CBS World News Roundup, 11/10

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, November 10th

Calls grow for Senate candidate to step aside if sex allegations are true. President Trump vows America first at Asia economic summit. Warnings of high lead levels in some fidget spinners. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Sex allegations against a GOP senate candidate they are actively looking for ways to replace him. President trumps message to trading partners we will compete on a fair and equal basis. Lead levels in extensions spinners they should take these toys off the shelves. Good morning I'm Steve. Cases with the CBS world news round up and president trump to the list of Republicans. Putting distance between themselves and GOP Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore. CBS is Nancy cortisone is a growing number are urging the ten commandments judge to get out of the race amid sexual misconduct allegations. Should step aside if the allegations are true but a defiant Moore reportedly called the allegations quote filthy and sleazy attacks by forces of evil. Urging god fearing conservatives to help him fight back by chipping in a donation. More accusers say the outspoken evangelical swap them out when they were as young as fourteen. Wendy Miller has more Astra out on dates but her mother said no. We corpse man says more kissed her took off her shirt and pants and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear. He was 32 I'm Steven Portnoy traveling with the president in Vietnam. White House spokeswoman Sara Sanders said the president believes in mere allegation. Shouldn't destroy a man's life. However the president also believes that if these allegations are true. Judge Moore did the right thing and step aside many Republicans have said the same more still has his backers. Former White House aides Steve Bannon said the Washington Post which reported the allegations is part of the apparatus of the opposition party. More is named can't be removed from the Alabama ballad about a month before the elections some wanna GOP write in candidate. The latest sexual misconduct allegations against a celebrity are graphic and target an award winning comedian CBS is beyond a goal and dream guest says it's Louie CK. There is no greater threat to women then. Louie CK has made a career out of crude dirty jokes. But now five women's health a New York Times the comedian cross the line offstage. Chicago comedy duo Dana I'm in good men and Julio walled off told the paper they met CK at a comedy festival in 2002. He proceeded to take all of his clothes off and started masturbating. CBS news contributor Jodi Kantor co author of the article. They were incomplete. Shock Louie CK is now one of the biggest names in comedy and says he felt like they weren't really sure if they could speak abstaining. And near Los Angeles CBS Jamie Yorkers tells us a special task force is now looking into the sexual misconduct allegations that have jolted Hollywood. The task force will be specially trained deputy district attorney's. And that trend sex crimes prosecutors they're gonna work together to ensure a uniform approach to the legal review. Now overseas at a Vietnam economic summit president trump had a message for America's trading partners we are not going to let the United States be taken advantage of anymore mr. Trump's not expected to hold a formal meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin who is there by the brief sideline get together is expected. A house committee is heard from a former trump body guards in its investigation into a dossier put together last year by an ex British spy. CBS is jumping gays as key Schiller suggest or Russian blackmail attempt when mr. trump was in Moscow and 2013 chiller told. Members of the House Intelligence Committee and offer was made to send five women to mr. Trump's hotel room at the Ritz Carlton. According to a source Schiller told the committee. Didn't take the offers seriously but he did later mention it to mr. trump. Eric O'Neal as a former FBI operative. I'm not surprised at all that the Russians would have gone after someone. Like mr. trump at the time to gather that compromising information he's a well known figure someone who is very engaged in politics and also someone. Who as many deals in Russia. Experts say they can't connect the dots between the brain damaged the late NFL star Aaron Hernandez suffered and his murderous behavior but doctor and the key at Boston University says one thing is. Clear this would be the first case Aaron scene of that kind damaged in such a young individual. 27 year old Hernandez hanged himself in prison in April. OJ Simpson's lawyers as the recently freed inmate has been banned from the cosmopolitan. Hotel and casino in Las Vegas he denies reports that suggest Simpson was drunk or belligerent while he was there. Actor Chuck Norris has battled bad guys on TV and in the movies now he and his wife for engaged in a different kind of like. The martial arts. Bishop can't argue about life and career now Chuck Norris is taking on big medicine after his wife Gina suffered complications she says came after she was injected with a contrast agent for an. MRI I had a horrible brain damage I couldn't I couldn't think anymore. And any type of cognition and being able to articulate my memory. I had muscle wasting. Their attorney says the chemical called gavel indium was the culprit for other patients originally thought to have Lyme Disease a rail last. The Norris is that sue drug distributor McKesson which says it's reviewing the complaint but stands behind the safety of its products. Peter King CBS news I'll Portland Oregon woman with 151000. FaceBook followers has raised questions about the lead content in popular Phidget spinners you're CBS's Anna Werner. You don't know what that means the first time you hear that your kid has blood poisoning to world Rubin says her son's still suffered debilitating effects from lead exposure in their home twelve years ago now she test consumer products that concern parents and to her. Including hundreds of tickets that are just she says many of them had concerning levels of lead it's on the center it's the part that you're interacting list. So it's definitely hazards for children Rubens blog caught the attention of the US public interest research group a consumer advocacy organization. They tested twelve digit spinners found in children's toy aisles in target stores across the country. Two of the product tester with high levels of lead. One contained levels 300 times higher than the legal limit for children's products Carrick cook shelters US purge Toxics program director of wind children are exposed to high levels of black. They can experience things like memory lasts. Learning disabilities but women asked target to remove the product from store target declined saying the two products are not designed for children. And turn it says they're not defined by the consumer products safety commission has toys. And as a result are not required to meet children's products standards. Better cold here it comes minus fourteen today an International Falls, Minnesota in the cold weather's heading east. Starting today CBS is Deborah Rodriguez tells us you really can have Breakfast at Tiffany's. Maybe six years after the movie Tiffany and company is opening a restaurant that its flagship Fifth Avenue location in New York City. They'll Audrey Hepburn only window shopped at the jewelry store she nibbled on a pastry and sipped coffee the blue box cafe offers everything from avocado toast. Two troubled exit buttermilk pancakes price tag for breakfast 29 dollars with out tax and tip. The decor just like the Tiffany box Robin's egg blue. From the walls to the chairs and flights Deborah Rodriguez CBS news New York. Actor John Hillerman has died at 84 he's best known for his Emmy winning supporting role on the 1980s. CBS show Magnum PI. That's the world news roundup for Friday the broadcasters produced by Paul ferry. Steve case and CBS news.