CBS World News Roundup, 10/4

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, October 4th

Las Vegas gunman's girlfriend back in the U.S. Guns had been fitted with devices to make them function as automatic weapons. President Trump to visit Las Vegas today. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Gunman's girlfriend back in the US bent at the airport by the FBI. Weapons rigged with a legal device is simulation. Fully automatic fire. President trump heads to Las Vegas this it was some of the survivors and pays respect. Good morning. I'm Steve case in with the CBS world news roundup by key person who could help authorities piece together the motive for Sunday night's Las Vegas concert massacre is back in the United States. The girlfriend of gunman Stephen panic arrived in Los Angeles last night from the Philippines here's CBS is Steve fodder. As Mary Lou Daley arrived at Los Angeles international airport last night from the Philippines. Fellow passengers were a bit startled I travel all the time and I've never seen police like. Right outside Stanley was read by FBI officials who whisked her away. Authorities here in Las Vegas have lots of questions did she know about the shooting before took place most importantly does she know the answer to the key question. Why did Stephen panic do it. Stanley sisters and Australian TV today say panics and true way to the Philippines so she wouldn't be in the US when the Rampage occurred. Oh I. Said no way. Officials also want to ask Stanley about tens of thousands of dollars into the Philippines by panic. They also want to know about Haddix large gambling habits which seem to have increased in recent weeks and months. Look at god and gotten out. Butting camera video released by Las Vegas police reveals what officers were up against this they tried to locate the gunman's Sunday night and get people to safety and we've learned the panic who died in the hotel room worry carried out his rapid fire diaper attacked. Have been stockpiling weapons since 1982. He bought nearly fifty guns legally. CBS is Norah O'Donnell spoke with Jill Snyder a special agent in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. How many firearms were purchased in the last year. From October 20 sixteenths to September 282017. He purchased thirty feet firearms majority of them right folks that didn't set off a red flag anywhere in the ATF. We wouldn't get notified of the purchases of the rightful we would only get notified if there was a multiple sale which could be two or more handguns in individual purchase. Why is there no notification. If someone is buying multiple writes does the federal law requiring. Twelve of panic semiautomatic weapons were fitted with legal devices to make them fire continuously. CBS's Vicki barker has more on that. But all stock or bond fires shock is simple plastic gadget you attached to the stock appears semi automatic weapon that lets it go from this. To the edge and two day. It is not a practical device. But it is one that allows people to experience the simulation. Fully automatic fire that's Robert rob though of the truth about guns dot com. Syria gun enthusiasts consider the bounced off a near toy for hobbyists because you can reduce the weapons accuracy. Stephen panic likely paid less than a hundred dollars for each of hate. And along with the guns in panic room there were cameras several of them kind of early warning system of police closed in Clark County sheriff Joseph Lombardo told Norah O'Donnell won was on a room service card in the hallway outside the large suites. Was the gunman recording. Was the gunman transmitting that video anywhere else I'm not aware of any transmission but there was cameras and he had set up how many cameras. I'd I don't know what the exclusive for what purpose do you think or I anticipate he was looking for anybody coming she's taken into custody. 59 people were killed more than 500 wounded in the attack and one survivor spoke last night with CBS's Avery an idea. 41 year old Michael pastor was shot through his along the bullet hitting his spine just missing his heart. His girlfriend Tawny found a table to use as a Gurney. And others helped her carry him to a stranger's car people are telling me just leave gulf come back for the survivors. My mom yeah. By the time your thoughts when my. When you throw artful. The floods in the brilliant. Caster is one of hundreds of shooting victims who survived Sunday's Rampage 27 year old Tina frost is in a coma and currently on a respirator. Mary is Tina's mother. The bullet went into her. Right. But there was no brain swelling just there again. President trump goes to Las Vegas later on today I'm Steven Portnoy the White House the president has said he intends to spend quite a bit of time in Las Vegas. To date you meet with state and local officials and with some of the survivors. He says he intends to pay its respects. Yesterday mr. trump called the shooter a sick and demented person. Additional police will be deployed in Austin, Texas for a weekend music festival organizers are promising refunds to anyone I'm comfortable with attending. In a tweet this morning president trump says some other news coverage of his visit to Puerto Rico yesterday was eight. He laments that it without offering specifics and says it was a great day. Last night on Fox News he was asked about his comment that hurricane recovery on the island has the US budget out of lack. We have to look at their hold that structure you know they owe a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street and we're gonna have to wipe that out that's gonna have to be. You know you can say divide that pattern of its Goldman Sachs but whoever is you can wave goodbye to that. That remark effective Puerto Rican bond prices one estimate of the storm's damage to the economy in Puerto Rico's up to 95 billion dollars. CBS's David begged I was in San Juan. Not long after president trump left BI look the governor of Puerto Rico announced the death toll has risen from sixteen to 34. The majority of deaths were told were due to flooding and mudslides and flying debris were also told people died from heart attacks suicide. And a lot of oxygen. Yahoo! now says all three billion of its accounts were hacked in the big 20s13 data breach its three times more than first revealed in CBS news tech analyst Larry Magid says it could increase the legal exposure of its new owner. Yahoo! is now part of Verizon and one of the things it for rights and thought it with buying with Yahoo!'s reputation which at this point I think it's pretty low. Nevertheless it still have either can it still offers services under the Yahoo! brand. In the house has approved a Republican bill that would ban most late term abortions president trump has said he'd sign it but it's not expected to clear the senate. An American is among three researchers sharing the Nobel Prize for chemistry be others are British and Swiss they developed a way to generate 3-D images of molecules. Equifax may be reeling after recent events but it's not stop doing business here CBS and Jim show enemy. Equifax the company at the center of the biggest breach of personal information on record. As just signed a contract with the Internal Revenue Service to provide the tax man with taxpayer identity verification services. News of the Equifax breach which exposed information on some 145. Million Americans. Was public in early September enough time for the government or reevaluate its decision. The IRS says Equifax is the only company capable of providing these services and it was deemed a critical service that could not collapse Jim Shannon BC BS news. Obamacare repeal efforts have failed but the trump administration has managed to slash the money was used for ads to encourage people to sign up some former Obama administration officials about launched a private effort to get the word out. That's the world news round up. A Steve case and CBS news.