CBS World News Roundup, 12/7

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, December 7th

Southern California wildfire threat grows. Al Franken's day of decision. Homeless in Silicon Valley. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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It's the smoke there's just nothing it's just ash. Venerable. Al Franken this day of decision I do not feel that he should continue to serve. Homeless in the lap of luxury I'm fourth generation California and I'm being shut out. Good morning I'm Steve. Case in with the CBS world news round up there's no rest for the weary in Southern California has crews fight a string of devastating wildfires. Cat Merrick home adventurers one over on 200 Bittermann burned to the ground. Devastated. And every friend we talk to us in the same boat. Correspondent Steve Waterman begins our CBS news team coverage powerful winds are the big worry Ventura county fire officials say it will be that way much of today we are still in the very. Giving dangerous situation flames moved closer overnight to the popular resort town of Ohio. And some new evacuation orders went into effect I started. Helping people are back in the gentleman having you know one I think we better start acting. This fire has now destroyed at least a 150 homes and those who lost homes are beginning to come back for many it is he emotional or heartbroken. We've lost everything. And the world covering the creek fire here is CBS news correspondent Jeff Glor. Here in Los Angeles county more than 15100 people are battling the creek fire. 250000. People have been evacuated and more than 121000 acres burned. And now I'm I don't know Judy Hoffman Sanders lives in shadow hills where the fire has already destroyed her house and the house was just wonderful. I don't know what's gonna happen that the September. Tom Porter is southern region chief for cal fire the State's largest fire departments. Cal fire's managing the major fires in Southern California. Right now chief for good morning to you good morning Jeff what are your biggest since. And right now biggest concerns right now are with the fire that Thomas fire out in Ventura county. Oh hi. The town of Ohio is threatened by fire now. Having a lot of trouble with the winds and the fire activity there do you do this color coded charts and you've never had. Purple on it before explain what that is us that's correct that's the most extreme rating that we have and it indicates. That. Any spark. Cannon will start. A fire and fires that start will be almost impossible to contain almost impossible to almost upon us. She thanks for lesser time. This suggests. Back due in New York all right just we expect to hear from Minnesota senator Al Franken today a day after several fellow Democrats called on him to resign we're live with CBS Steven Portnoy. Most of Franklin's colleagues in the senate Democratic Caucus now say they agree with New York's Q Kirsten Gillibrand. Enough is enough yesterday to more accusers came forward to winning others who say the Minnesota democratic senator either forced himself on them or touched him inappropriately. Franken has denied the most recent accusations and said he wants the senate ethics committee to dig into the claims. But then came the calls from colleagues for him to quit an avalanche yesterday. His office says he'll make an announcement today we expect it will be on the senate floor. Franken is said to be struggling with the question of whether to resign as of last night aides said he was still talking it over with his friend Steve. Overseas there's been reaction to the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Palestinians took to the streets to protest president trumps change in policy on Jerusalem. Closing West Bank shops and schools in a general strike. In Gaza and lost and this problem Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called for a third Palestinian Intifada or uprising. Israel is beefing up security forces amid fears of an escalation. Robert Berger CBS news Jerusalem. These days birth control pills are lower in estrogen than they used to be causing fewer side effects spot CBS and doctor John the Pope tells us new research finds least still raise the risk of breast cancer. The 20% translates to about one more case of breast cancer a year for every 7700. Women. Now one breast cancer expert that we spoke to describe this increased. Has small but meaningful you have to balance that against potential benefits of using hormones for example decreasing the risk of ovarian cancer endometrial cancer. Or colon cancer and of course there's the benefit of preventing unwanted pregnancy. The house has passed a bill that makes it easier for gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines and it action is next to its raised concern in places like New York. New York's tough laws ban almost all concealed weapons in places like Times Square for nearly a million people here at about three weeks a Manhattan district attorney cy Vance says if the concealed carry reciprocity act dangerous legislation becomes law that would be perfectly legal even if it was against New York State law. To bring those guys didn't get the new York city Times Square. On the busiest day in the busiest location and the NYPD says it would not be able to keep guns out if they're carried by people from states with looser laws. House Republicans tried to CC RA to a build the strength in the background check system. Alex Silverman for CBS news Times Square. I just release CBS news poll finds 53%. Oppose the Republican tax plan only 22%. Expect their taxes will go down. A government analysis finds the homeless population in this country's increased for the first time since 2010. Around 554000. People. CBS is Maria theory Al takes us to California Silicon Valley where people with some jobs are among those without a home. English professor Kelly James penny is the kind of teacher whose job goes far beyond simple classroom instruction so this is SA one. But her campus at San Jose State University is located right in the middle of Silicon Valley. Where tech giants like Google FaceBook and apple has helped drive housing prices to stratosphere high. Housing takes up three quarters of my monthly income so to stay here and stage which is what I love. I have to live in the car after her four classes and James penny along with her husband and two dogs. Sets up camp in a church parking lot near campus being homeless and trying to teach here. It's almost impossible Paul Myers runs a social services agency in Mountain View ten years ago we were serving somewhere around three to 4000 people. Today we're serving close to 101000 people. More than version yes exactly Allen James penny has tried unsuccessfully to get teaching jobs elsewhere in the country but even if she gets one. Giving up in movie won't be easy this is what happens if I wanna stay. And do what I do and you do wanna say yes me day of getting out. San Jose California. The institute for highway safety is taken a close look at the latest vehicles on the road Jeff Gilbert of WWJ Detroit as the findings the fifteen vehicles named top safety pick pluses institute president Adrian Lund include small cars midsize cars and issue vis. Hyundai and its Genesis and Kia sub brands leading the way. That company had six top safety pick plus winners there. And Subaru continues to be de LA standout with for their vehicles one in top safety pick plus. Fewer vehicles are getting top scorers because the standards have been raised it could take days to fix the county computer system in the Charlotte, North Carolina area officials refused to pay a hacker 23000. Dollars after ransom ware was used to freeze up dozens of servers. A lot of official work is now being done with pen and paper. That's a round up and Steve case and CBS news.