CBS World News Roundup, 10/16

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, October 16th

Firefighters say they've finally turned a corner on the deadly California wildfires. Oil rig explodes in Louisiana. An explosive joint investigation by "60 Minutes" and The Washington Post on the opioid epidemic. CBS News Correspondent Peter King has today's World News Roundup.


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Firefighters gaining the upper hand in the deadly California wildfire in the woods yet but we are making a tremendous progress out there. Louisiana oil rig explosion leaves seven hurt one missing there was a massive boom you've seen as an integrated your entire body. A sixty minutes of Washington Post investigation finds congress helped fuel the old Buick right. It's congress was influenced by the drug industry and Washington lobbyist. Good morning I'm Peter King with a CBS world news round up. California fire officials say their fight has reached a turning point that day we've dreamed up. Has Iraq and Napa county board of supervisors chair believe Ramos says the fires that devastated the area in and around Santa Rosa and the Napa Valley. Are starting to die down some 25000. Evacuees have now been allowed to go back home or to what's left of their problems. We are now switching over. Towards recovery mode it's a day I have looked forward to. For a week a week ago this started as a nightmare. CBS's Steve Bonderman the last 48 hours have seen tremendous progress. Fire crews were able to withstand strong winds in the early hours on Saturday since then the winds have been much calmer. And fire crews have been able to go after hotspots both on the ground and from the air. They're also building containment lines to a the most destructive fires are now both more than 60%. Contained. Some 75000. People are still out of their homes at least forty people have been killed and well over 200000 acres burned. The president is called the open your crisis and national emergency. Sixty minutes Washington Post investigation shows that influential lawmakers received hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from drug companies. With congress eventually passing a bill that weakened the drug enforcement administration's ability to crack down on abuse. Correspondent bill Whitaker spoke with whistle blower frank younger a DEA supervisor. There's a lot of pills a lot of people dying and we had pools and our toolbox. To try to use. In stemmed that flow but it seemed down and headquarters. That the pool box was shut off. Your. Watching. An out of control epidemic. And YouTube feel that at the height of this epidemic European your hands were being tied. Yeah if it's a war on drugs. Been treated like a war. The bill was introduced by Pennsylvania congressman Tom Marino now the president's nominee for drug czar he declined an interview request for the story. In response to the sixty minutes report the Justice Department says the truck administration will use quote every tool available to end the open Joerg crisis. Just northwest of New Orleans a loud explosion and a fire that still burning here's WWL Dave Cohen. An oil storage platform in Lake Pontchartrain. Blew up Sunday night we're. Oil field platform that is Carly burning fire chief Dave Tippett says they're letting the oil burn off EMS director Mike Gillie Ott says. Two people were rescued and are in stable condition but five others suffered more serious injuries. The five that we brought down to the trauma center. I have the last type injuries and burns. The explosion could be heard and felt for miles speed aren't sure. Dave going for CBS news. New Orleans NFL quarterback Colin peppard Eric remains a man without a team and now the player who started the National Anthem protests against police treatment of blacks. It's filed a grievance with the NFL accusing owners of black balling him CBS news senior legal analyst Andrew Cohen. What this does if it does nothing else's to force the NFL to respond to justify the decisions that have been made that have kept Capra nick off a team despite the fact. The summary quarterbacks without his experience in town and statistics are now on teams. That response alone may significantly I changed the dynamic of the discussion about his protest and the fallout from it. The Motion Picture Academy is revoked Harvey Weinstein membership in the latest accusations of sexual assault. Come from overseas CBS's Tony to COPEL. British actress was said Anthony says Harvey Weinstein stalked and abused her for years starting in the 1980s. The truth is that Weinstein raped me the actress told the London Sunday Times not in a hotel suite we champagne and caviar on tap. But up against a coat rack on a great morning in my own home. London police are now investigating that allegation and three new claims of sexual assault made by a second woman all reportedly involving Weinstein and there are new allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump before he became president more on that live with CBS's Vicki barker. A former contestant on the apprentice has accused then host mr. trump what can and groping her ten years ago but as feed reporting lawyers for Summers there about filed a subpoena last march seeking all documents from mr. Trump's campaign regarding in its words. Any woman alleging that Donald. No comment from the White House yet mr. trump has previously called servicers allegations all lie she and sued for defamation and Pino Peter. President trump is due to meet with senate majority leader Mitch McConnell for the first time in months today after golfing with Republicans Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul over the weekend. They're expected to discuss getting president's agenda back on track. In Mogadishu's Somalia the death toll is now more than 300 after a massive truck bomb exploded near government buildings journalist mowed down here is there. Look this and he became a problem. It's a busy. Of the dead include fifteen young children about 300 people were hurt in Somalia blames Al shall Bob extremists. The organization has claimed responsibility for the attack. Reports say Iraqi Kurds have abandoned positions just outside the airport in Kirkuk. Kurds have been fighting with government forces over the region's independence CBS's Cammie McCormick. A statement from the Pentagon is urging both sides to. US military equipment given to them for the fight against ices at the Pentagon says the focus must remain on that fight. Kurdish forces took control of Kirkuk in 2014. As ice is swept across Northern Iraq. Baghdad since demanded the city be handed back to federal control accord. Martial hearing today is expected to be the beginning of the end for Moe berg gulf the American soldier who left his unit in Afghanistan. It was captured by the Taliban held captive for five years he's expected to plead guilty to desertion and misbehavior he could get life in prison. And from London. Yeah. Cigarette share and is being treated for broken arm he was hit by car while riding his bike. He posted a picture Earnest Graham and says stay tuned for further news. Nearly fifty years after landmark Johnny Cash album there's a new honor for the man in black. IA is good for me it comes. We'll let her around the bend. This study of Folsom California completed the second section of its Johnny Cash trail that honors the country music icon and his album act Folsom prison produced in 1968. Cindy cash cut the ribbon on the newest part of the trail this weekend she chalked up as she spoke of her father's humble nature and how honored he would be by the event. The first section of the two and a half mile trail open three years ago Pam Coulter CBS news. Guys. From the department of whom thought this was a good idea. Halloween costume company is pulled and and frank costume off its website after getting hammered for it on social media. That's the world news round up for Monday October 16 2017. I'm Peter King CBS news.