CBS World News Roundup, 1/8

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, January 8th

Women rule the night at the Golden Globes. Author defends his book about the Trump White House. Key investors push Apple over phone addiction among kids. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Hollywood celebrates women they knew. Today he is on the. Author defends White House portrayal everything in the book history. Concern about champs and they're devices saves are glued to their Smartphones as much as possible. This is the CBS world news roundup. Preset by Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case and at the Golden Globes the color was black the issue was the fight against sexual harassment and the star was Oprah. Here's CBS's Steve tournament. From the very start of last night showed the sexual harassment scandal engulfing Hollywood was the dominant subject. For the male nominees in the room tonight this is the first time in three months it won't be terrifying to hear your name read out loud. The host of the show Seth Meyers even mentioned Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein is in here tonight. But don't worry he'll be back in twenty years we become the first person ever booed Gary in the Mario. And like that. Virtually all. All the women at last night's show wore black as a sign of solidarity. And onstage some of them spoke out including Frances McDormand it was really great to be apart. A tectonic shift. And our industry's power structure but no words had as much impact as those delivered by Oprah Winfrey for too long women have not been heard or believed. If they dared to speak their truth to the power of Bozeman. But their time is up. As for the winners were Pope whom awards went to three billboards outside the Missouri and lead group. Gary Oldman one for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in darkest hour. On the TV side the miniseries he move was one pool. It's steeped Letterman C. BS news at the Golden Globes and Beverly Hills. Actually outlined buzz after the awards is encouragement for a Oprah Winfrey presidential run in 22 wanna your longtime partner Stedman Graham suggested to the LA times she would absolutely do it but. But it's up to the people. Now let's turn to the White House CBS is Steven Portnoy is there and joins us with the latest on a best seller of its all about the trump administration Stephen. Well the author of the book fire and fury was on CBS this morning. Michael Walsh is the president's competence. Has been frequently questioned by his staff there are many moments in which. The 25 amendment has come up that amendment gives the cabinet and the vice president the power to sideline the president if they determine if he's unable to discharge his duties. Presidential aide Stephen Millar blasted Wolfe's work as grotesque. On CNN the author is a garbage author of a garbage truck yesterday X advisor Steve banning issued a statement attempting to smooth things over with his former boss. Bad and insists some of his comments in the books had to be directed to mr. Trump's eldest son. Were actually focused on Ben campaign chair Paul metaphor. The president who now calls himself a very stable genius is now calling back and sloppy Steve Steve. Most things went from unbearable to underwater at New York's JFK airport transportation correspondent Chris van cleave says last week's snowstorm left passengers stranded by a ballad just the start of a tale of misery. Delays and cancellations led to confusion. I am so angry words came even express how I feel right now and mass frustration from passengers. We want a refund we want to be compensated. Sunday afternoon it got worse. When a water main break closed down most of terminal four. Crews worked to quickly sweep the floodwaters into the street. With nearly three inches of water gushing into the terminal. Most of it was close to power temporarily shut off leaving travelers in the dark and without heat frigid temperatures of. Two major app. Apple investors say they're concerned the kids are becoming addicted to their iphones and other devices and wanted tech giant to do something about it it's like to CBS's Vicki barker. New York based Jana partners in the California State teachers retirement system together hold about two billion dollars worth of Apple's stock not to get Apple's attention says the Wall Street Journal's David Benoit that not necessarily enough to force change yet. Gonna need a lot of other investors apple stand up and say. We think this is serious. Growing scientific consensus says this is serious with Smartphone addiction linked to obesity attention deficit and depression in kids the problem has only a few Silicon Valley insiders will admit. Is that Internet addiction is virtually hard wired into the industry's business model Steve. It's called Zuma vote we don't know much more than that about a secret satellite launched into space by the private SpaceX company from. From Cape Canaveral. The launch commentary and a five minutes after liftoff because of the classified nature of the project. People living near air force bases are calling for action after experts detected toxic chemicals that may have seeped into ground water. CBS is Barry Petersen is at Peterson air force base in Colorado. It's always in the back of my mind of what's what's working down there be for 25 years damn cruise delivered mail here and drank the water. Detention camps finally crossing testicular. He says never before she knew his family. Are the only when has been diagnosed with cancer not once not twice but three times people on my route cancers come upon them. And sometimes the stage for. But cross could be firefighting foam used since the 1970s or air force bases and airports across the country one study based on EP Ares test results show as many as six million people may be exposed nationwide to PSC's in their drinking water at higher levels in the EPA now deemed safe. Deadlines today for the trump administration to decide whether to extend protections that would allow 200000. Salvadorans to stay in this country legally protections and did last year for people from. He be in Nicaragua. A judge in LA today able try to sort out two conflicting Charles Manson wheels and claims by purported relatives and a pen pal. Manson the murderous cult leader died in November at 83. Are slowly unique and met. Robo moments in the 1967. Hits on nights and white sack. Flew solo irate Thomas of the Moody Blues singer died of cancer late last week and 76. News comes just months before the band. Will be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Groups that have called for boycotts of Israel are no longer welcome there CBS's Robert Berger is in Jerusalem Israel says members of twenty international groups that support a boycott against the Jewish state. Will be banned from entering the country. The government said it's part of the struggle against the incitement and lies of the boycott organizations. Which seek to delegitimize. The State of Israel among the organizations targeted is an American Quaker group. Which has won a Nobel Peace Prize. Robert Berger CBS news Jerusalem. Well optimistic at the two big lottery prizes worth nearly a billion dollars total over one over the weekend the Mega Millions winning tickets sold to restore and port Richey Florida and the sold ticket in the power ball game was bought by someone in Merrimack New Hampshire. NASA world news roundup for Monday the eighth of January. I Steve case and CBS news.