CBS World News Roundup, 10/12

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, October 12th

Firefighters still struggle to contain northern California wildfires. Harvey Weinstein says he'll seek help. Boy Scouts to welcome girls. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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I've got to get help. Make way for girls. It's amazing to see the Boy Scouts made this change. Good morning. Steve case it was a CBS world news roundup it's only getting worse in northern California as gusty winds and low humidity fuel intense wildfires that have been blamed for at least 23 deaths. The loss of 3500. Homes and businesses. Here's CBS Steve fodder. The battle goes on on the ground and from the air. All the way around the clock by man vs mother nature. Overnight the winds did increase its very dynamic these fires are changing by the minute in many areas but not as much as initially feared and they were nothing close to the violent winds that caused most of the damage on Sunday night and Monday morning. As each day goes by the frustration grows this stand still cannot go back to his home has been going on for three days. No resolution were just. System to look up to Richard Cigna robo owns a winery some of it has been damaged he isn't sure how much. No the building's probably gone because I saw the pictures of the plan is but you just don't know any other vineyards guns. Thousands of firefighters continue to battle these fires so far they don't have much to show for its. They are hoping that soon changes. Steep Letterman CBS news Santa Rosa California. The New York Times reports Harvey Weinstein former company new rule about his confidential payouts two women two years ago at least some elements earlier than officials have admitted CBS or injury could Duncan says with more women coming forward to point accusing fingers the target of all this has spoken publicly. Harvey Weinstein surfaced in Hollywood got to get help. You know what we all make mistakes things. But Weinstein took a defiant tone with a jab at other stars. About lightning. Once seen hosted numerous democratic fund raisers Hillary Clinton said he'll give any money her campaign's receive directly from Weinstein. To charity this was a different. Side of a person who. I and many others had known in the past. New York City DA who decided not to prosecute Weinstein earlier says that decision was not influenced by campaign contributions. Not a Las Vegas where CBS is Jamie Bewkes has more of the sounds are emerging from minutes before the mass shooting that left 58 people dead what are. These are some of the first gunshots fired by Stephen static from inside this week at Mandalay bay. Ultimately don't support it obviously was fired a rifle on the British Circuit Court double it. To hear Steven shocked uses radio to let hotel staff know about the terror unfolding on the 32 floor. It's at the end of the whole list of. Security guard he's used Campos was RD shot. I can't tell you what room he related ordered alcohol in America Brodeur. Aftershocks call it's still unclear when exactly the Mandalay bay staff called the. Police one person injured in the shooting has now filed a lawsuit against the hotel. Well president trump is expanded his attack on news coverage began with a broadside yesterday aimed at NBC and ended with a blast at all network suits were live for CBS even port. Thought and the president got hot yesterday over report that he expressed interest in expanding America's nuclear arsenal that would just make news by NBC and he said. It should be looked into its frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they wanna write last night he tweeted network news has become so partisan distorted and fake. But licensees must be challenged and if appropriate revoked. Networks themselves aren't licensed but the big ones own stations that off. This gesture and at the FCC should punish broadcasters for their news coverage. Was reminiscent of how Richard Nixon's allies unsuccessfully targeted the Washington Post and its radio and TV stations through Watergate. And it stunned experts on both sides of the aisle. Nebraska Republican senator Ben Sachs issued a statement asking mr. trump is recanting of his oath to preserve protect and defend the First Amendment Steve. The US led coalition in Syria believes liberation of the ice is capital Broncos just days away CBS's Vicki barker has more on an American teenager who got out of that city. Don't expect to here's via outside the falling eyes to stronghold of Baraka yeah she's fifteen abducted by her father five years ago. It was time to like get out of the car and crossover. He is like eight runs. She's fifteen and let her father was killed was treated like a prisoner of child. And has seen things no can't should ever see when you walk outside there's certain presence on the street. There's. There's an she's fifteen and six months pregnant married off to an ice is fighter he's dead too she says her mother. May not be in Kansas anymore she remembers. Kansas is the restaurant. Comnet. To have that big name. A devout Muslim she hated I should she want to go home. The winners act from Puerto Rico this morning CBS's David Beck no tells us there's a troubling disconnect his people and far flung areas await hurricane assistants and got. Are very concerned that there's something happening somewhere along the chain to where he is not getting into the mean it's always ask the state authorities to investigate the man who runs his state police division has been told he needs to investigate but now the FBI looked. President trump treated this morning FEMA and other first responders can't stay in Puerto Rico for ever. Boy scouts of America is expanding its tent CBS Jim Axelrod says girls conjoined starting next year. Cut sketch again the smallest unit will remain single gender the larger cub scout packs comprised of several dens. We'll have the option of remaining all boys or welcoming girl's. The program for older girls will start in 2019. And allowed them to pursue that coveted rank of eagle scout. Million and sixteen year old Sydney Ireland who's been an unofficial member of her Brothers troops and she was four. Wanted to become an eagle scout ranger wants you he's Girl Scouts. I don't unit in the boys out yet but critics say the move is designed to boost the Boy Scouts diminishing membership. When it comes to automotive subtle rules bigger may not be better here's Jeff Gilbert of WWJ Detroit it's it's not the number of shatters on roofs more than 800 over two decades. But the fact that the shattering is becoming more common. If scorers have larger sun roofs or death of record project pledges of consumer reports says carmakers have to strengthen the sun roofs. Why a shouldn't be industry address this now before there are serious injuries her totality. Carmakers defend the safety of their son rooms that say they are always looking at ways to make their vehicles and for. Jeff Gilbert CBS news dirt for Massachusetts auction house is taking bids on a series of photos snapped by American astronauts are 440. Of them. Including the first image of earth taken from space by human shop by John Glenn back in 1962. A Toronto Steve case and CBS news.