CBS World News Roundup, 10/9

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, October 9th

President Trump's new immigration demands. Growing DC Twitter war. Harvey Weinstein ousted. CBS News Correspondent Jim Taylor has today's World News Roundup.


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Couldn't beat a dead end productive dreamers mr. trump lays out his demands. Presidential Twitter wars reached new lows in Washington the president is not making friends with some very powerful Republican figures. And one of the most powerful men in Hollywood kicked out of the company which bears his name. Good morning I'm Jim Taylor with CBS world news round up. Immigration president trump aggressively pushing forward with hardline priorities we're live with CBS's Stephen portal at the White House. That's right Jim when he promised he would take care of the dreamers last month at the young and the young people protected by the dock a programming is ending mr. trump angered many innings based. The White House that the president would agree to legal status is part of a package of responsible. Immigration reforms. Last night aides and failed their length they wish list in Democrats immediately called the deal breaker. Mr. trump wants congress to fund the border wall stepped up deportations. Curb legal immigration and clamped down on miners coming across the border unaccompanied and aides say he is not interested in citizenship for the dreamers. These demand should give comfort to conservatives who were mr. trump was getting soft on immigration even ready to embrace what they call amnesty. A spokesman for top senate Democrat Chuck Schumer says the president is going back on his agreement period full stop Jim. Meanwhile Washington political rhetoric has seldom seen so adolescents new Twitter war erupting between president trump and his. Harshest Republican critic in the senate retiring Bob coworker. Who had suggested the administration is heading this war world war three. President tweeting me or does not have the guts to run for reelection senator coming back tweeting. It's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. CBS news political consultant Flanders I'm mortal mouse and Donald Trump needs to do is to alienate more Republican senators and and already he's. Backing certain folks to opposed sitting senators and primaries. But someone like Bob corporate came to Washington to govern. Not to posture dirty rumors whispered in Hollywood for years crystallize in this week to bring down one of the film industry's most powerful moguls who CBS's Steve Waterman. For the past 25 years Harvey Weinstein has been one of Hollywood's most powerful producers. Among his most successful films The English Patient Chicago and Shakespeare in Love. Each of those films won the Oscar for best picture and Harvey Weinstein played a role. The other guy that we really need to think that would target right you know Weinstein is out kicked out amid a flurry of obligations which began last week. Accusing Weinstein of sexual harassment Robert Thompson a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University is not surprise. Think it would have been very difficult for him to keep doing business. Because of the toxicities visibility etched his name. And there are reports that the Weinstein Co. is considering changing its name Steve veteran CBS news we are learning more about how the lost Vegas Rampage ended among a group that stormed that hotel room where a gunman Stephen Parke was shooting. Officer Dave Newton telling sixty minutes the notes he came across very detailed on it had written the distance. The elevation he was arm. The drop of what is bowl it was going to be so he had that written down and figured out so he would know where to shoot. Hello officer Josh will bits go Las Vegas canine unit telling CBS is bill Whitaker the shooter made extensive preparations. Is a planning. There's a planning he had tool boxes and power tools to run wires for his surveillance system. For everything that he had it took them days to finish. Nate fourth hurricane to hit the US this season after pounding the central Gulf Coast tropical depression moving through Tennessee still doing damage CBS is my mobile orcas in Hudson North Carolina. We're told by emergency officials in this area of North Carolina that at least thirty homes have some type of damage. And there are reports of damage and mobile homes that were destroyed in South Carolina as well. So far only injuries have been reported and no doubts. Winner of the Nobel economic prize is Richard Taylor university Chicago and about his work the most important. It is. Recognition. Economic agent argument. Bad bad economic model up to incorporate. It is an ever tightening noose around rock up prices last major holdout and serious CBS is holly Williams for the last two days and. Ice this might this do good in these broken down city. Ice despite his hold up in what used to be rock isn't my youthful scheduled. Thanks ball movement and these US backed militiamen opened fire at. But fighting here has been sporadic but day. Because they don't want to destroy what's left of the hospital. And because ices has human shields or. Indeed skeleton of a CC yeah it's still 2000 civilians I'll steal trapped. Wildfires in wine country for the burning in northern California's Napa Valley evacuations underway I do my blinds and I just saw flames all political behind my house. So of course they're planning to still shaking went out and they were screaming fire fire fire get out get out of the burning in Sonoma valley a controversial advertisement is being pulled lives CBS's Vicki barker to tell us why. The three and ad for dove body shows a black woman taking off her shirt to reveal a white woman. The so firm quickly removed the app from FaceBook page after a storm of criticism saying it missed the market represented women of color thoughtfully. If fact the original I had that went on to show the white woman taking off her shirt to reveal a woman of color. But the screen shot now going viral don't include that part Jim critics call it an expensive political stunt vice president and his wife flying to Indianapolis from an NFL game only to walk out when the players took in need during the National Anthem. 49ers player Eric Reed because those. An appeal lost on him he knew. I've seen a seven most clicked process. He knew that we are talking to him again. It's the hottest ticket on Broadway and. And Islam. It's also the most expensive if you wanna catch Bette Midler in her Tony award winning turn in hello down. Dig deep. From late November till she leaves the show in January the price for fraud proceeds to a weekend performance more than a thousand dollars new records for a non holiday ticket. A I. I'm. The cost of jet San with the weather has to do within the post hurricane downtrend enrolled saarc fuel cost continues apace industry analyst ruby on Burke's surveys the prices nationwide cap. Same prices dropped seven cents in the past two weeks the new average for regular is stupid he's sick this is not total decline of fourteen cents since the damage caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Paris for highs and lows. Load system all at just 220 per gallon for regular and happened so goes the high at 311. Column forty CBS news that the total wanted freedom which it reveled in for about ten minutes shutting down a runway at one of Japan's busiest airports fourteen flight delays the fully grown dog escaping while cargo crews were loading its cage on to a flight bound for pocono. The owner came and got it. As the world news round up for Monday October 9 I'm Jim Taylor CBS news.