CBS World News Roundup, 2/12

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, February 12th

A lawsuit halts the sale of Harvey Weinstein's company. Olympic swimmer speaks out about abuse. Big price tag for President Trump's infrastructure plan. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Actions stalls Salem Weinstein Co. it's delayed while they assess the impact of the lawsuit. Abuse allegations from an Olympic swimmer no matter how you choose to find your voice will be heard. President trumps infrastructure plan price tag one and a half trillion dollars. This is the CBS world news round up. Preset by Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case and a deal to sell the Hollywood company Harvey Weinstein used to run is on hold after new action from New York's attorney general the disgraced mogul and his former company are named in a lawsuit that alleges sexual harassment intimidation and discrimination. CBS a jury could Duncan. Among the allegations Weinstein threatened employees saying I will kill you and I will kill your family. The lawsuit also claims Weinsteins assistants. Had copies of a document known as the Bible which detailed how will arrange a sexual activity. Some Weinstein drivers were allegedly required to keep condoms and erect tile dysfunction injections in the car at all times for him. Weinsteins attorney released a statement saying many of the allegations against Weinstein are without merit. An Olympic swimmer has told police a former coach sexually abused turret and took nude photos of her when she was a miner 28 year old Ariana cookers alleges Sean Hutchison groaned and manipulated her beginning when she was thirteen she tells CBS this morning. We have conversations with children about. Don't talk to strangers but the conversation that I am I'm so hoping hottest what happens when there's person that your parents CE. As a bit of voice of authority that they fully trust that your family trust that your community is praising him. What happens when that person abuses that power and takes advantage of yet. And that's an important conversation and dialogue but I hope that we can have. Hutchison's denied the allegations he's not been charged with a crime but he is under investigation. There's criticism at the winter games some save a snowboarding event won by an American should have been postponed because of fierce frigid winds were live this morning at the Olympics with CBS's Steve fought Herman. And Steve the winds were strong but Olympic officials decided to go ahead anyway with today's woman snow port slopes style and that was won by American Jamie Anderson. It's her second straight gold in the event. Four years ago she won in Sochi I can barely comprehend vehemence and and it felt really really good still so they've even competed in the event Olympic historian David Roberts Penske says no it's the winter games you deal with the weather. But the idea is that he should have an equal chance. On the course the US also won a bronze today in the figure skating team competition thanks to move like this or. Takeoff triple axle beautiful. That was the basic problem was what one has Mirai Nagasu becomes the first American woman to land a triple axle during the Olympics. Live at the Winter Olympics in Jung Chang Steve Letterman CBS news. Not a Washington word two days after president trump sprang to the defense of fired staffer rob Porter white house budget director Mick mold manes set on CBS's face the nation don't. Wanna throw people out on the street based just upon allegation. But as soon as it became apparent to us that the allegations were true the proper had to go. Mr. trump we do that lives were being ruined by a mere allegation molding any insisted reports that chief of staff John Kelly's days may be numbered are much ado about nothing. President trumps one point five trillion dollar infrastructure plan could face some rough road in congress and elsewhere White House correspondent Major Garrett. The White House says don't worry congress only 200 billion dollars will come from Washington the rest will come from state and local governments. And the private sector Democrats they weighed in at the federal government's got to spend much more than that. The White House counters we have under invested in infrastructure and by accelerating the permitting process we will attract private investment. As the senate opens debate today on immigration policy there's attention on a Phoenix church pays us Bironas has been given sanctuary bears a BS's venerable park is says he's supposed to surrendered to immigration agents today. For Ronan says he was once caught driving without a license he's been deported twice in 2006 and 2010. Each time he came back illegally. Even making the dangerous crossing through the Arizona desert to be with a wife and five children who were all US citizens. This kicks me and I and you don't Sonia Barone is five months pregnant now worries about finding a job to make ends meet have you thought about what it would be like cook. To have to say good bye to him. And before. Those four people who survived yesterday's tourist helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon that killed three people had to wait hours for help. Katie Camellia nurse who landed nearby with another tour group got to the scene somewhere badly burned. People that were leading the bill whole thing. We're saying that it may be too weenie weenie needed to spend the night with these patients. Tourists on board were all from Great Britain crews today able look to retrieve the bodies of the dead. Oversees 71 died when Russian airliner crashed just after take off yesterday in Moscow terrorism has been ruled out in the investigation. CBS is Tammy McCormick is in Rome or Defense Secretary Mattis is taking part in meetings about members of crisis who've been seized from the Syrian battlefield. Until recently US backed forces in Syria were detaining forty to fifty mostly ice is fighters today. Thousands of them in total hundreds of whom were foreign fighters the problem now is what to do with them. Some countries including Britain. Have balked at taking them back there are legal challenges and significant costs involved in the meantime US official says there working with the coalition and generally expect these detainees to return to their countries of origin. An explosion and fire at an electric substation plunged most of northern Puerto Rico into darkness late yesterday. It's the latest in a string of setbacks five months after hurricane Maria calls the longest blackout in US history. In Britain new details around from the royal family about prince Harry's wedding to American Megan Markel and just over three months CBS's Larry Miller in London. The archbishop of Canterbury will lead them through their wedding vows at a ceremony on May nineteenth two Windsor Castle. The couple will then take a short carriage ride. So the public can get a glimpse in the evening Prince Charles is hosting a private party for the couple close friends and family fun. Natural markets around the world today gained back more of what was lost last week's business analyst Jill Schlesinger. It's clear that that it up and down swings in the market are here with us at least temporarily. That's probably get paid back for actually not having many swings for the prior year. It's two days before Valentine's Day about a defect card in the mail yeah. Look who's in the air and Loveland Colorado. Just in time for Valentine's Day into a lot of work that we have a lot of fun and it's eight community prank yet. Loveland post office is free mailing more than a 100000 Valentine's. Volunteers stamping them with a Valentine's first postmaster Cindy Sheehan. I completely different city has a magical play it's great that you about McCain day. When you open your eye it will Reid feels good spirited friendship and love we all yeah. Stefan Kaufmann CBS news. Vendors. And adults only events at museums in San Diego and Pittsburgh and environmental group handed out condoms in rappers with slogans about endangered species it's the groups trying to show human population growth can have a negative effect on the wild life. That's the world news round up for Monday and Steve case and CBS news.