CBS World News Roundup, 1/11

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, January 11th

Search continues for victims of the California mudslides. President Trump won't commit to an interview in the Russia probe. Baltimore hospital accused of patient dumping. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Searching in the California mine to insert many responders by air to find people. President says it's unlikely he'll talk with a special counsel we'll see what happens I mean certainly I'll see what happens. Hospital dumps patient on a freezing night left her on this event with nothing but a hospital down. This is the CBS world news round up. Presented by Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case fined seventeen known dead seventeen listed as unaccounted for the grim troll in Southern California after the destructive mudslides. CBS's Steve pharma numbing intense rescue efforts. This will be another day of searching for survivors all of our resources continue to operate in search and rescue mode search crews rescue crews 500 people along with some search dogs are going through the muck and debris that has spread all over month to see go. The disparate friends and families of those missing are also taking part at a stellar will go to McCree consider you'll identify and then man is looking for his mother. This woman is wishing her friend had simply stayed on the second floor of her two story house or doesn't have. We should just sort of stayed up there at times it seems everyone knows someone who has been impacted by the mudslides and you know people who watched her. Yes and people who lost their lives as each hour goes by the hope of finding those unaccounted for alive becomes less and less. Steve Letterman CBS news much Ysidro California house. BS evening news anchor Jeff Glor spoke with a man who escaped a wall of mud in my to see though it his home not long after Berkeley Johnson heard the noise from just nearby. Went into the pile and found in the market and cool very even. We're talking just. In the mud up to its north tangled enough. No roots and metal and I rock and you know if we were staying within two feet of that thing. The girl is okay it's not clear what happened to other members of her family. Not a Washington where president trump said it eight times yesterday within ninety seconds no collusion between his campaign in Russia. We're live at the white house with CBS's Steven Portnoy. At a news conference yesterday alongside the prime minister of Norway the president was asked if he'll submit to questions from special counsel Robert Mueller. Last year when he said he absolutely want it now we'll see what happens I mean certainly I'll see what happens the president calls the Russian probe of Foley clout. That has hung over his administration when they have no collusion and nobody's found any collusion at any level. It seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview sources say the trump legal team has begun preliminary discussions on the conditions of such an interview. With the president's lawyers focused on preserving executive privilege and the prerogatives of the office. Separately mr. trump reiterated he won't sign a bill to help the dreamers without funding for the border wall any solution has to include the wall because without the wall. You'll doesn't work this week house Republicans have unveiled a bill that gives doctor recipients legal status and authorizes construction of the border wall Steve. And immigration sweep at a convenience store chain yesterday as we hear from CBS's Tom phony immigration agents want to about 10711. Stores in seventeen states and Washington DC checking our employees had valid green cards and calling on store owners to produce hiring records on employees' immigration status Juan Carlos Marco is an immigration lawyer in Miami. Would it from the administration we know that. I mean his agenda listen to corner nobody can import. Some elements as the owners of the franchises are responsible for hiring and verifying work eligibility the chain has more than 8600 convenience stores across the nation. Video from a man near Baltimore and a bus stop trained a bright light now on the issue of hospitals and patient dumping here's CBS is Peter King who. That bus stop was next to the university of Maryland's midtown Baltimore campus where it's a yard is the only good lady out here. But no clothes on in my move the rocket confront and hospital security guards as he shot the video that is not OK a security guard Richard off Mike seeing you don't know the circumstances. That you all that's gonna leave this lady out here like this. Not only was it below freezing the woman was only wearing a hospital gown and shot blocker called 911 the woman wound up back inside the same hospital. The University of Maryland says it shocked disappointed and looking into exactly how this happened. Peter King CBS news. A school superintendent outside New Orleans says he and his family of gotten death threats its fallout from the arrest of a teacher who complained about his pay raise in the school board meeting video of it went viral. Superintendent Jerome PO. It yours in my life. That concludes that if that's creating so hard this thing is negative innovative. Tough. The teachers do Shia hard Graeme has gone back to work at her middle school. Troubling questions surrounding the new governor of Missouri a former military man seen as a rising Republican star CBS is Deborah Rodriguez. But denies allegations he took nude photographs of his former hairdresser to keep her quiet about their affair. The woman's ex husband's making the claim. Because. My life naked. Oh blackmail. You know. Word. Governor brightens wife calls it a deeply personal mistake. For which her husband has taken responsibility. Little more than a year after president trump posted about saving jobs that a carrier plant in Indianapolis 215 workers are being let go beginning today 340 jobs were cut last summer some of the jobs shifting to Mexico. CBS's Chris van cleave tells us the FAA is investigating why an aero Mexico flight almost landed on the wrong runway at San Francisco's airport. Okay okay. It is totally her right here that I. Despite the Aeromexico pilot confirming the towers direction to land on runway 28 right the Boeing 737. Lined up for the parallel runway 28 left already occupied by a virgin America flight waiting to take off. Flight tracking site flight aware lists the altitude for the Aeromexico jet. As being as low as 600 feet before controller stepped Ian. Arabic I think it's the dollar. The flight landed safely on its second approach but this is the third no apparent close call on a runway an asset growth since July try to put the fear is back in Diet Coke. Coca Cola's stating the sodas logo offering four new flavors even a slim twelve ounce cans sales have been tumbling in recent years. A new legal challenges being launched today on the sixteenth anniversary of the opening of the prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba here's CBS is gearing on. The Center for Constitutional Rights is suing to get the trump administration to release remaining detainees. Our hope is that we could get. Before court in within a few months and a ruling soon after. Our allows me is the senator's legal director. I think inevitably whether this faction or another one street where we'll get involved after get off the kind of lawlessness can continue forever. Senator wants a judicial review of the legality of the decision keeping the 41 man at the present. Gary non CBS news. Let me re votes were needed when the power came back on yesterday at the big consumer technology show at the Las Vegas convention center everything went dark for about two hours. Officials say the recent heavy rainfall caused problems with the buildings transformers. That's the roundup Steve case and CBS news.