CBS World News Roundup, 12/4

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, December 4th

President Trump's war of words with investigators and the FBI. House and Senate negotiators work on a compromise tax bill. CVS buying Aetna. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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President attacks the FBI raising questions about obstruction of justice. Republicans tweak to tax bill some very optimistic about it. Drug chain buys big insurer to move could reinvent the way you go to the doctor. Good morning I'm Steve case and with the CBS world news roundup president trump blasting the FBI resuming his war of words with investigators just days after his former national security advisors guilty plea on the Russian investigation. We're live from the White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. Following Friday's announcement of a plea deal the president said he had to fire Michael Flynn because quote he lied to the vice president and the FBI. Tweet said to be drafted by mr. Trump's private attorney John doubt. Raised new questions. About whether the president knew flame had misled agents when he allegedly urged FBI director James Komi collect the flame matter go. Coldly told congress in June. What he wanted to do was drop any investigation. Connected to slam he's. Account of his conversations with the Russians Saturday tweet raised questions about whether mr. trump has obstructed justice. But despite pressuring comic but also then later firing. Doubt the president's lawyer tells CBS news those questions our functions of what he calls the arrogance and ignorance of the media and opposition. The president's council is now arguing this morning that under the constitution mr. trump is the chief law enforcement officer in the country. And if he can't obstruct himself Steve. The president also pounced on more than a member of the smaller team was removed UBS is Paula read says it was about messages that could be seen as anti trump. Peter stirs op was reassigned after sending politically charged text messages to another member of Muller's team FBI lawyer Lisa PH. Stirs it was also a key player in the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. No Republicans are using this reassignment to question the credibility of both the Clinton email probe an ongoing Muller investigation. In a sweep this morning president trump gave an explicit endorsement to Roy Moore the Republican senate candidate in Alabama accused of sexual misconduct decades ago by several women. 71%. Of Alabama voters in a CBS news poll say they don't believe the allegations. Here's CBS's David bag now. At the Pelham diner in Shelby county Alabama we met penny Lloyd who told us that despite the allegations against judge Roy Moore she will vote for him is it's. Cindy's husband is George Lloyd. He too was voting for more do you have any reason to not believe the women not to speculate there's very. Possible that older women could be absolutely. From. In a New York Times op Ed Billy bush says that was Donald Trump's voice on the 2005 Access Hollywood tape that surfaced during the campaign and the tape is real. On mr. trump bragged about sex and groping as he talked with bush at times off camera owners are willing to do it. We can do anything mr. trump apologized during the campaign but now is said to raise doubts about the tape's authenticity. Work its underway today to try to resolve differences in the tax bills that passed the house and the senate CBS's dancing court. Majority leader Mitch McConnell insisted Sunday that melding the two tax bills will not take much time. Will be able to get a river and area conference he'll be working with house GOP leaders like Steve police. Highly motivated to pass a final bill by Christmas when you look at the difference is they're not that big but there are some key discrepancies. The senate bill keeps the current seven individual tax brackets while the house bill condenses it to four. The senate bill eliminates obamacare individual mandate a move that's likely to end up in the final product. And it's unclear what would happen to medical expense deduction. Business analyst Joseph slot injures tallying the scoreboard on the senate bill that passed Saturday morning. You are that tenth of 1% of an learner you are huge winner corporation's huge winners. Passed through organizations that means. You've got a big offer there's 200 partners and is going to be a big winner you know if you're upper middle class you could actually be a loser in this bill and if you're at the very core you could be a loser. The drug chain CVS's buying at another number three health insurer in a 69 billion dollar deal Yale University Zach Cooper on the potential impact of Europe and had net customer you can. Access to health care system through a CVS which a lot of let's see around the corner from where we lifted today. They might do a better job lowering drug prices but today end up passing those drug prices on to consumers. The US and South Korea have kicked off a massive five day military exercise. Hundreds of fighter jets involved in the war games coming about a week after North Korea carried out a missile tests. Supreme Court hears arguments today on new Jersey's challenge of a federal law that bars states from authorizing sports gambling. Legal analyst general cone. There is a ton of money at stake here and a ruling in favor of New Jersey would dramatically changed the landscape for legalized sports betting across the country. Probably would mean betting and dozens and dozens of states hoping to capture very lucrative market. New York's metropolitan opera suspended its relationship with longtime conductor James Levine after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him. We'll have all the recent revelations about sexual harassment and abuse of the workplace cast a cloud over the office holiday party. We're live with CBS is Vicki barker. Likened last year's film off for Christmas party and inappropriate behavior is strictly off the menu this year on the companies are banning or limiting alcohol at their parties others are pointing monitors to keep people's behavior in line. Over in Britain Scotland Yard even warned party years that an unsolicited kiss under the mistletoe could lead to rape charges steep most. Parents were high last night in Washington DC the Kennedy Center honors. There was a tribute to Gloria as Stephon. Queen Latifah spoke up for LL cool. MTV. And he was rats are sex and president trouble was and there are so TV legend Norman Lear was he had been talking about skipping the event. And Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep was a student double honoree Carmen to lob a La the dancer and choreographer my. And she taught me in forbearance forgiveness. Resilient. That's the secret of her train and Stevie Wonder paid tribute to Lional Richie. From the best laid plans department comes the story of the demolition effort to take down the silverdome outside Detroit. It was billed as the silver domes final tailgate. As the smoke cleared domes outer metal ring which supported the stadium's inflatable roof for over thirty years was still standing beat Maine eight columns that it cutting charges Adam did not go off recount tallies with the demolition company in charge of the takedown why we think wire or Internet. Reactions varied among the thousands on hand sent to witness history delayed it was built better and I thought it was apparently the dumbest strong. John Hewitt for CBS news to try to. Four teams are up for college football's playoff to determine a national chairman each of them has one loss on the season and Alabama will play Clemson in a rematch of the past two title games and Georgia will take on Oklahoma. That's the world is round for Monday Steve case and CBS news.