CBS World News Roundup, 11/14

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, November 14th

AL Senate candidate denies latest sex assault allegations. Attorney General to face tough questions on Capitol Hill. New guidelines mean 31 million more Americans have high blood pressure. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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New accuser and the US senate candidate mr. Mora reached out to a very big and groping me I never did what she said I did. Attorney general had to testify documents contradict his previous testimony before congress. Millions more with high blood pressure but they can manage that problem on their own. Good morning. Steve cases with the CBS world news round up now five women have made accusations of sexual impropriety against Alabama Republican senate candidate Roy Moore. The latest is Beverly young Nelson says it happened when she was a teenager in the 1970s. In a car. If you're just this child. Any that I am at this hour. The lock him anything you tell anyone about is no one will have hopefully. You Morrissey is her account like the others is fiction. This race being just 28 days off. This is a political maneuver and has nothing to do with reality it's all about policy. To the senate leader Mitch McConnell the most powerful Republican to say more should quit the race CBS has been bubble markets says the candidates still has his supporters. At the GOP office here in Birmingham people were picking up Roy Moore yard signs and many of them told us that they are doing it now. Because of these allegations because they wanna support them through what they consider an attack. Some women report on Capitol Hill of accused men of misconduct CBS's Steve Dorsey says lawmakers are taking a closer look the committee on house administration will examine the chambers policies to guard against and report sexual harassment the committee which oversees detainee operations of the house will review whether congress is doing enough. Last week the senate passed bipartisan legislation. To mandate sexual harassment training there. Well Donald Trump junior is released a series of private Twitter exchanges he had with WikiLeaks during and after the presidential campaign came hours before a magazine was going to reveal them. Suggest jumper gays says it's likely to increase the questions surrounding the trump campaign Russia and the web site which leaked democratic email. WikiLeaks is amazing the stuff that's coming out the day after those comments on October 12 WikiLeaks and Donald Trump junior a link to the hack democratic emails will this message strongly suggest your dad tweet this link if he mentions us. Less than an hour later edited trumped waited. Very little pick up of incredible information provided by WikiLeaks. On October 14 Donald Trump junior sent out a link himself saying. All the WikiLeaks emails are right here. That same day then vice presidential nominee Mike Pence was asked about trump campaign contact with WikiLeaks on Fox News. Some have suggested that your campaign is in cahoots with WikiLeaks. Nothing could be further from the. True attorney general Jeff Sessions goes before a house committee today CBS is Paula reed says it comes after recent revelations raised questions. Sessions has repeatedly testified that he had no knowledge of any contacts between the trump campaign and Russia. But former trump campaign aides Carter page indoors pop a dot bliss have revealed that they both told sessions about their contacts with Russia. In a letter to that house committee sessions indicates he's considering a special counsel to look into dealings by the Clinton foundation and an Obama era uranium deal with Russia. White House correspondents even Portnoy tells us this morning president trump who's heading home from Asia. Traveling across five countries president trump says he sent a message to this region we want fair for days we want to. It's different. Seat tweets all countries dealing with us on trade know the rules have changed earlier this year the president pulled America out of the trans Pacific partnership. This week the other parties to that trade deal reaffirmed their commitment to it without the US. Steven Portnoy CBS news Manila. Thanks to a health panel's new guidelines thirty million additional Americans now have high blood pressure and the old reading was at least 140 over ninety now it's 130 over eighty CBS is doctor John the Pope. This does not mean necessarily an influx of people on medication and it's really supposed to be a wake up call. Were people say I really do have hypertension it can lead to a really bad problems. Let me address that. It can lead to heart disease and stroke and for most who now fall into the category of means more exercise and better diets to control. Tampa police are investigating a shooting deaths have occurred in a neighborhood where his three other unsolved homicides have taken place the past few months police spokesman Stephen Hagerty retreating Mississippi it's related until we know. Lawyers for Newtown families go before the Connecticut Supreme Court today in their bid to hold a gun maker accountable. For the 2012 school massacre guest is Don Baylor in Hartford. Nicole hotly once the gun manufacturer held accountable. This is a weapon that has been designed. To inflict mass casualty in your not a man if you don't have it. That's wrong and needs to stop. Attorneys representing ten sandy hook families. Contend that in order to boost sales gun manufacturer Remington targeted a younger demographic. By linking the AR fifteen to much of the July he ism and military style insurrection. New charges after investigators unearthed surveillance video that was deleted from a Penn State frat where pledged to MP Johnson died last winter CBS's and a war. New evidence means twelve additional fraternity members now face charges five with felonies including involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. Others with misdemeanors including hazing and furnishing alcohol to minor it's. Police say piazza drank at least eighteen drinks in one hour and 22 minutes. Johnson's father Jim says he wants this case to send a message we need parents to be talking to your kids about this we need parents put their foot down inserted you must not news a new study looks into whether there's a link between rising teen suicide rate and the surge in social media live to CBS is Vicki barker. A correlation not proof of cause but CDC data shows that after falling for several years the rate among teenagers rose between 2010 and 2015 just as American teens were taking up FaceBook and Graham and other sites. Out dire predictions have accompanied every new used trend from television to rock and roll. Nevertheless the experts note that social media provide unprecedented. Arenas for bullying and abuse with more research desperately need it Steve. The FDA has approved its first digital drug bill why my iTunes of pills to treat certain kinds of mental illness and it contains a ship. The monitors whether patients have taken information recorded on a skin patch in Smartphone app. The New York Times reports former NFL players and their families accuse the league of blocking their access to a one billion dollar concussions elements of 14100 claims filed so far the report says. 140. Have been approved. With the holidays closing in here now is a question would you reaching. Holiday gifts when people if you didn't have to. A new Harris poll found 69% would skip to give us his family and friends agreed to a what's more the poll found that 60% of respondents actually limit the time spent with some friends and family so that they don't have to worry about give getting. Not all were looking to save cash however one in four respondents said they would spend the money in other ways such is show activities with their friends and family. Jim Shannon these CBS news. Awesome gift from earth have arrived at the International Space Station a cargo load of pizza ice cream another treat is arrived along with some new experiments. That's the world news round. I'm Steve case and CBS news.