CBS World News Roundup, 10/11

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, October 11th

At least 17 killed and two thousand buildings destroyed in CA wildfires. Accusations grow against Harvey Weinstein. Army struggles to find recruits. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Northern California's scorched earth just looks like some interest dropped the ball on our lives. The growing case against Harvey Weinstein three of them are electric or. You battle for the US army finding qualified recruits. Good morning and steeped hatred with the CBS world goes round yeah. It's staggering tolls from the northern California wildfires at least seventeen dead some 200 missing more than 2000 homes and businesses gone. Our coverage begins with CBS's Steve Letterman when you drive. Through parts of Santa Rosa and other hard hit areas it's heartbreaking it's kind of wrecking. Guys will all the trees are it's just. It's just like. Formal it's pretty devastating. The power of mother nature continues to bring death and destruction. More than a dozen fires continue to burn with virtually no containment. One of the hardest hit areas here in Santa Rosa I saw some of the damage firsthand the homes are destroyed you can see may be a chimney here and there you can see a burned out vehicle but. Not much else congressman Mike Thompson represents many of the areas that have burned via their. Have been taxed by a natural disaster. To the extent we're being taxed right now. And it's overwhelming. The bad list far from over but Santa Rosa mayor Chris Percy says his city will not give up we are stretched but we will not very nice CBS colleague John Blackstone is in Napa with more on some of those who lost everything. It was appalling golf game. And matter of moments. There's July ness Spitzer helped evacuate intensive care patients as she watched her own home nearby. Burned to the ground she bought it just three weeks ago. I'd lost my home but I didn't really think about my home at that point. I'm about saving a life that was my assignment I had to deliver and that was the focus. This hits so fast they just another chance Mike rip these parents Charles and Sarah were married for 75 years. The two died together when the fire reached their home my mother had a stroke and she couldn't move very well at all my father's remember when the laughter. Well Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow or among two major stars who dump pointed an accusing finger at Harvey Weinstein is the allegations against the fallen Hollywood mogul grow worse by the day CBS is directed Duncan. He came back out. Falling and Catherine candles meeting with Harvey Weinstein two decades ago. It's still fresh in her mind if he won't give me the size thing William at least pick up your Sharon and see your breasts and like now Ronan Farrow conducted a ten month long investigation for The New Yorker there are thirteen women. In this story three of them are election were one of those women amber about alana Gutierrez says in 2015. Weinstein groped her and tried to put his hand up her skirt she went to the NY PDT. Shirt to Wear a wire anti crime. Brings it's just wanted to use the kind you. You're not a it's that Weinstein was questioned by the NYPD but the Manhattan district attorney declined to prosecute him. Not a Las Vegas where the brand new National Hockey League team announced that he paid tribute to first responders of last week's mass shooting firefighter. Tall and 58 seconds of silence to mark those killed in the attack. Police are now defending the new timeline of events now indicating the gunman shot a hotel security guards six minutes before opening fire on the concert crowd. B Jamie you can. And about a public radio under sheriff Kevin it may help try to clarify the shifted timeline provided by police. But only raised more questions when he said that a maintenance worker was also on the 32 floor with Stephen panic. Fired the first shots. As the maintenance man as well is arriving in the hallway. They have some communication and they're just riddled with hundreds of bullets at this particular point. So we we now know that he then went over and begin shooting into the crowd. Years after launching a brand new branding strategy be US army is in a battle with civilian employers to fill the ranks were alive with CBS's Vicki barker. Today's army want you. And you and you. And here scrambling to meet eagle of 80000 new recruits in a competitive job market USA today says the army's back to considering marginally qualified candidate has offered hundreds of millions in bonuses and relax its attitude about marijuana here. A decade ago unmask an intake of under qualified soldiers led to at least one war crime but experts say this time that quota is lower the danger lacks the. 85% of Puerto Rico is still without power 40% don't have running water after hurricane Maria. CBS's David bagged those at a distribution center for food and water in the western part of the island. Stanley drive up and get a single box of supplies. Inside you've got everything from. Potted meat as it reads apple sauce crackers and candy they're even handing out little Marlys folks tell factually good. Speed is getting through but it's a trickle down power lines and debris still clogged roads making distribution agonizingly slow. Back in July of salt lake city police officer handcuffed and her refused to draw blood from a suspect who'd been injured in a car accident. Still you're right yeah they're headed yeah. Now the officer who harassed to the nurse has been fired and his supervisor demoted. Time incorporated says it's gonna publish your print issues of major magazines like fortune Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly. In each week two million issues of time magazine will go out instead of three million company revenue this year has fallen 9%. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has told team owners that audible past the National Anthem controversy. And in a memo says every one of all teams should stand for the pregame ceremony. Thanks we donors might consider some rules changes. After seven straight World Cup appearances the US men's team will not be at next year's event. Dissolver yeah. It's nothing to play Florida. Has dethrone the United States the US team. Eliminated with a stunning two to one loss last night at Trinidad and Tobago. And a study on this world obesity day finds obesity among children is on the rise in developing nations in May have peaked in wealthy countries such as the US indicators and as president of the world obesity federation. In the United States by 22 and fought the colts the managing in basically every half a trillion and almost the worldwide. One point two trillion bill was so we're talking really big numbers. Despite setbacks in congress president trump is not thrown in the towel on health care CBS Steven Portnoy the executive action the president's expected to take this week would make it easier to form association health plans. Those plans funded by individuals and small business has. Woody in theory be cheaper because they wouldn't have to offer the same level of coverage as insurance companies and the president says he'd allow people to buy into those plans across state lines they would get great competitive healthcare and it will cost the United States nothing. But Democrats warn it will only further damage the exchange is polling people who would pay premiums they're out of the risk pool. Steven Portnoy CBS news the White House. Wicket European based ticket platform has launched today in the U tax it's supported by some major music artists are offers tickets to concerts and other events at face value or less. That's the world is round Oprah Wednesday. Steve case and CBS news.