CBS World News Roundup, 1/5

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, January 5th

President Trump tried to keep Jeff Sessions in charge of the Russia probe. Digging out from the big storm. Alex Trebek recovering from brain surgery. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Winter blasts aftermath the worst coastal flooding here in forty years that's all turned to ice. Category is Madison per game show host the prognosis is excellent. News. He's the CBS world news roundup. Presented by Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case in new information is emerging about what led up to the appointment of a special counsel in the Russian investigation and effort by president trump to keep his attorney general in charge were alive with a White House correspondent Steven Portnoy a. He'd known for some time the president trump was very unhappy with Jeff Sessions his decision to recuse himself. Now a new report says mr. trump went to extraordinary lengths to prevent that from happening. The front page New York Times story says the president instructed his White House counsel to lobby sections to stay in charge of the investigation. The times says the president became furious after sessions recusal asking his aides where's my Roy Cohen. The ruthless New York lawyer and former aide to John McCarthy was in early mentor and confidant of mr. Trump's in the 1970s and eighties. Separately CBS news confirms special counsel Robert Mueller. Continues collecting evidence to corroborate James called his claims that the president urged him to publicly state he wasn't under investigation. That evidence includes handwritten notes from then chief of staff wines preakness Steve. Well despite blistering trump administration pushed back an explosive west wing expose say is out today several days before the book fire and fury was scheduled to be released CBS's chip Reid is of the White House. Book details dysfunction among the White House staff and also raises questions about the president's mental state. Also Michael Wolff writes the staff became concerned that trumps rambling and his alarming repetitions had significantly increase and that his ability to stay focused never great had notably declined. In an article for the Hollywood reporter wolf continues he was in words used by almost every member of the senior staff for repeated occasions like a child wolf writes they all 100%. Came to believe he was incapable of functioning in his job. And wolf tells NBC today he absolutely spoke to the president for the book and what he revealed was not all off the record. There's a new federal investigation into the Clinton foundation we're live with CBS's Gary Nunn. The FBI is leading yet investigators want to find out whether the foundation promised or performed any policy favors in return for contributions. Known as pay to play politics. Also in question according to the hill whether any tax exempt assets were converted for personal or political used. And whether the Clinton foundation has complied with tax laws. A nonprofit raised an estimated two billion dollars and 2016. Been no comment from the foundation about the investigation state. Police Kos is digging out from yesterday's ferocious snowstorm airlines with more than a thousand cancellations today are struggling to rebook stranded passengers. The storm unleashed a wet and wild fury along the Massachusetts coast. Other performers over the cleanup is underway in earnest as man and machine are working to clear slush and snow from sidewalks and streets. Mark drove into Boston from the northeast as the major highways have been OK but the side streets need support these yet have much Marian Wright coming around over into the aquarium. The store tons of slushy snow savings. Sitting around. There are still some big slush puddles around in the areas where water surged due to the city board continued to clear them before it freezes solid Ben Parker for CBS news Boston. Once followed his bone chilling cold and strong winds plunging temperatures and wind chills and much of the northern half of the country to below zero. WCBS TV forecaster Lonnie Quinn. You're gonna drop down very low you wind chills your approach you below zero. You may never feel above the zero degree mark until Sunday. At about 10 o'clock in the morning. Trump administrations moving to open up nearly all of the outer US continental shelf to drilling the five year plan affects offshore areas of the Atlantic Pacific and Arctic oceans that have been off limits for decades. And it has environmentalists like Brad and I. Act of the World Wildlife Fund up an armed. Cedar pristine. Parts of American waters into places that still have. Vibrant population as a wall or citizen whales and all sorts of other sea life that which. Of if community depend on. Petroleum industry says the effort will create jobs. The new trumpet ministry should move to clear the way for a possible crackdown on marijuana in states where it's now legal has sparked concern and confusion CBS's Murray every area out. California is one of six states along with the District of Columbia. We're recreational pot sales have been legalized but under federal law it's still illegal to grow by or use marijuana. Under the Obama administration. It was federal policy to respect state marijuana laws the US attorney general's office is now getting permission first states to prosecute marijuana cases. But without a clear directive to do so the move drew strong objections from many in states that have legalized recreational pot. Including Colorado Republican senator Cory Gardner in 2016 president trump came to Colorado and said he believed in states' rights that he wouldn't use. A legal powers to reverse a Colorado was the decision why does Jeff Sessions thinks the president trump was wrong Colorado Oregon and California. All say they have no plans to change their prosecution strategies. And they have the public supports. Major tech firms are rushing out patches for a computer flaw that affects nearly every computer and cellphone on the planet's Earl chin of Symantec says. The problem is in the processing chips that power of the devices we've come to depend on this is actually design flaw and architecture flaw on how these chips were designed. As about playing many many of these trips across many different vendors are effective apple says it knows of no instances where hackers have been able to exploit the flaw tech companies deny the fixes are going to slow down performance. He had surgery over the holidays for blood clots on the brain who is jeopardy host Alex trim back. After two days in the hospital I came home to start recovery the prognosis is excellent and I expect to be back in the studio taping more jeopardy programs. Very very soon. Drew back with a video message on my game shows FaceBook page for the 77 year old host says the clots formed after a fall a few months ago. Shows airing now were taped late last year. Bozeman called snowy and icy in the south this week two and CBS's Jim shot every reports. Low blizzard warning. How cold is it in Florida well cold enough that iguanas are falling from the trees temperatures have dipped below forty degrees in parts of South Florida this week. And even Temps below fifty can cause green iguanas to become sluggish. As one wildlife expert put it they freeze up to gold to move. People have been hitting social media posting photos of seemingly frozen iguanas belly up next to their swimming pools. The good news is they returned to normal once they warm up and suffer no long term damage Jim Shannon VC BS and. News of tennis star Serena Williams was in the early weeks of pregnancy when she won the Australian Open a year ago her daughter Alexis was born in September. But Williams says she won't play in the major events when it opens next week down under. Not ready for a full comeback just yet that's the world is round up for Friday the broadcast produced this week by Paul fairy Wendy's and it's and Julio Weaver. Steve case and CBS news.