CBS World News Roundup, 11/8

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, November 8th

Big Democratic wins in Virginia and New Jersey. President Trump begins China visit. Pentagon investigates whether other former service members were left off firearms database. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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The voters speak in landslide. For Democrats that we haven't seen in 32 years. President trump in China the Chinese are calling it a state visit plus. The military's gun issue where scrubbing all of our databases to see whether there's a systemic problem. Good morning I'm Steve case who wins the CBS world news round up by year after Donald Trump won the White House Democrats are doing the celebrating. Virginia voters chose the State's democratic lieutenant governor Ralph north them to be the next governor. Virginia has told us to end the device immense that we would not condone. Hatred and bigotry. And it and the politics. That have torn this country. A par Norah OMB Republican Ed Gillespie who backed the trump agenda from a distance political scientist Larry seven to keep. Trump out. Keep trump from campaigning personally for the candidate. But just adopt all trumps issues immigration crime football players taking a knee well it failed miserable on trumped. Tweet says Gillespie did not embrace him or what he stands for Virginia also elected its first openly transgender member of the house of delegates. Voters in New Jersey meantime turn the page from the unpopular Republican governor Chris Christie's. Turning to a political newcomer Democrat Bill Murphy as the State's next governor with Donald Trump in the White House. Jeff Sessions as attorney general. Polluters running in the EPA. Zealots heading the Department of Education. And Steve Bannon holding Republicans in congress. Hostage. Governors will have never mattered more. CBS news manager of surveys Fred Backus says Christie's lieutenant governor Kim would Donald could not a DP shadow. Voters in Maine approved an expansion of Medicaid coverage under obamacare announced date it's a reveal the Republican governor Paul page who was vetoed five legislative efforts to do that. President trump may not think much of the election results buddies in China and says he's having a great time be in the First Lady took in a performance by young opera students in the forbidden city. White House correspondent Steven Portnoy on what's ahead. President trump has clear goals here in China. US has a larger trade deficit what this country than any other. And the president wants this market open to more US made goods also lean on the Chinese to stop subsidizing their own manufacturing. And stealing American intellectual property. For the China stop on his Asian tour bad weather scrapped a plan to trump visit to be demilitarized. Zone on the Korean Peninsula he did speak to South Korea's parliament and had a message for North Korea. Do not. Underestimate us. And do not. Try us. We will defend our common security. I shared prosperity. And our sacred liberty. Police reports are selling more of the back story of the Texas church gunman Devin Kelly he was caught trying to bring guns onto a New Mexico's Holloman air force base when he was stationed there. And he escaped from a mental health facility in 2012. Pentagon correspondent David Martin says the military investigation into why Kelly's name and fingerprints never made it onto a database. After his domestic abuse conviction and bad conduct discharge could be revealing. The failure to flag Kelly to the FBI. May not have been an isolated oversight was part of a pattern of poor reporting throughout the Defense Department. Pattern first identified by the Pentagon's inspector general forty years ago. CBS's Steve Waterman has more on the investigation from Sutherland spurring it now appears that DeVon Patrick Kelly may have been staking out the first Baptist Church just five days before Sunday's massacre. The pastor of the churches told investigators. They can we showed up at the church's fault festival on Halloween night. The FBI now has Kelly's cell phones but so far cannot access any information from its FBI special agent Chris Holmes. Unfortunately at this point in time we are unable to get into that fall. We did answer that technology and the phones in the encryption. Law enforcement is increasingly not able to get into these. On today vice president Mike Pence is set to come here he will meet with some of the victims and take part in the vigil set for tonight. Steve vitamin CBS news Sutherland springs Texas. There's word prosecutors in New York City will present evidence to a grand jury next week in the rape case taking shape against disgraced Hollywood kingpin Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey has been cut out of and upcoming fiftieth anniversary tribute to Carol Burnett to air on CBS. Former baseball star Roy Halladay died yesterday when a small plane he was piloting crashed in the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida coast. The dazzling in dominating pitcher with the blue jays and Phillies was forty years old for Pasco County sheriff Chris knock joke the loss was personal. He was Barbara sheriff's office. His kids what the score with our kids. He was there whenever we needed him knock O says Halladay was passionate about flying he loved people never behaved like the star Major League pitcher won two Cy Young awards. Is this 2010. CBS news Orlando. Apollo twelve astronaut Dick Gordon died yesterday at 88 he was one of twelve man who flew around the moon while other crewmembers walked on the lunar surface. New look or on the way for Twitter and snap Chad in the high stakes battle for our attention live to CBS's Vicki barker still. Growing but growth is slowing and both Twitter and Hachette are dwarfed by a book with its two billion users so photo sharing app snapshot plants to make itself more user friendly and hopes of attracting a wider audience than its current thirteen to fourteen year old fan they. And Twitter is doubling its iconic 140 character tweet linked to 288. Everywhere that is except China Japan and Korea who has written languages require fewer characters deep. A Chinese Internet company Tencent says it's bought a 10% stake in snapped transparent company. Our concern Saudi Arabia's anti corruption purge will spook investors and drive up gas prices here industry analyst Kelly mark croft is oil prices are two year highs circuit. Global market and so we do see a problem and a major production down. We will feel the facts at that pump in terms of higher prices. On the radio and in stores Christmas music can already be heard CBS's Jim should enemies and the sounds of the season can take it told everybody likes Christmas music right. And he had to listen to Christmas music all day long day after day for weeks. New study suggests that Christmas music can be psychologically draining especially for people who worked in retail and are exposed to a consummate. Add on to that the fact that some Christmas music can be downright obnoxious. And the American Psychiatric Association suggests that about 61%. Of people experienced stress during the Christmas season. Jim Shannon CBS news. In Paris where protests over the decision to ban a popular Christmas fair city leaders that it had become too commercial air workers use trucks to disrupt traffic on Monday Elie promise other actions in the days ahead. That's the roundup. And Steve case and CBS news.