CBS World News Roundup, 1/10

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, January 10th

 Death toll rises to 15 in California mudslides. Judge temporarily blocks effort to ends DACA. Actor James Franco denies allegations of inappropriate behavior. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Deadly walls Oakmont there was 'cause washing down huge boulders huge trees coming down. Court stops effort to kill dot go to judge called the move an arbitrary and capricious exercise of executive power. There are reviews sexual misconduct claims that things I heard that I want Twitter are not accurate. This is the CBS world news round up. Presented by Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case and at least fifteen people are now reported dead in the cascading mudslides in Southern California that ripped homes from foundations and sent debris on the major roadways here's CBS's Steve tournament. There is no longer range but there is still danger mountains and hillsides burned in the recent fires are still saturated with water. The worst damages here in the upscale town of monsters CEO we look like a World War I battlefield. It was literally. Carpet of mud and debris everywhere some people who escaped talked about the frantic moments as they left watching our river kettle hello not that you know in your backyard not knowing if it's gonna come over the felt. Oprah Winfrey who as our home here posted a video showing some of the damage outside her home how deep in my kids. A number of people are still unaccounted for we have a team of law enforcement officials that are actively searching for people who were missing officials expect the death tolls rise. Steve Letterman CBS news. Martha CO California. A federal judge stop the trump administration from ending the program that protects immigrants who were brought here as children while legal action plays outs via Skype immigration activist Brent Wilkes is. Wrong Dawkins spend that the president can get rid of it which is what Donald Trump has done. And we think it's important that congress act to make sure that the doctor recipients. Are able to have a permanent status. Just one of the immigration issues the president and lawmakers debated at length yesterday on TV you're gonna sit. He was an extraordinary window into DC deal making. The president held forth as members of both parties pledged to help the dreamers like about it clean docket Elton out. The suggestion of California Democrat Dianne Feinstein was that it first with a proven by mr. trump. Until Republicans piped up yeah. Maybe they stressed the need for more border security. Mr. Trump's Adobe no deal on doc without it if you don't have the war you cannot ask it. Steven Portnoy CBS news the White House. So Republicans are blasting the move by senator Feinstein to release closed door testimony from a Russian investigation minutes from Glenn Simpson co-founder of fusion GPS. The forum the commissioned an explosive dossier on Donald Trump CBS and Paula reed. Democrats say the testimony shows the dossier was legitimate and it actually mirrored what the FBI heard from other sources. And since his testimony he claims he had no reason to doubt they're reporting back Christopher steal the British intelligence agent who was the author of the dossier. Now Republicans are calling feinstein's move can founding. And they suggest it could jeopardize future testimony. Reports say president Trump's lawyer has filed two lawsuits against fusion GPS and buzz feed which first published dossier details. A new book sparked a rift between president trump and his former aide Steve Bannon now Bannon is leaving as chairman of Bryant Park. The break Opel also cost him his daily show on satellite radio. Federal judges have said the North Carolina congressional district map drawn by Republicans has to be re done. The courts haven't tried to entrench GOP control and subordinates. Non Republican voters. Today BUS Supreme Court looks in their efforts in Ohio to get people off the voting rolls if they've been inactive in recent years CBS news legal analyst Andrew column. If the Supreme Court allows Ohio to continue to pert voting rolls like this with. Barely any notice to voters especially in communities of color that we're gonna see this clearly and other state and indeed it's starting to happen already in Georgia. Florida's Republican governor complained and the trump administration listened waters off the sunshine state will now be off limits to the drilling expansion in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico complaints from environmentalists. And others have been dismissed. A magnitude seven point six earthquake hit off the coast of Honduras late last night while most powerful Caribbean quakes in years no reports of major damage or injuries. Official information is hard to come by but experts say it appears a secret satellite aboard a SpaceX rocket apparently failed to separate from the rocket's second stage. Plunged into the Indian Ocean Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell. This super expensive secret payload. Went down in flames. Over Africa that's what we think probably happens. Toyota and Honda are recalling one million additional vehicles to replace defective to combat air bag inflated his suits a variety of vehicles from the 09 through thirteen model years. Outside New Orleans a teacher who questioned the superintendent pay raise and a school board meeting was forcibly remote handcuffed in jail. The teachers union and a civil rights group are investigating. On the CBS late show actor James Franco pushed back against claims of sexual misconduct on social media from two women and a vague accusation from another actress. They have no idea what I did that we Shiite directed Aron I'm a play off Broadway. I had nothing but a great time with her. Total respect for her I know I have no idea why she was upset she took between down I don't I don't know. The New York Times canceled a public event with Franco that was scheduled for today. When a top director rushed to cut an actor accused of sexual misconduct out of a film did he plunged into the gender pay gap. It's time. A new report says Michelle Williams was paid just a thousand dollars for a week every shoot on the new movie all the money in the world while her male counterpart Mark Wahlberg got one and a half million director Ridley Scott originally told USA today both actors work for nothing can replace the embattled Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer in the role of John Paul Getty. No comment from any of the parties involved. Paul Byrd tops forbes' list of highest paid actors this year with a total salary of 68 million dollars or whatever Rodriguez CBS news. Early today the new cohost on CBS this morning look. Says here. Welcome to the news poll done yeah John Dickerson the host of face the nation joining Nora and Gail wasting no time taking his new job I'm really happy be here and then beginning yet so thanks for welcoming new eventually turn over the reins at face the nation to someone else. There's court action in France over a problem a lot of Americans have complained about. She case against apple revolves around whether or not the manufacturer. Deliberately built in obsolescence in its iPhone batteries. That is against the law in France since 2015. Is the case against apple has proven the computer giant could face fines as high as 5%. Of annual revenue. And even jail sentences. The group behind the suit says it has testimony from almost 3000. French iPhone owners and is appealing for more. Elaine Cobb CBS news parents. There's a social media outcry in Thailand after the military men who took power of their and a coup four years ago put a cardboard cut out of himself in front of a microphone and told reporters to direct their questions to yet. Prius channel it is promised to restore democracy in Thailand has been delayed again and again that's the world is round. And Steve case and CBS news.