CBS World News Roundup, 11/9

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, November 9th

President Trump inks trade deal in China. The Senate unveils its version of tax reform. TSA gets an F for security lapses. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Trump thinks trade deals with trying to amounting to some 250 billion dollars. The Senate's tax plan different rules for the estate tax and what's deductible. TSA. Gets an ass we need to do more to confront the growing threats aimed at the aviation sector. Good morning I'm Steve case in with the CBS world there's around them. With a military parade as a backdrop president trump talked trade with China is president's White House correspondent Steven Portnoy says it was a chance for the president to deal is an issue he's hammered away at for a long time. When he was a candidate Donald Trump spoke with the Chinese this way we can't continue to allow. Giant. To rape our country and that's what this bill but what does he say about that massive trade imbalance here I give China great credit. Chinese business leaders like that line mr. trump puts it this way who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country. For the benefit of its citizen. Still he urged the Chinese to open this market to more US made goods mr. trump and she's in pain. Announced new business deals between their countries worth some 250 billion dollars. Steven Portnoy CBS news with the president in Beijing. Mr. trump goes next to a regional economic summit in Vietnam Russia's Vladimir potent will be there and secretary of state Tillerson was asked about the possibility of a two meeting on the sidelines. To view his van that the two leaders are going to meters or something sufficiently substantive. To talk about that would wore a formal meeting. As a Republican tax plan makes its way through the house senate Republicans are due out with their version today there will be some differences were alive with CBS is Peter King was Steve the senate version would create more than four tax brackets that are proposed in the house built the New York Times reports that. Instead of ending the estate tax the senate bill would limit the number of people have to pay it. Both versions would eliminate deductions for most state and local taxes the house bill would okay up to 101000 dollars in property tax deduction Steve. Congressional Budget Office says the house plan would increase the debt by one point seven trillion dollars over ten years. In Texas vice president Penn promised a thorough military review into the air force mistakes. That allowed the church gunman to buy weapons CBS's Steve Letterman says he also met with those touched by the tragedy. Vice president parents took the role of comforter in chief we gathered today to agree with those who grieve during his visit here he had the emotional meetings with the families of those who were killed. He also met with some of the wounded and first responders standing in this place is very humbling to me. On. Her last night pence took part in a memorial service to meet with the precious. Families of the fallen. And injured hundreds of people showed up to pay tribute to spray for us and so hopefully this is the beginning of our field. Steve vitamin CBS news Sutherland springs Texas. Actor Kevin Spacey will be left on the cutting room floor in the already finished movie all the money in the world almost once you play really surprised nothing director Ridley Scott is re shootings bases scenes with actor Christopher Plummer instead the hope is it will still hits theaters as expected next month. Latest allegations against space he come from a former Boston TV anchor who alleges he sexually assaulted her son. LA police say they're investigating a sexual assault report filed against Gossip Girl star Ed west quick. Reclaimed from an actress says the incident happened three years ago. Trip advisor has added a badge to hotel listings were sexual assaults have been reported. Follows criticism that posts about those crimes had been deleted from vacation spots in Mexico. Three hotels in Mexico of now been badge by the site. When it comes to airport security the department of homeland security's inspector general's coming element troubling new reports you're CBS's Chris van cleave. More than 70% of the time undercover officers were able to get through TSA checkpoints with mock knives guns and explosives. The DHS Office of Inspector General made eight classified recommendations based on the undercover operation. In a statement TSA said it takes the OIG findings very seriously. Of AT&T is merger with Time Warner. CBS and Julianna Goldman. The person familiar with the matter told CBS news that White House officials have made it clear to AT&T on multiple occasions that they're dissatisfied. With CNN now the White House denies involvement in the negotiations. And the Justice Department says that AT&T itself offered to do that CNN. But AT&T CEO said he never offered to sell CNN and has no intention of doing so. Power and water problems persist in hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico CBS's David bank known San Juan says there are other issues too. In most natural disasters FEMA will pay for hotel rooms for long term displaced victims. But there aren't enough hotels on the island prompting FEMA out of Kabul with an airlift solution. Mike Vernon steed this federal coordinating officer here on the island. We have never done everything before this program and we have to take the time to put send them because unless you wanna do what people want to play. The ride an airport and not have to wrap around services that help take care. Out of 300 families interviewed 48 hours ago. Only thirty he said showed interest. Evacuees would be taken to Florida or New York. Three UCLA basketball players all freshman won't suit up for this weekend's game against Georgia Tech in Shanghai. CBS is Ben Tracy in Beijing says there at the center of an investigation. These players were accused of shoplifting at saint Louis Vuitton store they were arrested they've now been released on bail but they're basically are being confined. To their luxury hotel in on Joseph. Until the Chinese authorities decide. If they want to I charged them with some sort of crime. Most interesting matchup to watch in the NFL maybe Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell. Reports are the Dallas Cowboys owner is threatening to sue the league over the proposed contract extension for the NFL commissioner. Jones is discontent is said to stem from the league action to suspend his star running back Ezekiel Elliott. Last night's CMA awards on ABC paid tribute to those killed in mass shootings and hurricane. This year's show is dedicated to all those we've lost and all of those who are still healing we love you and we will never forget you. Fifty years ago today NASA unveiled the powerhouse rocket engine that would take meant to the moon. Have done November 9 1967. Huge F one engines fired on a Saturn five rocket. Inside CBS broadcast position. And then Walter drive and kinda felt it was coming here. You should see an F one engine up close it says about eighteen feet high ten bodies with the museum of flight in Seattle next to a pristine F one their are Saturn five F one engines that have been news falling from about forty miles up. They would crash into the ocean sink to 141000. Feet pace and busiest Jeff pesos sent out to find them after about a year of searching raise them up you can see the beating that they telco and name it the ocean well they're pieces of sculpture now I'm Dave Barrett CBS news and that's the world news round up. Steve case and CBS news.