CBS World News Roundup, 12/1

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, December 1st

Senate Republicans scramble for tax reform votes. Not guilty verdict in San Francisco pier shooting. New York case against Harvey Weinstein stalled. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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The senate tax plan they are still making changes to win over the pulled out. Surprise and California courtroom it was stunned silence their absolute stunned silence. In New York case against Harvey Weinstein they are not looking to move forward in the investigation. Good morning. I'm Steve case him with the CBS world news round up the Republican tax bill limits and it has hit a speed bump but GOP leaders still hope for a final vote before the end of the day on the bill that slashes the corporate tax rate. And rolls back many deductions. CBS is Nancy Courtis on the last minute concerns and change it. Most Republicans shook off the findings of the bipartisan joint committee on taxation. Which is projecting that economic growth from the GOP tax plan would only cover about 400 billion dollars worth about one point four trillion dollar cost that in the case it is scoring just had a question. But a few GOP deficit hawks like Tennessee's Bob corporate began looking for ways to cut the bill's price tag. As your vote resolved there's. I don't know were you. One idea to steal back the bills generous fifteen point corporate tax cut the protesters rallied against the bill while the senate debated it inside. But many Republicans say it's better to move ahead with an imperfect plan in weight and lose momentum. Most morning president trump tweets bill bull wall and calls a California jury verdict in a murder case a disgrace it's the 2015 shooting death the became a talking point on immigration another. Victim whose case suddenly. In this Sanctuary City. Bob San Francisco CBS is. He Ottoman tells us the jury was never told about the accused immigration status or arrest record Jose Garcia Zarate was in the US illegally when he shot and killed Kate's timely. The question for the jury wasn't his immigration status but rather his intent. Defense attorney said there was an accident the jury agreed Garcia Zarate was found not guilty. Defense attorney Americans Alba says this is not less and the style only family's loss. I hope that they do not. And interpret this as diminishing. The awful. Tracking hate Stanley's father Jim says he is saddened and shocked by the verdict Zarate was found guilty on a felony gun charge CBS injury could Duncan says there are new developments in the case New York investigators have been putting together against the disgraced Hollywood mogul. CBS news has learned the Manhattan district attorney's office and form people involved in the case. That they are not looking to move forward in the investigation centered around rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Those allegations were brought forward by actress Paz de La where attendance as Weinstein raped her twice in 2010 while inside her in New York City apartment. And report published yesterday bailout worked his attorney said. Police investigators believe there is enough evidence to present the case to a grand jury and has subpoenaed hundreds of financial. Own and therapy records from her client. The senate ethics committee says it is beginning its investigation into Minnesota Democrat Al Franken he vows to cooperate as it looks into groping claims five women have made accusations. In a house leaders of both parties have called on Michigan's John Conyers to resign his lawyer says he won't. Conyers is denied sexual misconduct claims made by ex staffers. Well American Airlines says it's getting the upper hand on a scheduling snafus that imperil thousands of holiday flights lied to CBS's Gary Nunn. A computer glitch on American mistakenly led to many cockpit crews off the last two weeks of December but. The airline says the number of flights with pilot staffing issues has been cut to several hundred now. And continues to drop. Mostly by crew was picking up extra trips on another American matter in the airline vows to improve the way it deals with passenger complaints concerning racially biased treatment. In October the NAACP issued a travel warning to African Americans that they could face discrimination if they flew American. Fallout from several controversial bias Clinton's state. Administration officials tell the Associated Press president trump could announce as soon as next week that the US is prepared to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital but he's expected to delay any decision on moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. There are fears US efforts in those directions could set back peace prospects. Not a Saudi Arabia where CBS's holly Williams tells us changes coming to a kingdom but it had been firmly stuck in the past. If you think it's Saudi Arabian women a rule of Christ shrouded in two weeks now not victims we are not victim to their style putt. Hello I'll hum Ronnie who runs the fight like a good old boxing gene in Jeddah. She has a passion for combat sports a year pushing the toad. Equality yes. Now would be great. But is there total equality for women and men around the world not yet so hopefully in my lifetime. There are big changes in Saudi Arabia. Women are joining the workforce team record number this and next TAL finally be allowed to dry up to more than two decades of protests. By Saudi standards the country's new crown prince Mohamed bin Salman he's a reforma. Many saudis a fearful of criticizing their government but some of the faithful told us they'd disturbed by the speed of change. And especially mixing between the sexes in a place to wait until they weren't patient has been the norm. Out in public for the first time is an engaged couple. Prince Harry. Meg Marco drew cheers outside of charity events and donning. No major damage no injuries but a rare East Coast earthquake rattled nerves from Washington DC to New York State the magnitude four point one late yesterday afternoon was centered near Dover Delaware. I heard a loud bangs and I saw this the fence right in front of a shape but everyone else just everything was normal so I thought I was going crazy. After his first round of pro golf and a long time following back surgery Tiger Woods at a Bahamas tournament says he feels. Good on 13 shots subtly still to put myself there. After not playing for the ten months or so it was nice of the field a drum up there all for the 95 time. Washington is celebrated the lining of the national Christmas tree president trump. Doing the honors for the first time despite tremendous honor to finally reach America. And the world. A very Merry. Christmas. I treatment for one often deadly disease may hold promise to fight another here's BS is Larry Miller. A drug used to treat lung kidney and skin cancer has reportedly eradicated HIV cells and a patient with the AIDS virus. Doctors in France say a man given the FDA approved drug up Devo had a drastic and persistent decrease in the rest of wars of cells were HIV hides these Reza of force can be reached with standard anti retroviral treatments. Experts say they're excited by the discovery put urged caution the drug did not have a similar effect on another HIV patient Larry Miller CBS news. The FDA has approved the first injectable form of a drug that treats patients who are recovering from addiction to heroin or OP joints the monthly shot has the potential to reduce lapses. But sometimes happen on the currently available daily medication is taken. That's the world is round produced by Paul ferry and Steve case and CBS news.