CBS World News Roundup, 11/30

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, November 30th
Matt Lauer apologizes. A pending American Airlines pilot shortage. A slow recovery in Houston three months after Hurricane Harvey. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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Flowers apology to the people I have heard I am truly sorry. Scheduling staff flew at American Airlines and one Austrian people over the Christmas holidays. Houston this hurricane recovery this news. Of the century man. Good morning I'm Steve case and with the CBS world news round up by a day after telling viewers a high powered hose had been fired. The today show's Savannah Guthrie read an apology statement from Matt Lauer. Last two days have forced me to take a very hard look at my own troubling plots it's been humbling. I'm blessed to be surrounded by people I love I thank them for their patience and grace. Firing was based on a sexual misconduct complaint from a colleague who said it began at the 2014 Winter Olympics. But CBS will be on a goal injury guest says the floodgates have opened on accusations from other women in an investigation by two variety reporters. Among the allegations they uncovered it he allegedly dropped his pants in front of an employee and reprimanded her for not engaging in a sexual act. In a separate investigation a woman told the New York Times lauer sexually assaulted her in his office until she passed out with her pants pulled halfway down. And varieties drama so to those scissors evidence plenty of people were aware of flowers behavior. Greener sources it wasn't just low level employees that knowledge of Matt Lauer is inappropriate conduct with women there were also higher level employees that we're aware. And openly speaking about now hours conduct with other women of the two. They show up in his statement lauer now says repairing the damage from this is a full time job. A heckler disrupted Roy Moore is campaign appearance last night at a Baptist Church in southern Alabama. A man shouted a question all the girls are lying. Before he was pulled out some more used the occasion to again deny the sexual misconduct allegations from several women. I did not know we any of these women. Did not pay any of these women are not engaged in sexual misconduct with anyone. Not a Washington and the latest in the Russia investigation CBS is Steven Portnoy joins us live sources familiar C special counsel Robert Muller's team has conducted an interview with presidential son in law Jared Kushner. They say it happened the first week of this month about the time we were in Asia with the president. Kushner left that trip midstream to return to Washington. Sources say the ninety minute session with a special counsel's office focused on commissioners connection to former national security advisor Michael Flynn. The president's legal team believes fling is in talks with Muller's office on a plea deal possibly related. To work he did for Turkey. And for Russia. Steve the first votes on amendments are expected tonight is the full senate begins considering the Republican tax plans a BS's dance record this is on Capitol Hill. Bill is still being revised to appease some GOP deficit hawks they're discussing a provision that would eliminate some of these tax cuts. If the GOP proposal doesn't rode the economy as plant some Republicans say no they'd rather see automatic spending cuts in that scenario. Rather than tax increases and bipartisan joint committee on taxation does say. That under this plan more than 60% of Americans would get a tax cut. Up at least a hundred dollars. In 29. Some 151000 holiday lights on American Airlines are in jeopardy after a glitch allowed too many pilots to book vacation time Dennis to agers with the allied pilots union. Our crews are going to be out there and an operation in disarray with cancellations. As a possible option. Is not. And so the Americans offering time and a half as an incentive to get pilots back on the holiday schedule travel writer Brian Schumer says for people who booked flight all he can do is worry. If you were to call Americans say there might be a problem I want a refund American wouldn't give it to you. The flights are running as scheduled right now and so you have that he had no recourse except when it. UN ambassador Nikki Haley says president trumpet in a phone call that China's president urged him to cut off oil deliveries to North Korea she spoke to the UN Security Council in the wake of North Korea's latest missile test. In addition to fully implementing all UN sanctions all countries should severed diplomatic relations with North Korea. And limit military scientific technical or commercial cooperation. Surveillance video in three states has picked up missing seventeen year old Floridian Caitlin for Sina and a 27 year old school's soccer coach they vanished last weekend in the teen's mother wants her home. We miss you and we need to know pitchers say we need to know that you are okay. Please call us call somebody and let somebody know. The Atlantic hurricane season comes to a close today CBS's Steve fireman takes us back to one of the places hit hard Houston. This is a street holly street it was once a river how deep was the Warner. Waist deep and wasted enough for bouts in late August as hurricane Harvey hovered overhead boats were the primary way to get around. David Williams a lender lives on the street he suffered major losses furniture. Wood flooring appliances no one died on holly street but Kevin Richards an attorney says there were some close calls. There was 98 year old woman in this house over here I didn't even know she existence I can't carried her from that side of that side. We really cured that it literally carrier across the street 81 year old Astrid brain is still trying to rebuild she says it hasn't been easy you survive yeah. Such invited the how is your home ms. of those who visit them both tell me. Well I I have been through a big contract that is most of the people are back on how we street's most say they plan to stage. Steve Letterman CBS news Houston. A new study sizes up the brainpower of cats and dogs and the result is we hear from CBS's Deborah Rodriguez is it's not even close. Smarter and. Corn dog researchers at Vanderbilt University are handing the argument they say a dog cerebral cortex has twice as many neurons as attacks brain neurons the cells linked to thinking planning and complex behaviors all things related to intelligence study's authors as it proves dogs have the biological capability and doing much more complex and flexible things with their lives and cats think military and police K nine units service dogs and a. I am listening lassie and Rin Tin Tin. Yeah ever Rodriguez CBS. News tiger has set the problem pro golf course again Tiger Woods launches his latest comeback from back injuries today in the opening round of a tournament in the Bahamas. There's a reality check this morning on one of the staples of the holiday season glitter. Most bitter is micro plastic which environmental scientists say it needs to be banned worldwide. Most glitter is made from aluminum and a plastic the chemical combination linked with the onset of cancer and neurological disease. The micro plastic so small it gets into waterways eagerly ingested by fish. One study finds micro plastic pollutants are in a third of all fish caught and Great Britain. Jim Taylor CBS news. And Glen Rock Pennsylvania neighbors of Joshua corny complained and threatened to sue because that night over the past two years. The ex navy man has blasted taps through loudspeakers to end the day. The Dow Corning has in the lights and tonight you'll invite people over for refreshments and one last rendition. Will be played now at a town veterans memorial and then that's the world was round for Thursday the thirtieth of November. Steve case and CBS news.