CBS World News Roundup, 2/8

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, February 8th

Top White House aide resigns over domestic abuse allegations. Senate budget deal faces House hurdle. Drowsy driving blamed for 10% of crashes. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Abuse allegations and a White House and even then. Junior was quite emotional person. Budget deal faces headwinds give us a chance to have a vote on the floor. Fighting sleep at the wheel you could be as dangerous as a drunk driver. This is the CBS world news roundup. Preset by Simmons beauty rest good morning I'm Steve case and abuse allegations from two ex wives abrupt on top White House aides staff secretary rob Porter who says he will resign was close to both president trumpet chief of staff John Kelly. Here's CBS is Julianna Goldman. Porter's first wife Colby Holdren is shared photos showing what her face look like after he allegedly punched her while on vacation. In a statement Porter said these outrageous allegations are simply false. But he admitted he had taken the photos about his second wife Jennifer Willoughby he'd tell the abuse with the Washington Post. We can no matter. It's a couple of weeks after. Being married and I was aware as he is. And temper and he came and he grabbed me. And pulled me out of the shower in arraigned. Willoughby told FBI investigators in January of 2017. About what she says was his abusive past. The FBI share those allegations with the White House ten months later. I told them. All of the details of my marriage and including kid from verbal and emotional abuse. Sources tell CBS news reporters full security clearance was then delayed. It's not clear if he ever received full clearance. White House communications director of hope takes his dating Porter and helped craft administration defenses of him. A senate deal to fund the government for two years was praised by members of both parties but there's opposition in the house says the clock ticks closer to a possible government shut down tonight we're live with CBS's Steven Portnoy. Hailed as one of the rare examples of bipartisan cooperation in this bitterly. Divided Washington the senate agreement locks in overall spending levels for this fiscal year and the next. It boosts pentagon spending and domestic spending includes funding for disaster relief and efforts to combat the OP like crisis. It also prevents a default on the national debt for another year. It's expected to sail through the senate but because it suspends the debt ceiling while increasing spending. Many house conservatives say they'll oppose it and top house Democrat Nancy Pelosi says her caucus will too. And less speaker Paul Ryan pledges to put a docket built up for a vote. As members of congress we have a moral responsibility act now to protect dreamers who the pride of our nation. And her American every way but on paper. To draw attention to that cause Pelosi held the house floor for eight hours yesterday the longest house floor speech on record Steve now to the Korean Peninsula. North Korea rolled out 101000. Troops and military hardware for a huge parade a day before the opening ceremony of the winter games in South Korea. CBS's Steve Spiderman is with us this morning from young Chang where political figures are getting the jump on athlete. Smells David tomorrow's opening ceremony the politicians make it as much attention as the athletes. Kim Jung un sister will fly to the south tomorrow have lunch with South Korea president boomed. Did in the evening she won't watch as north and South Korean athletes march onto the field together. Olympic historian David Robertson he says the musical accompaniment will also be symbolic. They're going to be playing are wrong. Which is a traditional. Folk song from both north and South Korea so it's a song that brings the two Koreas together. Vice president pants will also be at the ceremony but North Korea said today. It does not plan to meet with any American officials like at the Winter Olympics and Byung Chang Steve vitamin CBS news. The US led coalition in Syria says at least 100 fighters loyal Soviet sub Rashean were killed as they tried to carry out an attack on coalition allies in the eastern part of that country. AAA study gets a better handle on how many crashes can be blamed on drivers who were drowsy CBS's Chris van cleave says it's more than previously thought. After analyzing thousands of dash cam videos researchers determined nearly 10% of crashes can be blamed on drowsy driving down really underscores. The significance of this thus had to kind of concern on the road triple a.'s William Morey says getting only four hours of sleep at night can have an effect similar to drunk driving. He made us sluggish responses. He might be enough fuel to keep the vehicle in the lane as well as he shows Chris van cleave CBS news Washington. We'll just days after a glitzy SpaceX rocket launch scientists are settling in for a month and a place on her to swear they'll try to simulate life on Mars live the CBS is Peter King. Steve more than 200 scientists from 45 countries are headed to a desert in southern Oman near the borders of Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The trial the technology needed for life on Mars organizers say it's as close as you can get to simulating the red planet here on earth. There's not a lot of life there temperatures top out at a 125 degrees. Besides his will be inside a giant inflatable habitat and it shipping containers they'll converted to living and workspace Steve. A different story in Philadelphia were windshields are in the teens today as tens of thousands gathered to celebrate the Super Bowl champion Eagles CBS is DiMarco Morgan is on hand. We started lining up around midnight. Make their way down the. I. I've been it was fan all my life since a kid you know weighed in on the way to produce a for the longest in on this. Is disagree feel it. Transportation is also a major concern and support that up because thousands of fans remember they were stranded. 2008 did the Phillies World Series. Publishers face of Gerber baby food products is one year old Lucas Warren he's the first child with Down syndrome to be the company symbol and it's 91 year history and it has parents of other children with special needs like Lauren Falcone thrilled. You fight for inclusion. Every day it just is like to know what we're great we're in the trenches but we're doing the work and that's what's happened. Lucas lives with his mom and dad in Dalton Georgia his photo was picked out of more than 140000. Twitter says for the first time it turned a profit and return to revenue growth in the fourth quarter of last year. A former White House employee has returned to our roots reality TV. Amoroso Matty gold makes her debut on Big Brother celebrity edition and says her stint at the White House was a lot like reality TV. One thing that I learned from politics and is you have to know how to work your own them and it is something instances no margin for two. The former drug administration staffer and apprentice salaam was introduced to ten other competitors in a black evening gown. The winner gets 250000. Dollars cash. Deborah Rodriguez CBS need. John Perry Barlow has done here. He wrote lyrics for The Grateful Dead but had a bigger impact on the Internet he found in the electronic frontier foundation back in 1990 pushing for free expression and privacy online. Barlow was seventy years old. That's the world is round Steve case and CBS news.