CBS World News Roundup, 12/11

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, December 11th

Explosion near New York's Times Square. New Southern California wildfire evacuations. Final push in Alabama Senate race. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Last reported at New York City transit car actually evacuating people right now. California fire danger 181000 structures are still threatens the. Final hours in Alabama senate race go vote for Roy Moore this is an election to tell the war. Good morning I'm Steve case and with the CBS world news roundup we begin with breaking news from New York City word of an explosion an evacuation at the busy Port Authority bus terminal. WCBS TV's Reno Roy. Near the scene we have confirmed and officials that there was an explosion in the near the one train and the heat to rain. Here at Port Authority they're actually evacuating people right now from Port Authority bus terminal hi Amy did you those sirens they are glaring more and more blocks are being blocked off. Here there's no word on any casualties in that incident in New York City. The wind is still very much a big factor as fire crews in Southern California struggle with the biggest of several wildfires nearly 800 structures have been destroyed in it and CBS is Jamie you can says others are threatened. That Thomas fire crossing county lines from Ventura in the Santa Barbara County. Nearly 360. Square miles have burned an area bigger the New York City sheriff Bill Brown this fire has acted. In AA and unpredictable manner it has been very rapidly moving. Officials are working to keep the fire from moving down a mountain ridge in the highly populated wealthy communities below was celebrity's homes in its path. Ellen DeGeneres pleaded. Our house is under threat of being burned and from Oprah Winfrey. PB still is my prayer tonight for all the fires raging through my community and beyond. It all more than 30000 people are under evacuation warning. Well not Alabama where a final push before tomorrow's senate election with president trump urging people to vote for the embattled Republican CBS's Steve Letterman is in Montgomery. It's the final full day of campaigning and the Republicans accused of sexual misconduct will make a rare public appearance. Roy Moore will take part in the rally this evening. Among those appearing with him will be Steve band then yesterday more issued a blanket denials saying he did nothing wrong did not know any of the women. I did not recognize any of those Peter I did not know more visible on the campaign trail has been the Democrat Doug Jones. I am so proud of those women and so many others and he is bringing up the issue of more his behavior at every stop when there's smoke there's gardeners and Byron on this final day many voters will get a phone call from president trump. I need Alabama and go vote are Roy Moore who. Campaigns will use robo calls the calls from Doug Jones campaign are expected to use the voice of Alabama's other Republican senator Richard Shelby I. Couldn't vote for Roy Moore I didn't vote for Roy Moore in the end many believe it will all come down to moderate Republicans and whether or not they will vote for Roy Moore despite the accusations. Steve Letterman CBS news Montgomery Alabama. A president trump has dismissed the sexual misconduct allegations against him from more than a dozen women as groundless is United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley says those women should be heard. We heard from them prior to the election and I think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way they have every right to speak up. Asked on face the nation of the election results amend the issue was settled Haley said that for the people to decide. A six month CBS news investigation looked into sexual harassment and assault cases that the US air force academy here's CBS is Vicki barker. Am only hastens childhood dream of an air force career died at the air force academy I was sexually assaulting my freshman year she told CBS is Norah O'Donnell her attacker then torture and abuse attacked his punishment. Lap on the race ever happening again. He actually. What happened here. Other cadets describe a pattern of sexual assault with a victims not the perpetrators they reprisal sometimes from academy commanders. Shaming its victim blaming it's reemerged as your career on the line I never wanted this all I ever wanted to do in my life. Was served my country. One reason many women are afraid to report the tax Vicki barker CBS news Russian president Vladimir Putin is in Syria where he announced a partial pullout of his country's forces during a visit to a military base not a way Afghanistan where this year of a number of American airstrikes has tripled over 2016. CBS is Tammy McCormick is in Helmand Province where air power has helped her on the outside against the Taliban the Marines. Came here with the mission of crisis advising the Afghan security forces and that is included giving the F gives air support to encourage them to be more offensive against the Taliban couple times today where a valid target captain Brian Hubert is Washington and wearing attacked best. We have a US patrol in the area and they have also multiple Afghan positions general Roger Turner's been briefed at arrives in the joint operations command this could go to two rockets. These strikes that Afghan security forces encouraged me to move ahead in the central part of the province into the north and south US warplanes strike Taliban presence of having a quote BS news helping prop up. Saudi Arabia plans to allow movie theaters to open next year for the first time in more than 35 years there were shut down in the 1980 Islamic kingdom cracked down on western film. What a difference a weekend made for a boy who was told he had no friends on Friday now he's got millions. When his mother picked him up from east Tennessee middle school last week because he was too afraid to go to lunch Keaton Jones was in tears he told him the other kids had poured milk on him and stuffed ham and his clothing or not. And I got it. Since Kimberly Jones posted a video to FaceBook Friday it's gotten tens of millions of views crowd sourcing page has raised more than 29000. Dollars for key is education and celebrities like Ricky Martin Dale Earnhardt junior in Kelsey valor greedy have rallied around Keaton and denounced bullying Deborah Rodriguez CBS news. Going debuted on the Chicago board options exchange today futures for the virtual currency soared overnight but have fallen back a bit since opening at 151000. Behind top 181000 of one point. Digital banking advisor Simon Taylor says volatility is the name of the game. I've been watching Vick going since 2011. Honda has the capacity system price let's not forget it's actually gonna launcher price the full from less than a hundred dollars to nearly a 1300 dollars. And and pull off a cliff this man out. And again two major hospital systems reported on the verge of a merger ascension and Providence Saint Joseph to Catholic nonprofit. A new report finds three out of four parents help their grown kids pay their bills. Cell phone bills are the most common expensive parents help we're followed by a student loans vehicle loans and medical that. It's really not all that surprising given the struggles bitch young folks are having with student loan debt. And job issues and the lack of wage growth. Mashal some credit card dot com says one of the greatest gifts parents give their kids whose teaching them how to manage finances. And live within their means Gary non CBS news. It was a rough Sunday for quarterbacks in the National Football League playoff spot Philadelphia lost Carson went to a knee injury. Also hurting and need Marcus burial of the titans' New York Jets QB Josh McCown broke his left hand. Houston's Tom savage and Buffalo's Nathan Peterman suffered concussions. That's the world is Rhonda for Monday and Steve case and CBS news.