CBS World News Roundup, 2/22

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, February 22nd

Families of school shooting victims have their say at the White House. American women win Olympic gold in hockey. Technology cuts crashes among cars backing up. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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President hears from massacre relative sit and bite you on our pockets here and US women break the ice. Moving ahead while going in reverse new technology. Preventing car crashes yeah. This is the CBS world news roundup preset advice Simmons beauty rest. Good morning I'm Steve case and there were prayers and tears at a White House event as relatives of mass shooting victims including last week's shooting at a Florida high school pressed president trump fraction. CBS is Margaret Brennan says it was a unique and moving events. Let's. It's. One by one of the survivors of school shootings and their family members shared their paint a lost the best friend. It's practically a brother that people are dying. And we have to stop this and I'm just begging. For change. We need to change Andrew Pollack lost eighteen year old daughter meadow in the Florida shooting my daughter has no voice. She was marred last week shot nine times on the third floor. We as a country failed the children. Senior Sam site for his best friend died in amassed current. Wondered why it was so easy to buy an AR fifteen an assault rifle used by the shooter I don't understand why I could still going to store. And via a weapon of war. As for possible solutions president trump focused on strengthening background checks increasing mental health services and even arming school staff. If you had a teacher was who was adept at firearms. They could very well and he attacked very quickly after a full day of rallies and meetings with lawmakers in Tallahassee high school students from Parkland Florida returned home early this morning I think we were really efficient that we had we can that we shared a couple of stories shared a couple of ideas and I hope we share a couple a little to help those students teachers and parents put Florida Republican senator Marco Rubio on the defensive last night at a CNN town hall Fred go to birds daughter Janie died last week shooting your comments this week and those are president of pathetically weak. Cameron Caspian Sea student at Stoneman Douglas hall. They're rubio. Can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the entire. Rubio said no to that but did suggesting he's open to some new action. If you are eighteen years of age you should not be able to buy a rifle and I will support a law that takes that right away. I will support changing our background system so that it includes more information and it includes now. Some conspiracy theorists have labeled partly in student David Hogg a paid actor left wing puppet pushing for new gun laws. I am not a Clinton ploy. Or an actor I may witness you this. Hogg has been outspoken since the shooting CBS news contributor Nicholas Thompson. There's a large portion of America that will not believe. Things that are sad by mainstream outlets because the president for political reasons has said they're not true. And that is one of the reasons why conspiracies. About the Parkland students to ride. It was redemption on ice for American women in the gold medal hockey game at the Winter Olympics here's CBS's Steve Letterman. Years of disappointment and heartache for the US women's hockey team came to an end. The holiday PC as the US women beat their bitter rivals from Canada in an overtime shootout three to two. For the US team which it lost to the Canadians in the last two Olympic gold medal games there was jubilation along with relief. Goaltender Mickey Rooney made the game winning stop the game that this sends us a little girl and to do episcopal and so I'm so proud this turned out to be the most successful date for the US Europe Yung Chang's so far. Americans won five medals a second goal what did David Wise in the men's freestyle ski have quite honestly today it was just an amazing it happened it happened skiing steep vitamin CBS news at the Winter Olympics in young trend. In what's likely her last Olympic race Lindsey Vonn did not meddle in the Alpine combined event Michaela show a friend took silver. A representative from North Korea will be of Sunday's closing ceremonies so Willy Wonka trump. There is no plan for any direct contacts. There have been evacuations and rescues in parts of Michigan and Indiana. And pumps are being used to clear floodwaters from homes and businesses in several midwest states were creeks and rivers are topping their banks. This woman lives in Janesville Wisconsin. Our whole basement flooded we had to remove everything all the shelving and our freezer tipped over with beef. Everything's fine. A top Ford Motor Co. executive a 31 year veteran of the company has been ousted amid allegations of inappropriate behavior investigation was launched after an anonymous tip came in above North America president Raj Nair. New technology and autos has significantly cut the number of back up crash it's CBS's Jim Taylor. If Michael gallons neighbor had to back up camera his daughter might be alive today. Two year old run over in the driveway I went to climb under par and pick up her body it was it was it was a hard day. At the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. He assumed he says we are auto brake the sensors cameras are gonna prevent a lot of property damage there. Cars were backed up cameras and 80% reduction in backed up crashes rear automatic braking linked to a 62% drop. Accidents. Jim Taylor CBS news. Well it's too late for this tough flu season about reporters Sabrina cupid in Atlanta tells us treatment with a spotty history is going to be making a return. I'm curious. Marty yes the advisory committee on immunization has voted to reintroduce the nasal flu vaccine flu mist is an option for vaccinations next year. You not remember it was taken off the recommended list after it was shown to not be effective. Afternoon data was presented at the CDC in Atlanta the panel voting to make flu mist an option again next year. Well it was pure luck says an astronomer on amateur from Argentina. Victor booze so was testing out a telescope camera when he happened to catch the first before and after images of a star as it explodes and mortars into a supernova. Some eighty million light years away. Experts say the odds of capturing such an events are about one in 100 million. Plans are in place for the farewell to America's pastor Billy Graham who died yesterday at 99. The reverend Billy Graham will lion proposed for two days next week at his ministry headquarters on the southwest side of his hometown. Of Charlotte in invitation only funeral will be held on Friday march 2 invitations. Either have been or are being extended to the president the vice president and to former. President still living ministry spokesman mark the moss is Graham son Franklin will deliver his father's eulogy Jim Chris Silva CBS news Charlotte, North Carolina. Honoring the victims of last week's mass shooting in South Florida Major League Baseball teams at spring training will lawyers Stoneman Douglas high school hats during warm ups. The exhibition openers over the next few days players will have the option of wearing those camps during the games. That's the world is round approach Thursday the 22 of February. And Steve case and CBS news.