CBS World News Roundup, 10/6

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, October 6th

Investigators learn more about the behavior of the Las Vegas gunman. President Trump's warning for Iran. Cam Newton apologizes for sexist remark. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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The mind of a madman who were the considerable amount about the behavioral characteristics of the shooter and president takes aim at Iran they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement. NFL star says he's sorry what are we look kindly on except. Good morning. I'm Steve case and with the CBS world news round up five days after 58 people were murdered in Las Vegas there's no known motive for the massacre the pieces of the gunman's past are emerging and there have been more tears. For the victims we begin this morning with CBS Steve Waterman in Los. Vegas normally by this time law enforcement officials would expect to have a pretty good idea of who the perpetrator was. In the case of Stephen panic though it's proving to be a lot more difficult. FBI forensic experts are now going through any computers or cell phones owned by panic. They want to see who was in touch with. It's now clear that panic was looking at other large music events. Even booked a hotel in July in Chicago overlooking that cities Lollapalooza festival. Last night here in Las Vegas. A candlelight vigil honoring a police officer killed on Sunday truly Hartsfield was off duty at ten in the music festival. When he was struck down. Dvd and at a gradient happening breath. All of those killed have now been identified Steve Letterman CBS news Las Vegas. Investigators are questioning those who knew of and gunmen including his girlfriend Mary Lou damn late CBS jumped brigade earlier. Guys four hours of questioning. Gailey said that she was concerned about paddock mental stability. An acquaintance described the suspected shooter is a high roller who spent days at a time playing video poker. He's says while Patrick was a bit of a loner he never saw any big red flag. An unlikely alliance seems to be forming in the call for new restrictions or a ban on the device that the Las Vegas gunman used to make some of his weapons fire continuously the National Rifle Association is asking the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to review the legality of so called bomb stocks. Senator Lindsey Graham would like to hear from the ATF as well. Actually have a regulation. Saying that bump stocks are legal. Probably the best place to start his head and tell us why they believe that here and has anything changed. House speaker Paul Ryan agrees that Graham is a big regulatory question. And then it. We just had to do more research to find out what's the best way to make sure that the spirit laws is that health bill breakup CBS news Washington what was president trump talking about when he stood last night with military leaders instead it was the combo for the storm. Live to White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. It's anybody's guess but posing for pictures alongside the top brass and their spouses last night mr. trump all smiles. Said the assembly represented the greatest military in the world. It is. He was immediately asked what was he talking about ice this Iran North Korea where. Mr. trump is days away from announcing his decision on the Iran deal a law passed by congress after the deal was struck in 2015 requires him to certify every ninety days. Whether Iran is in compliance. A determination that it's not wouldn't by itself killed the deal would put the ball and congress' court. And fast track house and senate consideration of new sanctions. Iran would see new sanctions as a deal breaker steep. The Nobel Committee says today's awarding of the peace prize sends a message to all nuclear states were alive was CBS is Peter king and Steve the peace prizes been awarded to. International campaign. Tipped ball loose nuclear weapons. I kept the Nobel Committee says that organization has done more than anyone to try to point the world away from nuclear weapons I can't executive director Beatrice spin. And I think that this. Price is just really make it work all of those hours and years that people has been working on us. As for that message Finn says it says that nuclear weapons in the name of security are unacceptable Steve. The Wall Street Journal has hackers allegedly working for the Kremlin stole details on how the US to send against cyber attacks and how it infiltrate for a network breach happened wouldn't NSA's staffer put the classified information. On a personal computer. One of Hollywood's most powerful men Harvey Weinstein is on a leave of absence from his company amid sexual harassment allegations from Ashley job and other actresses and a New York Times story that says. Reached at least eight legal settlements with women times reporter Jodi Kantor on CBS this morning. We spoke to women Fran many different places many different ages most of them did not know one another hour this was a 25 year Tynes and and yet shown any of the women had similar story. Statement Weinstein admitted bad behavior but says he plans to sue the times famous story contains all some derogatory statement. Hours after Dan and dropped him as a sponsor Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton took to Twitter to try to make things rights. Our secure blue dog understands. That no word choice was extremely. Degraded and there's certain. It made a sexist replies to a female reporter at a news conference it appears Newton will avoid any formal punishment. Tropical storm Nate is on the move today in the Gulf of Mexico with Louisiana one of those states and its possible paths local leaders are urging people that. Take me seriously. There is potential to do stormed to intensify very quickly Louisiana governor John Bell Edwards is calling out the military today ahead of mates arrival I have authorized thirteen hundred National Guard troops to mobilize officials are warning residents to get radar hunkered down have three days supplies of food and water. And get ready for possible power outage is tornadoes. Wind blown debris flooding and storm surge. Dave Cohen for CBS news New Orleans on new creation from Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda looks to raise money for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico so. Truly. Sure yeah. It's almost like. On the song almost like praying he's joined by Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony and other stars and it borrows from a song Maria. In West Side Story. My brain just kept fixated on those lines it loud and there's music playing it softens almost like praying there's been a lot of that. Sort of where the island and. And on the island I also found one that didn't make it. As catchy as any others on my right. Health researchers report a possible seek a vaccine showed promise in an early human trial all those who took the three doses developed Zeke got antibiotics to fight off the virus. And CBS is gearing nun tells us. Medical researchers are making headway in efforts to detectives seek a virus in the nation's blood supply and perhaps. Eventually immunize against the spread of the virus the FDA has approved what is called he called let's test for detecting the virus in donated blood. This is the first federal OK a bazooka detection test for use screening the blood supply. But experts caution this is not for individual diagnosis of cica infection. Gary none CBS news. You know Massachusetts for search on great white sharks has uncovered this they're extending their habitat. Venturing farther offshore more often and it greater depths than ever recorded. And so Rhonda produced by Paul fairy Steve case and CBS news.