CBS World News Roundup, 2/19

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, February 19th

Gun reform marches planned across the country. Violent Clues missed about the shooter. New tweet storm from President Trump. Possible plea deal in Russia investigation. First case of doping in the Winter Olympics. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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This mobilize after Florida massacre I can't think about anything now except changed. Suspect's troubled past when people were being targeted because I'm more. Plea deal in Russian role that was enormous pressure on an important. This is the CBS world news round up. Preset by Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case and students who survived the mash shooting of their Florida high school last week are stepping up the push for action on guns and mental health marches are planned for this week in Tallahassee and next month in Washington DC. Says Alex window junior Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school we will. Be marching for the seventeen be lost. At our school. We will be marching for everyone we lost at the new town sandy hook shootings at Columbine at Virginia Tech in San Bernardino Orlando and the polls shooting and at Las Vegas. I'm Peter King. About a hundred students will march Wednesday in Tallahassee demanding changes to the State's mental health and gun laws senior Chris Brady says they want to make sure that seventeen classmates and teachers. Did not die in day with a never again movement itself it's how they live on classmate Diego Pfeiffer is eighteen. Part of the next generation of voters is message to lawmakers let your actions vis your words. Don't just say something to do something about it or prepared to find new jobs. Peter King CBS news Parkland Florida. On NBC's Meet the Press Oklahoma Republican senator James Lankford says he's not in favor of an assault weapons ban bud isn't opposed to some kind of action I had no issue with more extensive background checks I've known issue with slowing their purchase for people to show all the basic warning signs in the days since last week's massacre we've learned more about the suspect nineteen year old Nicholas crews on the fact that signs of trouble world all around here's CBS's Manuel bull markets. In September 26 team Nicholas cruise and his mother Linda received a visit from Florida's department of children and families after allegations of medical neglect. The investigator learned crews suffered from depression ADHD and autism. Cut his arms and a snap chat post. And once plastered a racist message on his backpack crews even said he plans to go out and buy had gone. DCF closed the investigation six weeks later after finding no evidence cruise is being mistreated. In a statement the DCS secretary said mental health services and supports a war in place when this investigation closed. I should pursue. Nicholas cruise was constantly in trouble for insulting teachers and staff disruptive behavior on excused absences. And at least one fight when he was in middle school records from the department of children and family services showed his mother was called in for more than a dozen school conferences and cruise was frequently sent to counseling. Well Kimberly Snead says we have this monster living under our rules and we didn't notes she and her husband James took crews in and he tells ABC's Good Morning America. I think everybody seems as though we didn't know. We had rules and down. He followed every rule to team. Well from his Florida State president trump unleashed a tweet storm critical of the Russian investigation over the weekend and we're live with White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. Tweeting after 11 PM Saturday the president said it was quote very sick. That the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter they are spending too much time Amy said trying to prove Russian collusion. With the trump campaign. That line displeased some of the president's own political allies. Including Republican senator Tim Scott. And former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. They are two separate issues the president should be staying out of law enforcement business mr. trump has said the continued focus on Russian election meddling has been bad for the country. But in Germany this weekend is national security advisor HR McMaster hail last week's indictments yeah evidence is now really. Incontrovertible. Mr. trump shot back tweeting me master forgot to say. That the results of the election were not impacted by Russia's efforts Steve. CBS is Paula reed tells us a key figure in the Russian investigation has already been indicted may be willing to cooperate. So Richard gates is expected to enter a plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller as soon as this week. And gates currently faces a dozen charges including conspiracy money laundering failure to file is banking and financial accounts. And also several charges related to failing to register as a foreign lobbyist. In a bid to stop Russian election meddling Facebook's going old school wide to CBS's Vicki barker starting with the mid term elections the social media giant will mail postcards to anyone seeking to buy political ads to confirm that the buyers actually live in the US. FaceBook admits some 3002 Russian link dads were bought before and after the presidential election. But Robert college indictments charge the Kremlin also had agents in US and that it paid Americans to hold up signs at rallies that you policy likely won't and those practices Steve. The most recent voyage of a carnival legend who was legendary for all the wrong reasons. Some captured and on cellphones are a large overall before the cruise ship arrived in port in Australia over the weekend. It runs everything through my honey thanks. And I was just. It has terrible. On passengers say a large family punched and fought and other passengers over three days. This controversy over doping charge of the winner games we're live in South Korea with CBS's Steve Ottoman. And Steve before the Olympics began on the International Olympic Committee considered banning all Russian athletes because a long standing allegations of state sponsored doping. The first major doping case Europe Yung Chang involves a Russian Alexander crucial that ski. He won a bronze in currently in that middle though could be taken away a sample given by crucial that ski tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Olympic historian David Roach and ski. The drug that appears to be involved in this case. Was heavily used by Russian athletes for a long time including Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova she received a fifteen month ban because of that. As for the competition here at the US women's hockey team assured itself of a gold or silver medal today by beating Finland and advancing to Thursday's gold medal match. And at the Winter Olympics in Byung Chang Steve Letterman CBS news. Happy NBA all star game LeBron James was MVP but some people never got past the National Anthem. The singer Fergie is interpretation a slow bluesy rendition became a target on social media some loved it but critics were merciless. A much anticipated movie did not disappoint at the weekend box office CBS's Jim Taylor has more on the superhero flick black. Panther feverish anticipation. Forming critical acclaim ground breaking cultural meaning pushing this flick to not just the number one movie of the week. It's the best Barbara worry debut ever fifth best opening of all time yeah. To serve time. Black panther a 192. Million dollar box office take away this three day weekend. At the British academy film awards three billboards outside ebbing Missouri took best picture. You read rubbing. There's manner and I okay. This ago porch and drink water the film's star Frances McDormand won best actress Gary Oldman won best actor for his Winston Churchill portrayal in darkest our best director Guillermo del Toro for the shape of water. That's the world is round. I'm Steve case and CBS news.