CBS World News Roundup, 2/7

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, February 7th

Overcoming President Trump's shutdown threat. Plans for a DC military parade. Rocket launch sends roadster into space. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Spending struggle I'd love to see you shut that president plans a parade to show the might of the US military. Rocket and a roadster was excited we are seeing. This is the CBS world news roundup preset by Simmons beauty rest. Good morning I'm Steve case in the effort to keep the government running past tomorrow night features lawmakers working on a deal and the president of the United States sounding off. We're live this morning with CBS news White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. Last night the house approved a six week extension of funding in a measure that carried the Defense Department through the end of the fiscal year. Negotiations on a broader agreement continue in the senate where leaders say they could soon announce a deal on spending levels for two years. Despite that progress president trump stunned the capital city yesterday when he said vick's I'd love to see you shut that. We know this I think mr. trump insists Democrats not only get behind the border wall but also new curbs on legal immigration. An hour later his spokeswoman back pedaled. We are not advocating for the shut down Sara Sanders is the president wants congress to pass both the budget agreement and his immigration proposals. There's still no deal in sight for the dreamers Steve. Well president trumps talked openly about having a military parade in the US and now the White House says the wheels are in motion the plan one for Washington with soldiers and tanks CBS news military analyst Jim Acosta. It seems that the president's intent is to show the might of the US military which puts in the same category is phrase we see in Moscow in North Korea most soldiers. Really don't care too much for parades. Because it caused them a lot of time in preparing for it but I'm certain so in fact woods and obviously I'm sure in many cases parents and wives and children might also enjoy seeing their husbands sons and daughters on his way to South Korea vice president Penn stopped in Japan for meetings with prime minister I'm very Andy issued a warning to North Korea. The United States of America will soon unveil the toughest and most aggressive round of economic sanctions on North Korea ever. And we will continue to isolate North Korea until it abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile program once and for all. Korea's leader is sending a member of his family to the winter games in South Korea CBS's Steve fodder mineral cover the Olympics for us and he joins us live. Most think it's Wednesday evening here in Byung Chang and this is the story which is dominated the news in South Korea today North Korea has announced that Kim Jung and sister. Well to attend the opening ceremony on Friday. As part of the north's official delegation. How big is this who have this goes as planned she will be the first immediate family member of North Korea's ruling family to ever step foot in South Korea. And she's not the only north Koreans to come south today delegation of more than 250 arrived here. Most of them members of a North Korean cheer squad like in Kyung Chang Steve vitamin CBS news. A financial markets in Asia were mixed shares in Europe for a higher at all followed the bounced back yesterday on Wall Street. They came after two days were exchange who has lost a total of around 8% of their value. S&P futures point to a lower opening on Wall Street this morning. CBS news contributor melody Hobson says we may be in for a period of sharp ups and down. It's last year we did not have one day where the market closed down 2% are more that just doesn't happen. It's lulled us into thinking that it's gone away and now we're probably going to see more volatility so yeah ass get used to. Las Vegas casino kingpins Steve Wynn has been toppled amid sexual misconduct allegations were alive this morning with CBS is gearing on. Nguyen has stepped down as chairman and CEO Bob Wynn Resorts the company he founded denying the allegations he harassed or assaulted several women over decades. Win uses the word preposterous. First reporting the story the Wall Street Journal says he reached a seven and a half million dollar settlement with a manicurist. According to win an avalanche of publicity created an atmosphere. The rush to judgment takes precedence over the facts he also contends the allegation stemmed from a bitter campaign by his ex wife steep. The latest issue for Amtrak is the Acela going at more than 124 miles an hour yesterday and Merrill and some cars separated from the rest of high speed train. Amtrak says a couple of failed Nolan was hurt this follows a string of recent derailment its former NTSB chairman mark Rosen currency CBS news consultant. I certainly would like to see a top to bottom examination. That may well have to include a safety stand. Everything comes to a stop staff is focused and refocused on on safety processes and safety management systems. All the pictures from space look like something from a movie set a red Tesla Roadster orbiting the earth with a mannequin in the space suit in the driver's seat it's bound for Mars orbit in the months ahead. The result of SpaceX is successful launch of its powerful new rocket yesterday. SpaceX CEO Elon moss. So it's going curtain countries and companies series of sites consider you and a bigger and better which is great. There were one of these pitchers two of those three boosters successfully landed afterwards to be used again. Our committee's been formed in Nashville to look into the spending of mayor Megan Barry who admitted to having had an affair with the ex head of her security detail. Public records indicate she went on most out of town trips without security. New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said yes to become a head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The team announced the hiring yesterday then hours later mcdaniels back out to stay with New England. WBZ radio's Adam Kaufmann. And let's seize. Borderline certain that he's going to be the next head coach the patriots following Bill Belichick whenever that is this is a potential kind of career suicide at least for a little while because. I can't imagine there's another NFL team that's gonna wanna go near. Indy waited weeks for the playoffs and to make the move and is now the only NFL team without a head coach. Hundreds of girls got went to Georgia State Capitol with cookie boxes in hand to do some lobbying they want a bridge in Savannah and it's named for a white segregationist. Former governor. To be named for Savannah native and girl scout founder Juliette Gordon low instead. Eleven year old Sawyer Stewart found some resistance. Yeah like yeah. Yeah these groups can't do that. Wants us to try harder. It could be a vote within weeks on a bill to change the name of that breed push. When we think of Texas ranches and oil come to mind CBS's Jim Taylor says it's getting a reputation for something else of the top five cities carrying the most credit card debt. Three or in one state. They saint Pete everything is bigger in Texas and apparently that includes credit card debt. Credit cards dot com senior industry analyst mashal says San Antonio Dallas and Houston are in the top five. Along with Miami and Los Angeles on the other hand the lowest credit card debt burden worse San Francisco. Minneapolis. Boston. Washington DC. And Seattle with interest rates creeping up right now he's suggest Payne and off Jim Taylor's CBS news. I'll Boston burger joint has a special for Valentine's Day and it costs 3000. Dollars for that you get a burger with an engagement ring nestled in the bond for that special moment. No takers as of yet. And that's the CBS world news roundup Steve case and CBS news.