CBS World News Roundup, 10/17

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, October 17th

Controversy over drug czar nominee. ISIS capital recaptured. Me too hash tag explodes across social media. CBS News Correspondent Peter King has today's World News Roundup.


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So are controversy the precedence over it and making change. Rocca liberated at a price is hardly a building that is un aids. Speaking out on social media can happen any kill me true and that apple still. Good morning I'm Peter King with the CBS world news round up. Democrats want the president bull congressman Tom Marino is nomination as the country's drug czar following your sixty minutes report that showed. He was the driving force behind you build it undermines the fight against OP your addiction live to the White House CBS's Steven Portnoy. I'm Marino was a lead sponsor of the bill featured in Sunday's piece a piece watched by president trot we will look into the report who had taken very seriously the blockbuster investigation in conjunction with the Washington Post look into how drug distributors get their way on Capitol Hill. And weakening the DEA's efforts to suspend suspicious OP George shipments at a news conference here yesterday the president. Who says he'll declare an open your health emergency next week was asked to be stands by marina it I think it's so. To doing what we wanna do. I will make a change yes several Democrats have called for that change and for a change in the law but not Orrin hatch the Utah Republican who sponsored the bill. In the senate and 200 clients and hire anyone else steamrolled DA in DOJ in this bill is either ignorant. Or woefully misinformed. Patch notes that bill cleared both houses last year without any objection not even from the DEA itself. Peter in just a few hours US law enforcement officials are expected to announce a major milestone to stop illegal drugs from coming in the country. Much of that traffic goes to Miami and CBS's Kenny McCormick is there. Even with a record number of interdiction last year there are growing worries the tsunami of cocaine that's about ready to wash ashore rear admiral Christopher Tommy of the joint interagency task force in Key West. Says the interdiction they're just a drop in the bucket of what's detected just the volume that we're seeing. There are so much movement out there that these networks are not even trying to hide the drugs from view the drug traffickers also know there aren't enough ships or planes in the Caribbean to stop them. Our operating area. It's 42. Million. Square nautical miles still to Romney says an addiction isn't the magic bullet they're focusing more now on going after the networks calving McCormick CBS news Miami. After more than four months of fighting the Syrian city of rock or US backed forces say they've recaptured the former rice's stronghold. CBS's holly Williams is there and says there are big concerns about who and what the insurgents may have left behind. There are cool to be ice despite it's still lacking in feeling adding tunnel here in rock got. And it could take months until the CD it's finally clean it exploited that left. Allayed by ice and then they will somehow have to find a way to rebuild Eddie Sachs is seeking quit there is hardly a building that it unscathed. Iraqi troops have pushed Kurdish forces out of the city of Kirkuk and now civilians returning more alive for the farthest in London CBS's Vicki barker. Iraqi children shouting their welcome. Has Iraqi Government forces are rumble into care cook just months ago these soldiers were fighting along side their Kurdish and cut patriots against nicest. But the courage used the chaos of war two he oil rich Kirkuk and then included the ethnically mixed city in the air non binding independents they'll last month. Witnesses say the Kurdish forces withdrew pretty much without a fight they have been promised say in the eighties government Peter. There's a new call for Ford to recall thousands of suvs should be as is Chris van cleave a center. For auto safety is calling on Ford to recall all of its 2011 to 2017. Ford Explorer suvs the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating more than 2700. Complaints about possible carbon monoxide seeping into the cabin of Ford explorers. That includes reports of 41 injuries and three accidents and may also be linked. The auto maker's shares instead of a full blown recall it's urging owners to take their explorers in for inspections and any necessary repairs. Thousands of people would return to their homes or what's left of them in California's Napa Valley region but many more waiting for the okay to go back. After more than a week of wildfires CBS Steve potter meant. Fire crews here continue to make progress we can see the end. But we're not out of the woods yet Steve Crawford is with cal fire the two most destructive fires are now at least 70% contained. A growing concern is the number of people still missing. At the moment around a hundred remain unaccounted for. Rubs you were done that was this sheriff of Sonoma County as the days go by and numbers and drop there's a likelihood that they are a victim of the fire and the fire some good death toll right now stands at 41. Steve vitamin CBS news Santa Rosa California. The Producers Guild of America is the latest organization to expel Harvey Weinstein after multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. Gil says its board of directors vote was unanimous more than half of the 38 board members are women the Weinstein cases seem hash tag meat to show up on social media. As women tell their stories are being sexually harassed or assaulted more from CBS's jury can dunk it. I was. Black out drunk and I was taken advantage sharing her experience as a rape survivor has been empowering for Haley Jacobson. It's my truth and no one can take that away for early Jacob and wrote on FaceBook I publish this because I would do anything to have had these words at sixteen me too. And I was going for it is not your I'll wait and see how it started Pittsburgh's city councilwoman Italian movie act wrote no one would even dare suspect I've been raped. But I had it happen to me. She continued I've been touched inappropriately by donors. And come onto by so called political allies and physically intimidated by men in politics. I never won in my political adversaries. To hit us and it as a vulnerability to exploit and never wanted to. He's seen as a week. NFL owners players and officials meet in just a few hours in the National Lampoon protests are expected to be top of mind commissioner Roger Goodell says. The league expects players to stand for the anthem. The league and team officials hope to reach a compromise. Arizona Senator John McCain has been awarded the national constitution center's liberty medal for his lifetime of sacrifice and service to country. Last night's ceremony in Philadelphia he criticized isolationists. And the abandonment of American ideals. Refused the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of earth. For the sake of some half baked spurious nationalism. Cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats. And shop problems. Okay. It was a gruesome discovery Mexican immigrants being smuggled into the country packed into a big rig last summer with ten deaths. Now the driver has made a deal with prosecutors in San Antonio more from care LB radio is Barbara Schwartz. James Bradley junior faces life in prison after pleading guilty to making the deadly smuggling runs ten people were found dead in the back of a sweltering semi. Which was parked outside a San Antonio Wal-Mart in July. A total of 39 were in the truck Bradley could have been sent to death row had he gone to trial a co defendant is locked up and Laredo and will stand trial in San Antonio. Barbara Schwartz CBS news Dallas. In Pensacola Florida woman has been charged with child cruelty. And with a homicide police say she killed a nine year old girl by sitting on her because the girl was out of control. Police say the woman weighs 345. Pounds that's the world news round up for Tuesday October 17 2017. I'm Peter King CBS news.