CBS World News Roundup, 10/5

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, October 5th

Putting together the final days of the Las Vegas killer. An effort to ban a device that allows automatic firing. Deadline day for DACA recipients. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Profile of a mass murderer did the biggest killer have a secret life. Effort to ban rapid fire device. Mr. and mrs. American you have to stand. Deadline day for doctor recipients and women and little blips minutes. Good morning. I'm Steve case and with the CBS world news roundup day by day new details are emerging about the Las Vegas gunman what he did before Sunday's massacre is getting pieced together. But why he did it is still a mystery coverage begins with CBS's Steve Letterman in Las Vegas. Did Stephen panic lead a secret life and could that be where officials eventually find panics motive. Clark County sheriff Joseph Lombardo says that's a strong possibilities. The paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo. And live any secret life much of which would never be fully understood. What is understood right now is that officials are growing increasingly frustrated in their failed attempts to answer key questions. A note was found in panics hotel room. We are not being told what it said. But are being told it was not a suicide note. And officials now confirm that panic the week before the shootings. Rented the room in the biggest condominium complex overlooking another concert that was featured chance the rapper and lord. Steep Letterman CBS news Los Vegas in. Gators are looking into reports of panic at 100000. Dollars to his girlfriend while she was in the Philippines CBS is jumping gaze as Mary Lou Delhi is speaking out. Now I'd love ten and hoped. Quiet future together with her. After arriving in the US and speaking through her attorney Daley says it was paddock who wanted her to go to the Philippines I was worried. First. I expect that your home and then the money. It was a way of breaking up quicker. It never occurred to me anyway whatsoever. And who's planning violent. Authorities believe that it may not have been planning alone based on the amount of weapons and ammunition found that the crime scene and then searches of his property. So you gotta make the assumption he had to have some help at some point she is the key. Former FBI profiler Mary Ellen O'Toole says even the smallest details could help investigators learned more about panic. What kinds of things irritated him what we're standing helmets and other important aspect of the investigation. To determine whether his mental health played a role instance typically. Whether he fit the political description of a cycle. Or president trump tweet this morning he'll never forget some of the people we met yesterday in Las Vegas he saw victims doctors and police officers. It makes you very proud to be an American when you see the job this thing done. And people that would not be around today are out there and they'll be leaving the hospital in a week or two weeks or five weeks. An effort in Washington to take action on the device that turns some of panics guns into fully automatic weapons of bills sponsored by senators Dianne Feinstein and Bernie Sanders would band devices known as bombs stocks. Which could allow users to simulate fully automatic weapons fire. There is no reason. To make. A semiautomatic. Assault weapon into a fully automatic. Battlefield well. And while some Republicans are skeptical of the measure senate Republican whip John Cornyn says the bill is something to explore. He says there should be hearing on the matter. Bill breakup CBS news Washington a two weeks after hurricane Maria health concerns are growing in Puerto Rico with clean water and drug shortages of major issues and reports say drug and medical supply shortfalls could crop up on the US mainland because of damage to Puerto Rican production facilities. I'm Peter king's Orlando this post offices this busy for days as people said supplies and food family and friends in port. Oh brown eyes and being this tuna fish silence that some of what was in the three boxes that Margarita Oliveira was mailing home. Fuel shortages blocked and washed out roadways or make delivery tough at the other end Postal Service says it's attempting deliveries where it's safe otherwise it's holding packages for pick up. American officials say three US army green berets were killed two others wounded when they came under fire in the African nation of me share they were on patrol with local forces. Pennsylvania representative Tim Murphy says he won't seek reelection to congress next year's CBS is Nancy Courtis says that decision comes after the anti abortion Republican became embroiled in scandal. According to the Pittsburgh post gazette in January Murphy's alleged mistress Shannon Edwards texted him saying. You had zero issue posting their pro life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week. Murphy reportedly responded. I get what you say about my march for life messages I've never written them staff does them. Well today's the deadline for work permit renewals to shield young immigrants from deportation eventually the trump administration plans to end the dock a program. Volunteer at one day Arizona no money Romero has been helping many so called dreamers complete the paperwork for renewal of their work permits. Pro Merrill understands their fear. All I can tell them that they need to continue fighting and fighting for what they believe is right. Completing her permit renewal this streamer missy Castro who feels she and many others like her deserve to called this country there. Home all of that correct steps to be shared a lot of you contributing member of society and I don't see why so many shouldn't belong here Stefan Kaufmann CBS news Phoenix. On new study says keeping our eyes on the road is not easy when all the technology on today's dashboards. You're CBS's Larry Miller momentum on some. Vehicles now have as many as fifty different infotainment. Buttons which are AAA study found could distract drivers for up to forty seconds. Or just your seconds doubles the risk of an accident. University of Utah professor David strayer led the research. Some of the most advanced systems are really very difficult for the driver he is may take minutes to actually perform. The verdict from volunteer Ricardo mu yes. As far as I used to the screens. The touch pads are the ones are probably an initial the most. On comparable safety experts warn manufacturers to disable the most distracting features when the car is in motion. The novelist who wrote the remains of the day has won the Nobel Prize for literature Kosovo issue girl praised for works of great emotional forts. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is now expressed regret for handling a news conference question from a woman who works at the Charlotte Observer about pass receiver pass patterns this way. It's funny to hear a keynote talk about. Ralph's. The NFL says his comment was just plain wrong and disrespectful. Heard David Boley fans CBS's Deborah Rodriguez tells us there's a chance to catch a popular exhibit here in the US next year. After traveling the world and becoming the most visited Shalit the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The New York Times says the exhibition David -- wheat is. Or make its final stop at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. It includes hundreds of objects including rare performance videos and stage costumes. Like the body suit from Boeing Ziggy stardust to work and the coach he designed with Alexander McQueen for the cover of his 1997. Earth falling album. The show will open in Brooklyn in March and runs through mid July. Ever Rodriguez CBS news. Authorities in Brazil have harassed in the Rio 2016. Olympic Committee chairman on corruption charges and other top executive of the games has been arrested two. That's the world news roundup for Thursday. Steve case and CBS news.