CBS World News Roundup, 2/6

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, February 6th

All eyes on Wall Street after yesterday's wild ride. President Trump's attack on Democrats. An ambitious space launch. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Dramatic market sell off just relax. It's a long game here. President's new attacks on Democrat so we call that treason line. High stakes for SpaceX they'll be the most powerful rocket in the world. Thinks he's the CBS world news roundup presented by Simmons beauty rest. Good morning I'm Steve case and it could be another wild ride on Wall Street futures markets suggesting a sell off we'll continue for a third straight trading day has some beef futures are. Down about seven and a half points the Dow lost nearly 12100 points yesterday global markets sank overnight. Business analyst Jill Schlesinger is what does Jill. For people with money invested in stocks this has been tough to watch. I think that whenever you see a doubt point loss that's more than a thousand that will catch your attention. It takes a few minutes to do a quick bit of Matt you say well. 11175. Points that is the scariest point loss I've ever seen your right the biggest point loss ever. But on a percentage basis still a bad day down four point 6%. I don't about the 25. Worst day we've ever had so it's not even in the top ten so interest rates and inflation seemed to be driving this how concerned should we be about those factors people need to make. An absolute decision to our buy a stock a bond or a commodity something else or fund with one of those and it. With arresting about that is that if interest rates and inflation start to take up. You might say you know I don't wanna own a stock when the safety of bonds and now the bonds are yielding higher amounts that is a good choice for. Several long term investors they have to take to the long view which is to ride this out I guess. This kind of volatility does pop up from time to time but the two year period where we didn't have a more than 5% drop. That's actually rare. Are there underlying factors in the economy that we should be paying attention to as well because people keep saying the economy is overall pretty well also weaken ride something like this out. Wages are starting to rise and of wages are up it does suggest that consumers could starts anymore. If that's the case then the economy could continue to churn forward. But that again if he goes too quickly that is what the investment communities fearing. That if growth starts to ratchet up faster than expected. The Fed would be forced to raise rates and that would actually up then the calculation of whether you wanna on stocks vs bonds' first is cash. Business analyst Jill Schlesinger thanks just days before a deadline for lawmakers to work on a plan to keep the government running president trump has launched a new attack on Democrats we're live with a White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. The president was clearly unhappy to see many Democrats sitting on their hands during his state of the union last week. Even as he touted positive news in the economy he told a crowd and Ohio yesterday I liked. And un American. Un American. Somebody is it treasonous I mean. Just wipe out free system. Find this levying war against the US are giving aid and comfort to the enemy it's punishable by death. It's the only crime specifically defined in the constitution which also of course protects the right of free speech. White House spokesman is quoted as saying mr. trump was being tongue in cheek yesterday Steve. Well a New York Times reports president Trump's lawyers are urging him to pass on an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller CBS's Margaret Brennan. His lawyers are still discussing us. And trying to narrow the scope of questioning to try to avoid any kind of legal traps. And here's what we understand there sort of ground rules are for making this decision one is the accusation truly a serious crime. Two is their proof that there's simply no other way to find the answers to these questions and three they don't want any kind of fishing expedition. President will now have the final say on whether a democratic memo in the Russian investigation will be released its vice president pens heading to South Korea says he wouldn't rule out meetings with North Korean officials during his visit to. Traveling to the Olympics to. Make sure that North Korea doesn't use the powerful symbolism in the back for. Of the Winter Olympics. That the paper. That the truth about their regime. For the third time since New Year's evil law enforcement officer in Colorado has been shot and killed Osama deputy in El Paso County was gunned down in the battle with a stolen car suspects who was shot and killed. Actress Uma Thurman is account of sexual assault by disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein is rattled Hollywood. And Quentin Tarantino directed Thurman and several films is facing questions to. Here's CBS is Vicki barker have. We see Uma Thurman seeming to drive on her way to kill bill in the Tarantino's people what we don't see is the reverse footage of her actually driving a sports car she says Tarantino bullied her into against her will put such as your crashing leaving her with a lasting injuries before. Familiar with Tarantino's work would find it very plausible that and attempting to sort of see his vision to appeal might play fast and loose. Certain details film journalist Michael Doherty Tarantino says he remains haunted by guilt over the accident but Thurmond's anger is directed at Harvey Weinstein and Miramax Ford she says refusing to hand over the footage unless she released them from any legal liability Vicki barker CBS news. A private company SpaceX is poised to launch its most powerful rocket yet CBS's Peter King tells us the payload is out of this world if it works SpaceX says it's falcon nine heavy will be able to compete with other rockets to launch the heaviest satellites that orbit but it won't risk flying one on the first try instead on top as the Tesla sports car it's great publicity. They're really be something to it. C a camera on the rocket watching a sports car separated often the void of space once this thing gets off the ground. CBS news face consultant bill Harwood says this test launch test Kerry something. Prove the rockets are worth. In fact frankly building a dummy payload for rocket probably would cost more than what the Tesla Roadster costs and. And that roadster is audio system same. We'll be playing David Boeing's space oddity during launch. Peter King CBS news Orlando. Japanese researchers say a chemical McDonald's uses to make French Fries can mass produce hair follicles on mice and they say they're optimistic the same thing can be done for men and women. But child with a vision problems now has a field of dreams CBS is Jewish enemy explained it's a settlement has been reached with Little League Baseball the will allow a child with a vision related disability to use an optic yellow baseball while at bat or in the field. Federal prosecutor Mathieu Schneider says the agreement settles and Americans with disabilities complaint. And we'll also put in place procedures to evaluate similar request based on disability in the future. Schneider says children should not miss out on sports or other community activities. Just because they have a disability. Jim's Hannity CBS news character actor John Mahoney the cranky dad on the hit comedy Frazier has died right it's stingy wolf man boom boom. Jim Mahoney was 77 he had spent time recently in the hospital who's been no cause of death listed along with TV he was a Tony winner on Broadway and had roles in dozens of movies. That's around Steve case and CBS news.