied to our right hemisphere bring. And are on the right hand sore left. And so their for the assumption was left handers were essentially right brained and right handers were essentially left brain but on closer examination it turns out that. Only 18% left Anderson language. In their right brain and the rest of them just like right handers other language in the left brain. And then strangely 5% of right handers that are actually right brain which was surprising. Is this in our genetics or there's something that we just kind of learn and we feel more colorful with when we're kids. That's a very good question Steve because we don't really know the answer to that certainly. Denver searches so look for de corps as a single cause of let's end this and we have been able find it basically their variety of different courses some of which could be genetic some of which could be learned. After all most of the world society even today. I left and the children are forced integrity and this in terms of eating and rightly so program looking at certain reason they're what hander or the other big cultural and with people. Professor Howard Kushner author of on the other hand lefty and write brain. Mental disorder and history good talking with thank you in your scare aboard an American Airlines flight last weekend is another reason to buckle your seat belt in the air. Cell phone video shows debris scattered in the aisle after American Airlines flight 759 hit severe turbulence Saturday afternoon. I'm gonna. Oh yeah. My mom the flight was en route from Alcan is an experienced the turbulence shortly before landing safely in Philadelphia. It started say candidates are big job. Baby screaming and people and bombers hit that hit the ceilings. Three passengers and seven crew members were taken to the hospital where they retreated and released. I think most of the injuries were confined to the flight crew because as I said there was no warning so. They didn't have any time again but more than anything like that it was easily the most turbulence that I've seen in my life I mean it was pretty veteran bats as a kind of grabbed my camera that was all around me. American Airlines says the seat belt sign was on at the time Roxanne necessary for CBS news New York. Ousted White House communications directory into these you're Lucci will make his return to the public spotlight but this time on late night TV. Correspondent Steve case and in New York explains. Anthony scare remote she's time at the White House was brief but memorable I love the president. I love the team on the super optimistic guy that communications director who was fired after an expletive filled rant to a reporter will speak out for the first time since his ouster to Stephen cold air. It's really fun and we really tough economic tasks like what it's like inside there are. How old loyal do you feel the president is now. He's scheduled for Monday's CBS late shows caramel treat canceled other public appearances since his firing Steve case and CBS news' Barbara. Coming up goodbye to a country music icon on the CBS news begin right. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right you're not like doing things doing the right choice club that's talk thirteen ST dot com and you'll be in the just go to top thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. This is the CBS news weekend roundup. I'm bill rate legendary musician Glen Campbell died this week at the age of 81 after a long and public struggled alzheimer's. CBS's Anthony Mason is a look back at his success story that spanned decades and musical genre. I have an air. Glen Campbell was country music. First crossovers so it's a little story is over that's a good strong dollar for the song you never thought of yourself as a country singer Mel. One of twelve children of an Arkansas sharecropper. Glen first picked up the guitar at age four he was a natural he played his way to LA. Campbell quickly became one of the most sought after guitarists in the city you start getting a lot of social work yeah great man. Bought a car can if I thought if I. Even though Campbell could read music in the sixties he was one of the most sought after session guitarist in Los Angeles. Recording for artists like Frank Sinatra. Strangers. And Elvis Presley. When Brian Wilson took time off from the Beach Boys Campbell filled in for six months. As he told me in an interview for CBS Sunday morning in 2012. Are. Have to go with a Watergate and play bass and saying his part. He hit it. In 1967. His solo career took off. Harmon Jimmy Webb. Good news. He'd win four grammys that year. And the next year The Smothers Brothers asked him to host their summer replacement show on CBS. Everything changed after that in the yeah. I didn't realize the power television. But Glen Campbell good time our ran for four years and made a household name. It's like Wichita linemen and chip on my mind made him a star he's on. John Wayne was a ask him in true grit. I dispute your claims and muddy up a water. It do that a kid you. I look so bad and compared it on way he won the Oscar I've been in the home and he. But Campbell's biggest hit was guilty company. In 1975. He heard a demo that he thought could be his signature tune a bit more and fruitful. Thing in the finals all. That was the perfect black. In 2012. A year after he was diagnosed with alzheimer's. Campbell embarked on a farewell tour. Rhinestone cowboys. When I interviewed him and his wife Kim for Sunday morning. Campbell's connection to the world was already fading because of alzheimer's. I don't feel it and where. Tour order what do I do likewise. You forget things of course I've done at all while it. I'm very good for it. On tour he read song lyrics from a teleprompter. His daughter actually helped him with the slip ups. That are. His last album released in June was titled simply audio. Glen Campbell dead at the age you may be one. Our thanks to CBS's Anthony Mason reports the singer cash and has overcome physical and emotional struggles during her journey to success she wrote about her challenges along with the advice in how to overcome them. In a letter to her eighteen year old self part of CBS this morning's note to self serious. Derek and sat there. Yeah it back there. At this very moment. You may be wondering if there's really good idea to start high school. And that talent with nothing to your campus Lincoln Town Car. And the damage it just. I've got bad news. Think no parent hat impatient. So we'll start with the good news. You need at. Yeah. And thank god has the best and do you ever feel that way with which is saying and as you'll soon find out. I was not really fourteen in. The battle is says in nearly killed yourself. On the road to success. Killed by fear of failure written. Crippling anxiety and insecurity and you'll become severely. Let Lehman anorexic and yeah. And the worst hit disease gets here and warm praise you look at some of the culinary industry. This will really really mess with your Hampton. But when you're trying to live up to an unrealistic expectation. It's never going to be enough. No matter what you do. Right now on eighteen ounce up you know they're killing it on my. Yeah. It's. But you when Aaron. Because the Internet but. We'll get way less innocent. Real fast. Just save yourself some anxiety and their fears were that there be and just skip the comments action skipped all the other. It's a breeding ground for negativity. And hate. People will listen here is that. County itself. As hard as I lasting goods and just being yourself you'll meet kids tell you that they struggle with many of the same things you've struggled end. Or more of them. I didn't feel the connection it's pretty that your music helped save her life. And that will change you. Oh yeah. Yeah. When there and I something. You know. We really had a maybe it's just me. Gaming is because there is light and beauty of the storm. No matter how hard things got. You can read this fine. Seat remember to make room. Remind yourself. There are always accurately and storm. Ain't what it means you. Caches note to self from CBS this morning. It doesn't for the weekend roundup thank you for listening we wanna get your feedback you can send us your story ideas or letters weekend roundup at CBS The show was always on line apple podcasts Google placed pitcher and now Spotify. We can round up is produced at the CBS news Washington bureau who walker received technical supervisor. Story Malario production assistant in New York Alyssa rush off as our intern. Have a great week. Received Dorsey I'm going. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seven the boat.