CBS World News Roundup, 12/5

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, December 5th

Wildfire rages north of Los Angeles. Republican National Committee backs Roy Moore. Supreme Court takes up the case of a baker who refused to make a same sex wedding cake. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Devastating California wildfire golf ball flight and the bridge lying is on fire. Roy Moore to get GOP campaign cash guarantee actually reversed itself overnight. Kate and controversy of the High Court this is easily one of the biggest cases of the term and good morning I'm Steve. K failure with the CBS world goes round. A big wildfires tearing through an area sixty miles northwest of Los Angeles it's scorched more than 48 square miles destroying 150. Structures and gusty winds have pushed it alone. Thousands of homes threatened in the Ventura area. Aren't starting behind our house promising than our neighbor's house just caught fire. BS is Jaime Lucas tells us the fire's been blamed for at least one death. Thousands of Californians have left their homes overnight as flames raced at their backyard and I can lead around her sanity back to come rescue me so. I'm not here. What other support as eager to leave their apartment it's a home you know home seeing don't. He can't panicky this kind of go with the flow of winds moving up more than fifty miles per hour are driving the plates of west. Making conditions more difficult for first responders. Like this that. Fire proof that just absolutely exponential big jerk county fire chief mark Lawrence it says more than 500 firefighters are on the ground. Desperately working to gain the upper hand the. Prospects for containment are not good really mother nature's in this side. When we have the ability to put it out as it is pushing hard with a win. And the fires also knocked out power to 180000. Customers in the Ventura area. Hours after president trump endorsed Roy Moore of the Republican National Committee is now all in backing the Alabama senate candidate who's accused of sexual abuse by nine women the party withdrew its financial help three weeks ago. CBS is meant global markets is covering. We're hearing less and less of that strong town we're hearing more and more the people of Alabama should decide should be the judge and jury and all these allegations. Moore has denied the allegations and says he never met the women who say the misconduct occurred when they were teenagers. We dated for brief time. And we kissed with my consent. I'm very sad that he cited saying he doesn't know me. Debbie Gibson tells the Washington Post she was seventeen when she knew more who was in his thirties she read from a graduation card. Wanted to give me his card myself. I know that he'll be a success in anything need to growing. Revenue 1% of Alabama voters in a CBS news poll say they don't believe more is accusers. 88 year old Michigan congressman John Conyers will say today he won't seek reelection and who affidavit from one of his sex misconduct accusers. Alleged he laid his hand up her skirt while they were in church. Lisa Grubbs who worked for Conyers the veteran lawmakers denied any wrongdoing. Well this morning the US Supreme Court cut into the wedding cake case. It's Colorado baker Jack Phillips 2012 refusal to break a wedding cake. For a same sex couple he claims First Amendment artistic freedom and religious grounds I serve him. When it comes to a child. So in this case Coke gladly sell you anything much but this is just an event that I can create capable. One half of the couple David Mullen says the action violates the State's anti discrimination law. What we went through was humiliating. And painful and a great thing we didn't want another loving couple to have to go through that. The case could affect florists and photographers who raised similar objections. President trucks travel ban affecting residents of six mostly Muslim countries is back in fact thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court it's far from a final decision. Guess who Jan Crawford. This is a win for the president it's at the temporary win but it basically means. That the travel ban kids stay in effect while all these appeals play out that the truck administration will be able to fully. Enforce this ban it's all these lawsuits are resolved. Soup courts are holding arguments on the legality of the band later on this week. A new federal report gives us a look at the US Mexican border under president trump we're live with CBS is Vicki barker. Border Patrol arrest out of 45 year low deportation Iraq up 25%. From last year's already elevated level. Most of those affected were family and unaccompanied children. The trump administration is no longer limiting deportations to convicted criminals public safety threats and new arrivals. Even without his will would be migrants are getting president trump message that anyone who lectures the US illegally can now be expelled beef. A swat team in Honduras caught fugitive Kentucky lawyer Eric Kahn after he came out of a coastal restaurant con vanished six months ago just before being sentenced and a huge Social Security fraud case was given twelve years in prison. Billy bush backed up his New York Times op Ed with an appearance on the CBS late showed that take issue with president Trump's new reported suggestion that. That wasn't his voice on the Access Hollywood Terry. You don't get this say that because I was there in the last fourteen months of my life I've been dealing with a new dealt with that for fourteen minutes and went on to it. Be the president. Bush who lost his today show job because of that tape says about the trump comments about sex and groping of course he edits mr. trump apologized for a during the campaign. YouTube says it's hiring the company says it'll have more than 101000. People working on contents next year. The aim is to weed out videos that show violent or sexual themes involving children. Overseas Saudi Arabia is the latest mideast nation to say it's concerned about the possibility BUS will recognize Jerusalem. As Israel's capital and a group of 57 Islamic state says it would constitute naked aggression. Jerusalem correspondent Robert Berger. There are fears of an eruption of mideast violence if president trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital. But Jerusalem mayor near bark Cox says. This historic step we'll spend it very clear message to the world that the United States stands with a Jewish people. And the State of Israel. The Palestinians say if the move happens they will stop contacts with the US and Turkey is threatening to cut ties with Israel Robert Berger CBS news Giroux. Love the executive board of the international Olympic committee's meeting today to decide whether Russia will be able to compete in the Winter Olympics in two months of doping scandal mar a big games in Sochi Russia and 2014. One of three UCLA freshman basketball players suspended after a shoplifting arrest in China will withdraw from school we Angelo ball's father tells ESPN has some Lander the NBA draft. Charlottesville Virginia City Council held its first meetings and so report criticized the police handling of a deadly white nationalist rally last summer. Miramax signature frustrations soon began to show part we did we. We've got five minutes here and while the meeting was not produce to the pandemonium seen in the first post August 12 meeting people did have plenty to say some of it aimed directly at the mayor. We knew of polygraph that the people of sound as if when you look I was asked everybody that she kind of stirred this pot. Former federal prosecutor Tim Haiti says law enforcement failed to prepare communicate and protect with City Council taken to task with how they handled it as well. Tories are up for CBS news charm to. ABC says Jimmy Kimmel seven month old son underwent a second round of successful heart surgery last spring Kimmel used the first surgery to make a plea for access to equal medical care. That's the world is round. Steve case and CBS news.