CBS World News Roundup, 11/21

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, November 21st

Charlie Rose's "CBS This Morning" co-hosts react to his suspension over sexual harassment claims. The government sues to stop the AT&T-Time Warner merger. Warnings about dangerous toys for the holidays. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Charlie Rose suspended he doesn't get a pass because I can't stop thinking about the anguish of these women. Government moves to block huge merger they intend to fight this in court. Trouble in toy line what not to put under the Christmas tree and good morning I'm Steve cases with the CBS world news roundup. Welcome to CBS this morning. According to begin with news affecting all of us at this broadcast and this network CBS news has suspended our co host Charlie Rose over allegations of sexual misconduct. Less how CBS this morning one on the air about an hour ago Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King reporting on and reacting to the bombshell accusations brought by several women against their co host Charlie Rose let. Need be very clear there is no excuse for this alleged behavior. Women cannot achieve equality in the workplace or in society until there is a reckoning. And me taking of responsibility what do you say when someone that you deeply care about has done something. That is so horrible. How do you wrap your brain around that. I'm still trying to process all of us I'm still trying to sort it out because this is not the man I know. But I'm also clearly on the side of the women who have been very hurt and very damaged by this. UB s.'s B had a goal agree get as the story first surfaced in the Washington Post on the accounts come from women who work for rose on his PBS show or wanted jobs bear. Several described roads putting his hand on their legs sometimes their upper thigh. Once said he groped her breasts as she drove him in a car. Two women said he walked naked in front of them after taking a shower. Rose tweeted a statement yesterday evening saying I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior I'm greatly embarrassed. I have behaved insensitive Lee at times and I accept responsibility for that though I do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. PBS has suspended distribution of ratio Washington Post investigative reporter Amy Britain. Yes such power over the shout he owns a shower there is no human resources department and attorney Brendan Schaub. And they need is when and said that even if they wanted to file an official complaint they wouldn't even know him to go to. Longtime producer advent Vega says she regrets not helping women who complain about roses behavior. Sexual misconduct accusations of surface against a powerful member of congress fears WWJ radios Ross Mac. The marrow Democrat John Conyers is facing allegations from multiple women that he requested sexual favors gave on wanna back rubs and other bits of sexually harassing behavior. Let's read news and covered the allegations and four and affidavits. The 88 year old Conyers reportedly several a wrongful dismissal complaint before employee in 2015 after she says she is fired for turning down his sexual advances. Reports that his office paid the woman 27000. Dollars. The Justice Department is suing AT&T in a bid to stop its 85 billion dollar purchase of Time Warner CBS news legal analyst standard cone. The idea that the trump administration would be hostile blue Wall Street and big money mergers not between direct competitors. Is startling enough to raise questions among financial analysts and others. That this lawsuit is dubious at best and suspicious at worst given the president's past comments about. CNN CNN is owned by Time Warner a justice officials as the president gave no instructions about the deal. Some 60000 Haitians got a lifeline in this country after the devastating 2010 earthquake that hit the island nation. Now the trump administration is ending a temporary residency program that allowed them to stay they'll have until July of 2019 believe. Patient activist marlins' best Ian says it's a setback. They found involve them in game three aspect of that life in the US navy sir. To be able to babies have permanent residency with a bat and Pacific have seen. Federal judge in San Francisco has permanently blocked president trumps ordered to cut funding to Sanctuary Cities the judge said the White House can't set new conditions on money. Approved by congress. Plenty of questions surround the weekend death of a Border Patrol agent in southwest Texas CBS's David begged nose covering the story. Agent wrote Helio Martinez and his partners wounds were extensive. Broken bones major head trauma. Martinez had injuries to his chest collarbone and ribs. The Border Patrol agents union believes they were victims of a stone. It is consistent. With having been assaulted with with possibly walks that's the only thing they can think of there's nothing else there on the scene. The law enforcement source tells CBS news. Martinez radioed in that he was getting out of his vehicle and following a trail of possible footprints in the dirt he was later found unconscious and bleeding from the head. Martinez apparently had not drawn his weapon. The surviving agent says he can't recall what rampant police in Western Pennsylvania have arrested the 29 year old suspect they were looking for in the shooting death of a rookie top 25 year old Brian Shaw was shot and killed during a foot chase. After a Friday night traffic stop. The drug administration is set to lay out new sanctions against North Korea CBS is Steven Portnoy joins us these live at the White House. This follows yesterday's move to re leased North Korea as a state sponsor of terror. Re employing a designation the US remove nearly a decade ago it's largely symbolic is the north has already sanctioned by the US to the hilt. But new actions to date could still ratchet up pressure on Pyongyang and the countries that still do business with North Korea. CBS news military analyst Mike Lyons is not convinced this move will nudge became machine into negotiations. So they are not interested in getting to the table right now because the race is on for them to develop this nuclear capability as long as well as the missile technology they have. In recent days China has sent to top envoy to Pyongyang something the president who's hailed as a big move. Steve we'll Syria's president Assad is in Moscow were president Vladimir Putin's suggest is countries looking to wind down its military involvement in the war torn country a US official says president crumpled talked by phone with Putin today about serial. When it comes to children and safety there's a fresh look at what's on store shelves for the holidays live to CBS is Vicki barker say. She had been her beloved let toys and balloons held without choking hazard warnings and I knew hazard and as nanny and thought the data collecting toys that could violate your children's privacy the public interest research group noting being my friend Kayla doll has been banned in Germany is reported to the Federal Trade Commission. The group's annual survey found potentially dangerous and toxic toys on Alon big name chains like target Wal-Mart calls dollar tree. Warning parents be aware. Be wary. The court orders paved the way for TV ads about the dangers of tobacco from the tobacco industry start airing Sunday eleven years after a judge ruled the companies misled the public about the dangers. President trump is poised to do what his predecessors have done for seven years something that's become a Thanksgiving tradition in Washington. The turkeys named teetering tot spent last night at a nearby posh hotel. After their fifteen minutes of fame at the White House he could live up to two years of they managed to stay you know healthy. They'll be taken in special crates to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg according to paltry profit from a dual. It makes them worthy of a presidential pardon they decide based on the temperament and looks and social behavior. They'll live in special enclosures alongside last year's pardoning these drumstick and wishbone. Gary in on CBS news. I'm insert a big bite out of movie history the other day in Dallas at an auction an anonymous buyer paid more than half a million dollars for a rare 1931 poster. But the horror film Dracula. That's the world is round and Steve case and CBS news.