CBS World News Roundup, 2/15

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, February 15th

17 dead in a shooting at a Florida high school. The former student arrested had left clues on social media. CBS News Correspondents Jeff Glor in Parkland, Florida, and Steve Kathan in New York have today's World News Roundup.


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Mass murder at a Florida high school you have been down the hallway it's hitting into the pot since he shot through my door. The community comes together the investigation begins. We've all become a club that we never wanted to be a part yeah. The focus on the suspect this is someone that left a pretty large footprint. This is the CBS world news roundup. Preset by Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case for an and I'm Jeff Glor at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high in Parkland Florida. Where seventeen people mostly students. Were shot and killed yesterday just before the school day ended. Some of the chaos and carnage was captured on cell phone. Students and teachers ran for cover. I'll listen I just hearing gunshots and everybody to start running like the most are jumping and then they just play. I didn't know what was. I got the deadliest school shooting in this country since sandy hook more than five years ago. Brought parents here to find their kids. You need about it do you see it when it happens in other places it's. Your bags yet I would leave your child that's hiding. Is it different. That's at the thought could be white they. They'll possibly nickel and crew. The suspected gunman was identified as Nicholas crews. And nineteen year old who had been expelled from the school. He allegedly began the Rampage outside where two people died once inside carrying a gas mask and smoke bombs. Cruise apparently pulled the fire alarm causing chaos then began shooting. Twelve people died inside the school the north Broward County sheriff Scott Israel. We have done countless Americans. And at this point. We have one AR. Bali a lot of help. On the game and they go bullied out. Police were able to track his movements in part using the school's surveillance cameras he was captured about an hour after he allegedly first opened fire. Swat teams then went room to room clearing the school the suspect posted photos of knives and guns on Easter Graham. I'm Jim crucial in Parkland Florida. Investigators and former classmates say nineteen year old Nicklaus crews posted disturbing material on social media crews is being described as quiet loner someone who grew more distant after he was kicked out of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. For unspecified. Disciplinary reasons last year. The suspect is charged with seventeen counts of premeditated murder. To reach it Duncan is outside the home where he'd been living recently with more on the investigation. As investigators searched through the home where Nicholas crews lit it. New details are emerging about the nineteen year old unsettled passed me let him live here because he didn't have someplace to live with the attorney Jim Lewis represented the family who gave crews a place to stay. They can't believe that someone who lived in their home it would that was so close to them for this relatively short period of time was capable of such a horrible horrible act. Lewis says cruise was getting an adult education and working out a dollar store where he was a cashier cruise legally purchased the AR fifteen weapon used in the attack. If like someone would do this would expected to meet this this kid. After the shooting at students described cruise as a loner who struggled in school up. You're rumored conversation I was gonna be and some without reacting we do not hits you took time back saying that isn't this the ones that the school but it turns out you know. And one predicted it. Paul gold live next door to cruise and partly it says the death of his adoptive mother had a major impact. He's had so much anger and pain inside of him gold says crews complained about being picked on and bullied in school. I spoke with Jim Gardner a math teacher here who locked himself in several students inside his classroom during the shooting. One of our teachers. Apparently was so we'll see little plus on film what looks like killed standing in front of the kids switched. I'm not sure you guys have families often doesn't surprise me at all what I've known him. I got here 2000. Was fantastic person to win here he was you know an eagle putt there. Break over the right side. This high school is closed today and we'll be tomorrow as investigators continue their work. And survivors. Come to grips what exactly what's happened. Steve we'll just fun Twitter this morning president trump called the gunman mentally disturbed in Washington there are calls for lawmakers in congress to take action and a social media sites to where the suspect was active CBS news consultant Fran Townsend. The social media companies in this case YouTube got a report. About a comment where he said I wanna be a professional shooter. It was reported to them they took it down the FBI was notified in the FBI tried to follow up into identify him. It comes more than a week after an aide accused of abuse who resigned the president trump has spoken out about domestic violence slide to CBS the Steven Portnoy. The president said yesterday in the Oval Office have totally always. Can domestic violence of any kind last week the president offered warm regards for rob Porter the eight who resigned amid accusations of spousal abuse. Mr. trump also pointed to reporters denials and later tweeted that mere allegations can ruin a person's life. Questions continue to linger about who here knew what and wind about porter's past and up on Capitol Hill house oversight chairman trig Audi says he will open an investigation. They'll have a constitutional right to work and why else they don't have a constitutional right to a to a security Clinton's. Dozens of White House staffers reportedly continue to work here without full clearance is Steve and American skiing star has taken gold at the winter games seen the favorites in winning are two different things and often comprise two different people. But here in Kyung Chang today it was the same person goal for Michaela separate. And the giants followed the call on Westwood One American Michaela Sheppard was the favorite in the giant slalom and she won it. Shift from put together two great runs she was in second place after the first and on top of the world after the second she was cool and confident when I was in the starting gate. My biggest moments when I thought just go for it. We have nothing to lose tomorrow shift from will be back on the slopes and will be the favorite to win a second gold medal in her specialty the slalom. And she could compete in three additional events after that. Steve Letterman CBS news at the Winter Olympics in Byung Chang. A team of doctors is out what its first detailed medical report on the injury suffered by US diplomats in Cuba and would've been called sonic attacks here's CBS sustained Dorsey. The report published in the journal of the American Medical Association confirms diplomats suffered what appeared to be concussions. But bizarrely without any head trauma. Doctors say eighteen of the 21 patients in the study. Her strange sounds and felt odd sensations but researchers say it may have been a consequence of some other on explained exposure possibly. To a new mechanism of brain injury. McDonald's customers will no longer seat cheeseburgers and chocolate milk offered with happy meals it's an effort to make them healthier. Cutting sodium calories fat and sugar they still can be requested by patrons. Soto was removed from happy meal menus for years ago on orders for you have dropped 14%. It's. That's the world is round for Jeff Glor in Florida and Steve case and CBS news.