CBS World News Roundup, 10/10

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, October 10th

California wildfires destroying homes and lives. New timeline for the Las Vegas shooting. And Harvey Weinstein supporters are few and far between. CBS News Correspondent Jim Taylor has today's World News Roundup.


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Running from deadly wildfire just does not the other night as about air burning car. Remember those clean power plant Rihanna the EPA administrator announced the war on coal is over. And a disgraced movie mogul finds he has few friends cannot go around to limit and the way he did and never pay a price for it. Good morning I'm Jim Taylor with the. CBS world news round up. Wild fires in California twenty of them at least eleven people dead at least 15100 homes and businesses destroyed including several wineries in its. So my neighbor had. It claims. I inflames. Her neighborhood in calloused go to mass evacuations. I'm walking my house is trying my city is not. Cities Santa Rosa Sonoma County CBS's Maria vero. The fires fueled by strong wings broke out almost simultaneous. Forcing crews to spread their Reese sources across the region you watched four houses burn all the all the whole block. Brendan Hayes says he ignored evacuation orders to try and save his parents' house only to he destroyed. I've pretended to go and then turn around and came back. Because my folks' home and I'm not a singer what timber without somebody trying. Tens of thousands of people were forced to leave ask flames raced in to their backyards. The fires destroyed more than a thousand structures. Daddy hotels and homes and turning part of wine country into a chart of waste land southern Californians CBS's Mark Ross and in Anaheim hills. Evacuation order for more than 5000 homes. But some people chose to stay behind it's never the same in me made bail to be rebuilt them. But I just can't imagine losing her home. Especially in this manner Kevin Shea fits and his family left two hours before the fire crept over the hillside and engulfed his home it's pretty surreal you know. I'll probably trying to handle this the best thank you for now and in doing good emotionally a couple months down the road. The dismantling of Obama administration landmarks continues EPA gutting the clean power plan here's CBS is Steven Portnoy the clean power plant establish benchmarks for states to significantly reduce their carbon output by the year 2030. It's being scrapped by the new EPA administrator Scott Pruitt. When they accomplished clay apparently it and maybe they acted unlawfully they get seen by twenty plus states and you know organizations from across the country. Sierra club's John Cook it's as the trump White House ought to know if it moves and I'll be a tremendous amount it would yeah environmentalists say courts will heed the EPA's own scientific findings. That greenhouse gases endanger the environment. Steve from Portnoy CBS news the White House state on the timeline of Blas biggest massacre as CBS is Jamie mucus reports there was a shooting before all the shooting. Last Vegas sheriff Joseph Lombardo said that the shooter Stephen caddick shot hotel security guard he's used campus. Before he started his assaults you world's injured prior to Europe. The mask while he's shooting. We also learned that law enforcement sources are looking into whether had a practice shooting. Just two days before the attack and an informal shooting site near mosquito it's only ninety minutes from Las Vegas. What enabled Stephen paddock to shoes so many people in nine minutes the device used to Alter his semi automatic weapons into rapid firing machine guns. CBS's Vicki Barca with the latest on efforts to legally curtail bumps the. You two at its removal videos that show how to use a bump stop every man. But the app from like fire claims their products that we operate a little old lady can do it and does. And art. And not walk actually it's eight to restrict it to the guy who launch as guns America here he is 2014 testing at 99 dollar prompts on your partner and you made that comes. And you nearly 700000. Times has recently asked. Today Vicki barker CBS news Texas Tech police officers shot and killed at the campus police station a student in custody schools spokesperson Chris Cook says it all started with a surprise student welfare check in that student's dorm room. On in his student's room they noticed some drug paraphernalia and and other items so. They brought the student down to text like police station and headed to briefing which is normal procedure. Sometime during the debriefing the student pulled a gun. For the first time one of 22 medically confirmed American victims of the attacks in Cuba speaking publicly CBS news correspondent Steve Dorsey first broke the story of the victim requested anonymity they criticized the State Department saying it took too long to withdraw most of its staff from the island. The person also says there are concerns about the attacks and the safety of others were ignored by top US officials in Havana and Washington. The State Department has insisted it's done everything it can. To get victim's treatment and help them return to the US. We are learning more about Harvey Weinstein whose last moments in power a weekend of emailing other Hollywood heavy hitters pleading for help. Asking for letters of support to be written to the board that fired him over sexual harassment allegations other big names who shall support in the past. Distancing themselves OC BS as he leaned on him. Meryl Streep calls his alleged behavior inexcusable. Glenn Close said she's angry and darkly sat dame Judi Dench found it horrifying. All said they had no idea. The situation is dire and Puerto Rico CBS's David Beck no returning to their hurricane battered island. If the body out of Figueroa neighborhood of San Juan debris left behind by Maria has clogged street drains contributing to widespread flooding. Our goal in mesa that Leo says the government has not help with cleaning the streets and the only time she seen mayor you lean cruise is on television. I intimate decision. Either I felt when the roads in order to save lives and I used the money that I have for medicine and for food and water. Governor Ricardo Rosie O was critical of the mayor's response. And that a team of its own to help clear the streets on Monday Marsha Blackburn the Tennessee congresswoman being told she cannot say what she's ahead on Twitter CBS is gearing on Twitter objects to a lime and black burns online video announcing her US senate campaign. In the video she says she stopped the sale of baby body parts the social media company deemed the line inflammatory likely to evoke a strong negative reaction. And violates twitters policy for an advertising. Twitter block the video has an on line and however. Blackburn will be allowed to promoted on her campaign Twitter account. If you watched Monday Night Football last night you saw this when I. All right. Star Wars movie blast Jeddah in theaters on December 15. It is an unlikely subject matter for a hit song CBS's Michelle Miller reports. I song about a desperate caller contemplating suicide. Is resonating with the millions of listeners. I. Saving lives. That's because the song's title he won 802738255. He is also the phone number for the national suicide prevention lifeline but this is about so much more then entertainment blodget co rapper and songwriter originally from Gaithersburg Maryland came up with a single concept. A person and despair reaching out to the hotline for help. Prevention campaigns are signing on this singles released back in April calls are up 33%. At crisis hotlines centers around the country. And that's the world news roundup for Tuesday October 10 when seventeen. I'm Jim Taylor CBS news.