CBS World News Roundup, 11/13

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, November 13th

President Trump praises controversial Philippine leader. Supporters stand behind embattled AL Senate candidate. Army opens doors to recruits with a history of mental disorder. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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President speaks Philippine leader we've had a great relationship this has been very successful. Trying to weather a political storm we've got our game on organs and run more to the US senate. No army rule under trips to the history of mental disorders. Good morning I'm Steve case and wins the CBS world news round up. As he approaches the end of his long Asian trip president Trump's political leader who's been goal or and around the globe. BS news White House correspondent Steven Portnoy is traveling with the president. Grade twelve days president trump says that each stop his counterparts have given him the red carpet treatment like nobody I think that's probably. Here in the Philippines mr. trump warmly praised his host president Rodrigo deter today Rodrigo thank you very much for the way you've treated. All of us human rights groups accused integrity of overseeing a bloody drug war. I would love more often Filipino hit man. Armed with a pistol he labels the enforcer tells CBS is highly Atwood he's paid 400 dollars for every assassination. So with the government. Paying you. This man do territory officially denies he's behind the killings of thousands of drug dealers and drug users here. But he says president trump has praised him for his handling in the Filipino drug problem. The White House as human rights in that regard did come up briefly in their meeting but he territory spokesman denies that. Steven Portnoy CBS news with the president in Manila. Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore vows to sue the Washington Post paper that was first to report claims of sexual misconduct against Lee Republican evangelical. More spent the weekend campaigning and defending himself the. Think for all women would like forty years. To come before. Right before an election to bring charges. If absolutely unbelievable. Supporter Nate Matthews attended a more event last night in Huntsville know where they came out I. Thought maybe if they could be true but. At hearings become. That I'm sure he's toasters but others aren't so sure doesn't phase us holds any water senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania is the latest Republican to urge more to drop out of the race. Oversees more than 350. People were killed by a magnitude seven point three earthquake along the Iran Iraq border. CBS is holly Williams is following developments from Istanbul Turkey. I reports that 70000. People on now in need of an agency shields. And that happens just as we into its closing mean. They are apparently still searching the divide is and I reports this morning that they may have been landslides caused by the earthquake. Which will of course hand rescue ethics. Now the Sutherland springs Texas we're a week after a gunman killed 26 people at a church service pastor frank Pomeroy sought to comfort the faithful. I know everyone. Who gave their lives that day. I'm which were my best friends. But daughter. Texas senator John Cornyn among those on hand he promises bipartisan action in Washington to deal with the air force ms. stepped they kept the gunman's name out of a database the could've prevented him from buying weapons. My hope is that we can expedite. Consideration of this get it into law and make sure that this sort of thing never happens again. There's word of the army is opening the door to more applicants with a history of mental health issues were alive with BS's Vicki barker with 8000 launched a deal by next September USA today reports the army has quietly opened the door to some recruits with a history of self mutilation bipolar disorder depression or drug and alcohol abuse CBS news military consultant Jeff McCall's and has recruitment problem across the military. Here the army now on waivers should be settled into the air force about 2000 pilot short margin people people of retirement. The last time the military relaxed its standards there was an increase in war crimes and psychiatrists fear the pressure of active duty might cause some of those recruits to relax leaf. The senate begins work on the Republican tax overhaul plan today in the house were of the GOP version cleared a committee last week. The chairman of the tax writing committee says he can't see the house going along with the senate plan to eliminate the deduction for property taxes. Investigators in the New York investigation and a Harvey Weinstein are looking to get medical treatment records from the therapist. Of the actress who accuses him of rape. CBS's Steve Foreman has more on the rally yesterday in support of women who made claims against some of entertainment's top name. They marched and chanted along the streets of Hollywood not. I and may. Hundreds mostly women demanding the end of sexual harassment in the work place. Actress Miranda forum says. It goes back to the first revelation involving Harvey Weinstein. And out weird way as something beautiful came out of all of his. Misconduct. Those taking part they all this attention. But those engaging in her assessment on notice steep Letterman CBS news Hollywood. Authorities in Pennsylvania indicate they've uncovered new evidence in the death of a Penn State fraternity pledge surveillance video that was missing from a frat house basement. The statements of the basement video captures the ongoing hazing and the continued repeated furnishing of alcohol. I beta Brothers to Tim piazza. CBS is an ornery and bell font Pennsylvania says prosecutors believe that video had been deleted intentionally. The New York Times has white fish the tiny Montana company that got them lost a huge deal to restore power in Puerto Rico. Build the island's power company 319 dollars an hour for work by its linemen who were paid 63 dollars an hour and more for overtime. The company which is working there through the end of this month since the break factored in major overhead cost. There's over search on heart stopping to act sexes linked to one in 100 cardiac arrest events in men. One in 1000 in women to be a bill rake off. The research published in the journal of the American College of Cardiology says the incidence of cardiac arrest curing more right after sex is relatively low. More interest in the low survival rate of those who do suffer it. Part of that is due to low rate of bystander CPR the study authors say it's important to educate the public about the success of bystander CPR. No matter what the victim might have been doing to go into cardiac arrest report found women were less likely than men to get CPR from a bystander researchers say that might be because men are reluctant to talk to woman's chests. Gossip columnist Liz Smith is done in New York for more than a quarter century or scoops about celebrities. Read in newspapers around the world who was 94. It's never too early for the do's and don'ts of the annual holiday party at the off you're CBS Jim Taylor advice from the experts may sound obvious don't get drunk. But those experts also say many career has been sidetracked by bad holiday party behavior what you should do they say mix outside your circle of friends don't talk shop or politics and. And where our holiday were party's New York Miami. LA people can bat and that is the most fun. At least fine. Minneapolis to Maureen Philadelphia. By a Skype accountants executive director Mike cited she's one of those work party experts Jim Taylor CBS news after scoring an 83 yard touchdown against the giants yesterday 49ers receiver marquis is Goodman took a knee in the end zone. There wasn't a protest goblins set on minster Grammy showed emotion because earlier in the day. His wife lost their trial due to pregnancy complications. That's the world news round. Steve case and CBS news.