CBS World News Roundup, 12/6

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, December 6th

President Trump set to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Wildfire grows in Southern California. New details of Harvey Weinstein coverup. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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President trumps mideast moon changing US policy on Jerusalem. Wall of flames. In Southern California fire is gigantic these went about it just indescribable right now. The Weinstein complicity machine a network of enable or style dancers and five. Good morning. I'm Steve case and with the CBS world news roundup president trump is set to reverse nearly seven decades of American middle east policy today on the or are fears it could touch off violence throughout the region. Our coverage begins with CBS is Steven Portnoy at the White House. It's the fulfillment of a campaign pledge we will. I am marriage as soon. Capital. In a speech at the White House later today mr. trump is set to announce his intention to do just that. Relocating the US embassy from Tel Aviv could take three or four years. The president will immediately declare that in the eyes of the United States to contested city of Jerusalem. Is Israel's capital until now US policy's been to settle the final status of Jerusalem at the negotiating table. Mr. trump has been warned not to do this by leaders in the Arab world and in Europe. Ahead of the announcement US outpost in the Middle East have been put on high alert. I'm Robert Berger in Jerusalem. Palestinians are calling for three days of rage to protest president Trump's plan to move the US embassy here legislator Hanan Ashrawi warns that the peace process could collapse. It's a. If b.s who when you look at their place this on the verge of an explosion. You're gonna introduce its name but as. Aliens on the streets of Jerusalem are welcoming the move drums and all in these. Very important and there's a big celebration for Israel and they say US recognition of Israel's 3000 year old capital is long. Overdue as we've heard many of expressed reservations about mr. Trump's plans Pope Francis has spoken out to load. This is hating me. He says he's proved wildly concerned then everyone respects the status quo in Jerusalem. Not a Southern California where fierce winds are fanning several devastating wild fires nearly 200000. People have been forced out of their homes and some will have nothing to go back to. Here's CBS Steve pharma. This is going to be another windy day here in Southern California and another long day for firefighters. At least four fires are still burning with little containment in site. The most destructive has been here in Ventura county north of LA. The number of homes damaged or destroyed is now approaching 200. That number is expected to grow. This man lost his home last thing today that's all they are as they stick your place for the people are saying last night at one location here in Ventura county the fire crossed the 101 highway. And make its way toward the Pacific Ocean. This woman is another one of those who no longer has so home I can happen. I think experience. And what is the forecast today calls for additional wins. Those winds will go on for at least one more day Steve Letterman CBS news Ventura California. New details have emerged about the length disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein went to over decades to keep him clear of accusations of sexual misconduct. CBS a jury could Duncan. The New York Times reports how agents and managers across Hollywood says actress is to meet him alone at hotels and advise them to stay quiet when things went wrong. CBS news contributor Jodi Kantor who co wrote the story says Weinstein build a complicity machine to get what he wanted drafted and TT that they're. Well some of them knew what was going on. Senate from debt Weinstein gather ammunition turned to old allies and tried to dispense favors to keep his own dirt out of the headlines. The headlines in Alabama are all about the battle for the US senate seat in last night conservative firebrand and former trump White House officials Steve Bannon campaign for Roy Moore at a rally on a farm and their hope. They want destroyed. Judge Roy Moore do you know why. They wanna take your voice away. Moore has denied sexual misconduct and assault claims and now has the full support of president trump and the Republican National Committee. On December 12 you'll see. Election. That the world won't forget. The silence break. Here is our time magazine's person of the year of the voices that launched the meat to movement as the cover pro claims women speaking up about sexual misconduct. CBS news has confirmed the FBI agent removed from Robert Muller's investigative team over apparently anti trump messages also changed a description of how Hillary Clinton handled classified information as secretary of state. The move shifted then director James comb these language about her actions from grossly negligent. Two extremely careless gross negligence can carry criminal penalties. Action in court a few hours ago in Great Britain is prosecutors told of a plot to kill prime minister Teresa mandate or live in London with CBS is Vicki barker. According to Britain's domestic spy agency M I 520 year old Matt Moore is stuck idea rock mom was planning to blow up the gates of Downing Street prime minister's official residence. And then tried to kill Teresa may in the and doing confusion. A second man aged 21 was also arraigned at the here and accused of the preparation of terrorist act. They're being held without bail until their next court appearance in two weeks Steve. Well the US has flown out B one B supersonic bomber over South Korea and part of a mass of combined aerial exercise involving hundreds of warplanes. A clear warning after North Korea last week tested its biggest and most powerful missile yet. The Kremlin says it's analyzing the international Olympic committee's decision to ban the country from the upcoming winter games because of doping. Russian athletic officials could face punishment it's possible athlete could compete under a neutral flag. Now to Atlanta where two women squared off to be the city's mayor teach Atlanta bottoms is poised to become the city's next mayor. This is that any all of us in Atlanta I'm so honored to be a sixtieth mayor. Bottoms earned only 759. More votes than Mary Norwood. It's. Really hate her. Either way Atlanta will be getting only be second female mayor in its history. Andrew Craig gets for CBS news Atlanta every five years there's an international assessment of fourth grade reading scores and it just released findings for 20s16 in the ranking of US kids tumbled from this thing in the world to thirteenth. Russia and Singapore lead the list. A pro football player who hasn't played a game this year was recognized at an awards event last. And humbled to present the Mohammed Ali and legacy award. To comment camping. The on Wednesday helping to recognize the former 49ers quarterback for taking a knee during the National Anthem sparking a league wide protest that cost him his job. With or without NFL's platform I'll continue to work for the people. Because my platform is that people. Texans defensive end JJ watt and Astros second baseman Jose Al to bay one sports person of the year Deborah Rodriguez CBS news. Coach of the year in south Berwick Maine could be Skyler archer he's the new basketball coach other Christian high school and is just nineteen. He graduated from the school last spring and locals say he's doing a good job. That's the world was round and Steve case and CBS news.