CBS World News Roundup, 2/9

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, February 9th

Congress votes to fund the government after missing a midnight deadline. Stocks go into correction. Winter Olympics open in South Korea. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Congressional action on a spending plan Republicans Democrats coming together thing that's the thing to celebrate. Financial market mayhem if you are long term investor Patrick you're signing a report. Two of the nation's one flag political intrigue at the Olympic opening ceremony. This is the CBS world news roundup presented by Simmons beauty rest. Good morning I'm Steve case and it was just before the break of dawn in Washington DC when a house passed a budget deal after working all night effectively ending a government shutdown just hours after it began. We're live Dallas CBS's Steven Portnoy. The funding lapse technically continues Steve until president trump signs the budget bill it's just been delivered here at the White House all across Washington as a bit of confusion. As to whether agency employee should be reporting to work this morning we've been advised it. Check with their bosses. The drama over all this began late yesterday when despite support. From GOP and democratic leaders Kentucky Republican Rand Paul objected to holding a senate vote on the two year budget deal. Any sooner than 1 AM today is complaint. The trillion dollar deficits he says this bill would create what you're seeing is recklessness. Trying to be passed off as bipartisanship. In the end the bill passed the senate at 2 AM in the house at 5:30 AM perhaps a day late. But not a dollar short state. After yesterday's wipe out on Wall Street financial markets are now in correction territory at 10% decline from its latest peak in for the Dow Jones Industrial Average it was the second thousand point plus sell off in a week. CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger. Corrections are part of markets is nothing abnormal about it it just that we haven't had won in two years so maybe we just sort of need to get used to the fact that. Did downs are just as common as the op. Futures markets are mixed ahead of today's opening bell not a South Korea CBS's Steve Foreman joins us with details of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games. Small Steve we have never seen an opening ceremony quite like this pomp and circumstance political intrigue and a handshake that will be seen around the world. Handshake took place at the very start as South Korean president Boone enter the stadium he shook hands with the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Hoon. Vice president chances also at the ceremony before the ceremony pants briefly showed up. Let's get the reception hosted by moon which was also being attended by North Korea's ceremonial head of state. Hence according to some reports refused to shake the north Koreans had. As for the opening ceremony it's now wrapping up a cauldron we are told will be with by the Greek figure skater Kim you know off. Like the Winter Olympics in Yung Chang chief Letterman CBS news. And at the game is the chairman of the board of the US Olympic Committee says the Olympic system has a black guy after the Larry Nasser case. The Olympics system in the United States fill these athletes and we are part. We are part of the Olympics system in the United States. Larry probe just says officials should have sought out masters sexual abuse victims and should of attended early court hearings. White House chief of staff John Kelly is facing scrutiny after staff secretary rob porter's resignation. Amid abuse allegations from his two ex wives. CBS's Julianna Goldman has more from the White House. We all could have done better over the last few hours our last last few days spokesman rushed shot told reporters chief of staff John Kelly only became quote fully aware of the abuse allegations Wednesday. But CBS news has learned the FBI told the White House about porter's abusive behavior in November a 2017. And that's putting Kelly in the cross hairs his reputation for discipline and ordered diminishing. In a staff email last night Kelly called domestic violence of horror and hundreds of flights have been canceled in the midwest is a major storm dumped snow around a foot could fall in the Chicago area. Northern Indiana and southern Michigan plenty of school closings in those areas the storms affecting parts of ten states. FEMA is getting new criticism over its contract with an Atlanta businesswoman to distribute meals in hurricane torn Puerto Rico. Only 50000. To thirty million meals ordered up were delivered. Business woman Tiffany brown Duffy 156. Million dollar deal and subcontracted. To two firms one had just eleven employees. She tells me she is experienced with this work NA as time that not as time went on that she would be able to hire additional people to scale love. Brown had five previous government contracts canceled democratic congresswoman Stacy placid says FEMA should of steered clear. Other agencies. Go so far as not just to us stop the contract but to issue a system wide warning saying that this is not a company to do business with. Then how could they have been prepared to 256. Million dollar contract. FEMA says despite the problems food distribution was not disruptive. About the future of former White House aides says it's not going to be okay under president trump Amoroso medical Newman speaking in a whisper to a fellow contestant on CBS's celebrity Big Brother. About her time at the White House in her abrupt firing. She says she was haunted by the president's tweets. It was hard to try to heat. Isn't your feet. To anybody saving him a wife and killing. HP and there's an end of the people who attacked. The White House says some arrows and had limited contact with the president while Aaron no contact no. Packages show up Richard doorstep. And you never ordered the stuff it's happened over and over to a couple in Acton Massachusetts. As CBS injury could Duncan tells us it's part of a scandal. My cooling Kelly gala events say the first and ordered package arrived in October. I went out picked up the pack hits I opened it up and I said. Rich this stuff war. And he said I didn't buy that they say that was a phone charging hand warmer and it was soon joined by a humidifier. A flashlight a Bluetooth speaker a computer vacuum cleaner and some LED lights who didn't think send Abbas we did not know the scam is known as brushing. An online seller usually overseas purchases their own products through fake buyer accounts they've created. The products are shipped to a real address then the seller writes a positive review of their items from the fake buyer account. Amazon says it investigates all reports of unsolicited packages and will band vendors in reviewers who abuse the system. An American retailer with a long history is breaking some new ground here's CBS is Deborah Rodriguez it's. He's he's he's hoping to boost sales by tapping into the Muslim clothing market it will debut Denver Rona collection next week. Feature Maxi dresses long tops and died he jobs cardigan and pants with prices ranging from around thirteen dollars to 85. The brand was created by fashion photographer Lisa Vogel who says she had difficulty finding modest fashionable clothing. After she converted to Islam seven years ago. International shipping will be available Deborah Rodriguez CBS need. Our 21 year old college student is considering suing the Spirit Airlines bella and Alec Kosier says she was told twice by the airline she could travel with her emotional support pat. A dwarf hamster. But at the Baltimore airport officials wouldn't let the animal fly. And she flushed it down a toilet. That's the world news roundup produced by Paul ferry a Steve case and CBS news.