CBS World News Roundup, 1/12

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, January 12th

President Trump accused of racism after immigration comments. Hope dims for those missing in the CA mudslide. Facebook tweaking your Newsfeed. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Moreover trump immigration comments I don't know I think we didn't believe in front room Susan. Hope fades for mudslides survivors have as much help as I can possibly have right now right it's looking good again. Facebook's newest theme make over they will prioritize the kind of content we talk about that we share with our friends. This is the CBS world news roundup. Presented by Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case and there's been global condemnation of president drums voter and derisive reference to Haiti el Salvadoran countries in Africa and the White House discussion on immigration some called it shameful others say it's racist. Reliable White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. It happened in the Oval Office yesterday as the president huddled with members of congress who offered their proposals for an immigration deal. Sources say mr. trump exploded when the negotiators said that a deal for the dreamers might also cover those who have been here illegally for years. Under temporary protected status they include thousands from Haiti El Salvador and a handful of African nations. Sources say the president called them S whole countries and asked why the US couldn't bring in more people from nations like Norway. In a tweet he issued just moments ago with the presidents of the language he used once tough. But what's been reported was quote not the language used he calls the bipartisan proposal outlandish and a big setback for a docket deal Steve. Well this is all touched off outrage from some members of congress Florida Republican congresswoman Ileana Ross Layton and. Statements of the president are reprehensible. Their races. They're totally income. At congressional correspondent Nancy court it's Democrats are not holding back congressman Gutierrez of Illinois. Says as an American I am ashamed of the president and even Republicans. Were taken aback Orrin hatch of Utah. Says he looks forward to a more complete explanation. Because this is a country that has always welcome people from all around the world. And there have been reverberations overseas as well CBS is Debra pat is in Johannesburg South Africa. These folks because of the African Union commission about how long does. Said that given the historical Liotta Jeanne win many Africans. I arrived in the US during the Atlantic slave trade this flies in the face of what expected behavior and practice. And the leader of sun Africa's official opposition we see mine money tweeted that prison trump is promoting a racist and a ginned up. In a tweet last night president trump scrapped plans to visit Britain next month to Sarah morally open in the new US embassy in the message she blamed the Obama administration for choosing the location and striking a bad deal. The decision to move there was actually made before Barack Obama took office. President trouble is said he's in great shape has his first physical as president today or group of seventy psychiatrists. And psychologists. Who sent a letter to mr. Trump's doctor urging an evaluation of his mental health. Winehouse is said that will not be part of the exam. Officials in Southern California admit in their hunt for the missing in this week's deadly mudslides. That they will likely find bodies now not survivors. CBS's Steve fodder. For the family and friends of those still missing the anxiety grows as each day goes by my co workers from worked this past summer she's innocent. 25 years old this man is hoping his friend will be one of the lucky ones she was in the area when the mud slides gift she has not been seen since much hope that there's a survivor here and I have as much out isn't. I could possibly have right now by it's like injured again he still has hope. But that hope is diminishing. Steve Letterman CBS news mug deceit oaks California. FaceBook says it's changing what users will see there will be more about personal and business connections and less from brands and media companies contents FaceBook calls passive. CBS news contributor Nicholas Thompson. Please look actually thinks that they'll be able to make more money if people feel better about the time they spend on FaceBook today to change the algorithms so they will prioritize the kind of content we talk about and that we share with our friends. As opposed to just the stuff we've looked at and maybe click on. The changes won't affect adds bush could hurt businesses trying to reach people without paying for advertising. Owners of some 2006 Ford Rangers are being told not to drive them until they get air bag inflated his fix to about 2900 small pickups are effective. One auto maker is out with a new design plan for self driving vehicles CBS's Chris van cleave says some familiar features drivers now depend on will be drawn. A self driving Smart Car without a steering wheel or even a brake pedal. General Motors says it's ready to start building them now it's pretty buzz worthy and low for motor trend. When you start taking away fundamental controls like the death panel the brakes on the Stew well. It doesn't really make the prospect of autonomous driving all the more real. To get this self driving car on the road by 2019. GM announced this morning it's filed a petition with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Asking the government to waive some federal standards pertaining to human driven cars. A couple of hours the governor of Puerto Rico speaks to residents who fled the hurricane torn island for Florida CBS is Peter King joins us live from Orlando. Governor Ricardo rose saleable old town hall meeting in Kissimmee its large Puerto Rican population is swelled since hurricane Maria. Mayor Jose how over us hope that his message is a message of support for his families that are here that have left their homes at no fault the bears. You know here are now struggling there's also political component in the Orlando sentinel wrote shale rights much of congress has abandoned the island. With more than a million Puerto Ricans living here in Florida he says quote it's time we teach them that this willful neglect is a grave miscalculation Steve. The latest social media fan has teens venturing into the laundry room CBS's and a Warner takes a look. Many of the social media videos are recorded and posted by miners. They're putting poisonous laundry pods in their mounts for click read Internet face to Warren. They call it the tide pod challenge. Nineteen year old my gun did it on a dare he told us knew better but did it anyway. A lot of people are just saying how old student right now authorities say this is what started out as a joke on the Internet. And now it's just gone too far in worry Burkle is acting chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. At least ten deaths have been linked to ingesting the pods to work toddlers eight were seniors with dementia. All over the country the flow as a big story and it only seems to be getting bigger. The CDC here in Atlanta is expected to have an update on flu cases later today. There is so much fluids putting a strain on hospital resource is already short and IV bags some hospitals like Emery here in Atlanta are adjusting. Medication that we don't have to be too tightly packed with justification. Track previous range and. Emory doctor Jesse Jacobs says this looks to be one of the busiest years in the last five in terms of flu. And some schools in Kentucky and North Carolina are closing because so many students are out sick. Sabrina cupid forced CBS news Atlanta. Another honor fractured James Franco I did not hear them. I didn't I won best actor at the critics' choice awards for his role in the disaster artist but he skipped the events five women of accused Franco sexual misconduct he's called the claims on accurate. That's the roundup produced by Paul ferry and Steve case and CBS news.