CBS World News Roundup, 2/13

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, February 13th

Senate opens immigration debate. The economic cost of the flu. Housing crunch for Hurricane Maria evacuees. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Senate debate on immigration this legislation puts us on the best path forward. The flu this economic fallen more than 21 billion dollars in lost productivity. Hurricane victims based housing crunch is so expensive everything is is so quiet. This is the CBS world news roundup. Preset advice Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case and on Twitter this morning president trump says this will be our last chance to hammer out a docket deal the push for action comes as lawmakers begin to tackle immigration. The days or 97. The major one the serious pushing ahead with debate on immigration a subject fraught with a motion in competing interest democratic leader Chuck Schumer wants a bill focused on the dreamers every ounce of our energy. Is going into finding one that can pass Republican Charles Grassley said it passed would dress multiple issues. So real problem by providing border security and certainly for dark there. Kids president trump also wants to address chain migration in the visa lottery Pam Coulter CBS news Washington. From Phoenix CBS's been wobbled Marquez says a father who's been deported twice and took up refuge unit church has been given a reprieve. This is for illnesses application for a stay was denied last week by US immigration and customs enforcement. The agency reversed itself Monday citing humanitarian grounds Barone it's and it's ten year old daughter I'd elite were overwhelmed. I'm eager to get to go home wouldn't you some don't like the thirty year old undocumented immigrant has to regularly check in with the localize office. He also can get a driver's license and a work permit for a year. In this bad flu season correspondent Blatter Purdue TA says plenty of people are sick and some business bottom lines are feeling at two. My kids got sick I got sick and my parents got things. Censored in the business we just closed down for her. After five of its seven employees called out sick last month. Shari Sokol art in Kalamazoo Michigan had to temporarily shut its stores. That immediately impacted the store's bottom line says manager actually wrap party. This huge amount of half Elofsson adamantly as I indicated that affected bands you. Employee consulting firm challenger gray and Christmas estimates this season the virus could cost about 25 million employees to miss at least four. Eight our ships. The study projects that could cost the US economy more than 21 billion dollars in lost productivity. An American teenager struck gold at the winter games in South Korea CBS's Steve fireman's covering the Olympics he joins us live. Well Steve she is seventeen years old and today Khloe Kim had to Haitians cheering for her. The US and Korea where her parents are from edgy easily won the gold. The women's half pipe and 98 point 25. For Khloe Kim a near perfect score the call on Westwood One. Four years ago Kim was one of the best in the world but she was too young thirteen to compete in the Olympics this time into was not a factor when you are. Wait for something. So log in it. It's finally here and it just go home with the best possible outcome and then it's amazing later tonight US time America's most famous snowboard store the Flying Tomato Shaun White who compete in the men's half pipe. Right now the US women's hockey team is taking on the Olympic athletes from Russia. Right now that you asleep when nothing in the second period like at the Winter Olympics and Byung Chang steep Letterman CBS news. In Florida time is running out for hundreds of people and temporary housing who fled Puerto Rico when hurricane Maria here swear live this morning in Orlando with CBS's Peter King is Steve Rose Marie Martina says things got so bad back home. Is this crisis is cool I couldn't take forward Martinez has been living in a motel room near Orlando with their four year old son and their cousin for weeks while trying to find something more permanent I've been looking everywhere and -- like this so let's listen very poor as his soul. More than 15100 families were in FEMA approved hotels here in Central Florida there's not nearly enough affordable housing here to help them Steve. Donald Trump junior's wife went to the hospital after opening an envelope addressed to her husband at her mother's Manhattan apartment WCBS TV's Marcia Kramer. Someone used her address to send a threatening letter containing white powder to the president's son since Don junior is under federal protection called Chris Naeole screen. Mail coming here is not police sources say the letter contained threats both political nature. Everyone's okay the substance turned out to be corn starch White House is blamed a backlog of thousands of security clearances on the FBI the bureau says not true. CBS's Jeff regain uses either way it has more than a dozen people with interim clearances including Jared Kushner roaming the White House. Chris Webber is a former assistant director of the FBI. He says some officials in the Clinton administration relied on interim clearances. But that it is unusual for so many officials to not have full security clearances at this point. To have zone within interim security clearance for over a year. Seems very excessive. It is sort of defeats the purpose of having a security clearance process Les Brown was a staff secretary in president Obama's White House. You want to make sure that they aren't. Working for foreign government that they are upright and honest person that they aren't somehow going to be susceptible to blackmail. Analysts are parsing the four point four trillion dollar white house budget proposals CBS's Steve Dorsey says in the midst of a planned spending increase there are reductions the budget proposals biggest losers include the State Department and the arts among the deepest cuts at state. A reduction of about a 126 million dollars to the bureau of education and cultural affairs. Meanwhile funding would wind down for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting the National Endowment for the Arts. And the National Endowment for the Humanities to Baltimore police detectives convicted of robbery racketeering and conspiracy and they've faced decades in prison acting US attorney Stephen shining says they were part of a task force distilled cash and drugs and lying under oath. That was the business model for this organization that. They thought to rob drug dealers they have no place to go. For former detectives testified at trial for the prosecution. It's Fat Tuesday in the war. Music and organized mayhem to mark Marty Roth who. Prop two major parades will be held today at a cap things off. It's been a rough winners Strachan parts of the appalachians and CBS's Jim Priscilla tells us the problem isn't snow it's rained. Where several counties are under state of emergency. Judy castle legal lives in hard hit Floyd county in eastern Kentucky. Any time in three inches of rain or more mass Apple's long what. Along with the several other people along that. The river gets flooding but no one has been seriously hurt in the widespread flooding more rain is in the forecast later in the week across Appalachia Jim Priscilla CBS news. It seems Amazon is doing nothing but growing some work of the company's Seattle headquarters are about to get let go Amazon says there will be a small number of layoffs online giant continues to hiring. Other areas in other parts of the world. NASA world news round up for Tuesday. I Steve case and CBS news.