CBS World News Roundup, 11/16

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, November 16th

The House set to pass tax reform, but there's a snag in the Senate. Battle over Roy Moore evidence. Record price for an art auction. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Reform votes house on the verge of passing a major GOP priority. Battle over Roy Moore evidences demand that you immediately release the yearbook we accept that challenge. Dazzling de Vinci hole on a minute. Good morning. I'm Steve case and with the CBS world news roundup it's a key day for Republican tax reform efforts our house votes on its bill today but there is potential trouble on the senate CBS's Nancy Courtis begins our coverage. House on the verge of passing massive. Corporate tax cuts and individual taxpayers many of them at least would see. Cuts as well to their taxes at least in the short term. The real drama however is unfolding in the senate where Republicans can only afford to lose two of their own members and one Republican. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said last night. That he opposes the current GOP plan because it benefits. Larger corporations and does not provide what he called fair treatment for small businesses. Another Republican Susan Collins of Maine joined with Democrats were outraged that a repeal of obamacare individual mandate. Is now in the senate plan as she said that adding health care issue to the tax bill quote does not makes cents. I'm Steven Portnoy who live at the White House president trump heads to Capitol Hill today to give a pep talk to house Republicans. At a May Day vote on their tax package mr. trump is supremely eager for a win on the edge that 301. Day of his presidency. The house GOP package different from the one emerging in the senate. Is likely to pass despite the vociferous objections. Of north eastern Republicans who worried their constituents will wind up getting a tax increase from this plant to the elimination of key deductions. If it does pass and senate leaders also achieved success. Both packages would still need to be reconciled in conference president trump is hoping to sign a bill by Christmas Eve. In a White House appearance yesterday the president passed on a chance to comment on Roy Moore the Alabama Republican senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct CBS's dean Reynolds in Birmingham says. Total of nine women to dominate allegations two more yesterday. New accusations surfaced yesterday with one woman claiming that in 1991. Moore who was married groped her and asked about the looks are for young daughters. Another accuser says in 1977. While in high school she was summoned from class to the principal's office for a phone call. It was for more than pastor on a date. Mores attorney challenged a piece of evidence from one of his accusers Beverly Nelson produced a high school yearbook she says was signed by more. Attorney Philip to Reggie suggest she might of state did mimicking a more signature on the document. He was on the bench his assistant whose initials are capital deep period. Eight period would stay at his signature on documents and then put capital deep period. Eight period that's exactly how this signature appears on the divorce decree that judge Moore signed with the ms. Nelson. London's old Vic theater said today it's received allegations of what it calls a range of inappropriate behavior by actor Kevin Spacey space he used to be artistic director of the year. Not a northern California where a discovery has helped investigators put the chain of events together and Tuesday shooting Rampage the body of the gunman's wife we. Located at her dead body concealed under the Florida residents we believe. That's probably what started this whole event. Access Tama county assistant sheriff Phil Johnston says credit goes to school officials who ordered a lockdown seconds before the gunman showed up and started shooting. I truly believe we would have the horrific let out in that school without school hadn't taken action when they did. Evan Neil was shot and killed by authorities. Here in New York City it was a record shattering night. 400 million dollars at the bit odd that this is. So. Specter and other costs and a painting of Christ by Leonardo Da Vinci sold for 450. Million dollars breaking all previous art auction records Alex rod or Christie's auction house says it was a fitting end for a work dating back to 15100 means. Strange because it just surprised that. He was the masses golf ball masters. And he now holds auction record price. Seller was a Russian billionaire the buyer not a done a Bible some criticized restoration efforts of at a media campaign by Christie's called at poll last eventually. The army has rescinded a move that made it easier for people with certain mental health issues to get waivers to join the service the September memo first reported earlier this week by USA today sparked outrage from lawmakers in both parties. Seven workers at a Hawaii psychiatric hospital are on unpaid leave in the investigation into the gate of a man described as dangerous this week. Virginia Pressler with the state department of health. Staff may have inadvertently. Were purposefully. Neglected proper notification of supervisors. 59 year old Randall Saito was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the danceable woman in 1981 was able to take too light to get to California where he was arrested. Reports say notorious inmate Charles Manson is in a California hospital no official word on the 83 year old mass killers condition but some accounts say he's in grave condition. Also in California there was contrition yesterday from three UCLA basketball players who were arrested for shoplifting in China. The president so. The United States government thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. This morning president trump tweeted you're welcome any urge them to have thanked China's president but that's not the end of both free freshman will be sidelined for the foreseeable future by coach Steve Alford. These young men are going to have to prove their words and actions that this isn't who they are. And that there will not let their identity be defined by this incident. Astronomers are talking about a planet that's been found eleven light years from worth while I'm not a CBS is Peter King here it's called Ross 148 would be about the size of the earth and it's the second closest planet found outside our solar system with surface temperatures. Potentially similar to ours. That makes it close to what astronomers called goldilocks planet where conditions maybe just right for extraterrestrial life. It's a year lasts just ten days because its orbit is close to which start. And that's good unlike our son it's a red dwarf star and that's cool with the no radiation players. Nor tail of two toymakers reports say Mattel has turned down a takeover bid by Hasbro but analysts say that may not be the end of it has broke could sweeten the deal. What's your latest sick call to the ball the whole truce CBS's Goering on takes a look for. Bloom isn't so much calling in sick it's lying about why more employers are actually checking up on hand and 26%. Have said that they have fire someone for take excuse Michael Irwin a career builder says a lot of people were caught when the boss checked social media. But workers are creative in the re excuses somebody said that there was a beer in their yard and they could not get out of their house they were afraid to come out another person said they had to reschedule a manicure because some of the artificial males fell off. Gary non CBS news. Some have been known to tell a tall trailed again out of holiday visit with relatives but AAA says nearly 51 million of us will travel for Thanksgiving that's a 3% increase over last year the most in twelve years. 89%. It will get there by car. And that's the world news roundup that Thursday. A Steve case and CBS news.