CBS World News Roundup, 1/9

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, January 9th
An effort to question the President for the Russia investigation. Talks between North and South Korea for the first time in two years. Gayle King weighs in on Oprah Presidential buzz. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.

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Special counsel highs the White House to set up an interview with the president. North and South Korea hold talks making progress except on the biggest issue ovals. A friend of overall on the presidential bond she's intrigued by the idea I don't think she's actually considering it. This is the CBS world news round up presented by Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case and the wheels in motion for the special counsel in the Russian investigation to pose some questions to the president of the United States and live with White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. CBS news confirms the presence lawyers met with special counsel Robert Moeller just before Christmas. Key topic of that December 22 meeting how Mohler and his team might get president trump on the record in the Russian probe. It's the subject of delicate negotiations on the timing manner and place of such an interview were told both sides laid out their initial views of how they'd like to proceed. These discussions are said to be in the preliminary stages mr. Trump's team. Swing questions of executive privilege and the prerogatives of the office the White House refused to answer any questions about this yesterday. Referring them all of the president's private attorneys Steve and this morning Stephen the president meets with lawmakers on the fate of young immigrants have been the goal for this meeting is to hammer out a deal that both parties can live with it going and top congressional Democrats and it was alarming to them that the president's asking for eighteen billion dollars for the border wall. Standing alongside his fellow Republicans at Camp David this past week and the president said quote the walls gonna happen or were not gonna have docket. That's a deal for the dream. The White House correspondent Steven Portnoy for the first time in two years there were talks today between north and South Korea as the north beefs up its military might in the south prepares to host the Winter Olympics. Asia correspondent entry. See the north quickly offered a sending high level delegation. Including athletes each cheering squad and performing arts groups. Itself that's the two countries marched together at the opening and closing ceremonies and resume reunions of families separated during the Korean War. The two countries have agreed to hold future discussions on reducing military tensions North Korea expert John Delorean. I'm seeing a lot of political will in Pyongyang and here in Seoul. That the two sides want to make this a very different year that there are serious about dialogue and that really they're talking about more than the Winter Olympics but they have to take this step by step. Not a Southern California where heavy rain in the wild fires zone has raised fears of mudslides. CBS is Carter Evans is covering much like. Gazans are so dangerous officials ordered mandatory evacuations of bird areas even before the rain began it's always wary son Nat is definitely something that you have no control over Eric. The debris flow becoming down streets until we're just trying to. Putting an extra berm so it doesn't end up in the front yard. Some whose home survived the Thomas fire now face the threat of not just watery mud but debris left behind the fire's aftermath. Mudslides fires hurricanes it was a rough 2017. And the government says it was the costliest year on record for disasters. 306 billion dollars Harvey second only to Katrina. The costliest hurricane list of 125. Billion. No let up to the outline outpouring over a possible Oprah Winfrey presidential run. If vodka trump called her Golden Globes speech on women and sexual harassment empowering an inspiring. That drew derision from people who pointed out president trumps accusers. A CBS this morning host and Oprah confidant Gayle King was asked about the presidential chatter. She's intrigued by the idea I do you think back. I also know that after years of watching the Oprah Show you always have the right to change your mind I don't think. At this point she is actually considering it but listen there are people who were who said they wanna be her campaign manager who won. Quit their jobs and campaign for her she loves this country and would like to be of service in some way. Most opinion pieces in major newspapers this morning argued that it would be a bad idea for Winfrey to run. Widespread flu is now reported in 46 states in California alone more than twenty deaths are blamed on the flu vaccine supplies are short in some areas CBS is doctor job approved. Could strain that's most prevalent this year is something called H three N two and that tends to cause especially severe illness last season's vaccine was only 32% effective against H three and two out unclear how effective this year's vaccine will be and the CDC has advised beginning anti viral treatment as soon as possible. Secretary of state Tillerson says returning US diplomats to Cuba now would be putting people intentionally in harm's way and won't happen any time soon. CBS's Steve Dorsey says lawmakers today able learn more about the sonic attack. The left US diplomats in Havana with everything from hearing loss to brain damage. 44 Americans and some Canadian station in Havana or injured. Investigators have come up short though with an explanation of who and what was responsible. For the mysterious injuries. In court papers filed in California the former Google engineer who was fired last year for questioning the company's commitment to diversity claims his ouster was driven by a corporate culture that discriminates against white men and conservatives. The lawsuit from James to more seeks class action status to represent other former and current its Google employees. No mystery today about the space X satellite that was launched Sunday night under a cloud of secrecy. CBS news space consultant bill Harwood says her fears the projects ended abruptly. Some of the published reports have indicated the satellite may have failed to separate from the falcon nine's second stage in this place back into the atmosphere. There are other indications he would say that may not be the case at all. The satellite was cataloged by US space command which is normally only done for payloads. That actually reach orbit on college football's national title game was out of this world Heath was one of the most romantic endings in college football history. And Malone ESPN is Alabama in overtime beats Georgia 26 to 23. The game winner came on a picture perfect 41 yard touchdown pass from a nineteen year old freshman to a ton go buy low adamant. Here we are now this morning and Alabama fans are ecstatic op bill great ST Letterman CBS news at the national championship game in Atlanta. A private firm is ask some questions of employers and workers to your CBS's Gary non employers will be looking to hire more recent college grads what's more says Jennifer grass of career builder. 66%. Said they would train and hire workers who may not have all the skills need for the job as for those already in the workforce 40% of workers claiming that changed jobs in 2018 so that means employers or not only have challenges in finding new talent but also in retaining talent they currently have. Grass describes the 28 team labor market as a perfect storm for someone looking for a job. Darian on CBS news. Smiley fired for inappropriate relationships with subordinates will also host a five city town hall. On workplace issues that's the world news round. Steve case and CBS news.