CBS World News Roundup, 3/12

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, March 12th

5 dead in New York City helicopter crash. The White House school safety plan. The OJ Simpson interview some say is a confession. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Chopper down in an icy river pilot breed himself the other five did not. White House plan on school safety there's a sense of urgency but is it enough sizzle wildly yeah where you response. OJ Simpson speaks hypothetically things got heated time in my ground. I. This is the CBS world news roundup presented by. So it works release good morning I'm Steve case and investigators are trying to piece together what happened to New York city's East River five people are dead after a helicopter went down yesterday. CBS news transportation correspondent Chris van cleave. The chopper crashed and below forty degree water near the mayor's mansion on the east side of Manhattan. Once in the water the helicopter's rotors continued to spin. Thailand's second he was making an emergency water landing that McCain like literally a minute it was completely. I heard the pilot identified as Richard fans managed to free himself from Iraq and was pulled from the river by rescuers. Two passengers were pronounced dead at the scene three others were rushed from the helicopter in critical condition and later died at the hospital. The flight. People besides the pilot pulled tightly harness so these bonuses had to be cut. This helicopter which was upside down the. Her helicopter was on a private photo shoot at the time. It's been nearly four weeks since the school massacre in Parkland Florida and now a CBS is Steven Portnoy tells us the White House is out with a gun and school safety plant. The White House proposal calls for the downing of a commission on school safety. To be chaired by education secretary Betsy to vause I have app on last night's sixty minutes Abbas told Lesley Stahl state should be able to decide whether to arm teachers. I I hesitate to think go play my first grade teacher mrs. or Hoffa I couldn't ever mentioned hurt. Room. Having a gun and being trained in that way. But for those who are who are capable this is one solution that can and should be considered. The White House proposal backs federal funding for that training it also urges greater focus on mental health. While the president has spoken of race in the purchasing H for rifles from eighteen to 21 that's not in his proposed. Even come close to meeting the moment. On activist Chen in watts is disappointed so it was robbed for Rogge know of the website the truth about guns dot com. He's skeptical of the push for gun violence restraining orders allowing courts to temporarily strip guns from those deemed to be a threat in order for this to be constitutional. A gun violence protection order would have to be something that occurs in a court of law. Where the person being accused can defend themselves. North Korea has said nothing since the word late last week the president trumpet agreed to a meeting with Kim Jong owned the White House has since added conditions before any such meeting. Include North Korea stopping all nuclear and ballistic missile testing. A class action lawsuits have been filed against the fertility clinic outside Cleveland where a refrigerator malfunction possibly damage 2000 frozen eggs and embryos amber ash is spearheading it. To find out what's that's your potential children. Don't exist anymore. Your own media is it's absurd. A storage tank failure at a San Francisco facility imperil thousands of frozen eggs and embryos reproductive specialist Peter clad ski is not connected with the either case. This is incredibly rare visit never been reported and then within a week we saw reported in Kerry Sanders. Which is obviously deeply troubling for both very patient centered community. And Allentown Pennsylvania authorities are scrambling to find 45 year old Kevin Esther Lee he and sixteen year old Amy you have been missing since early last week her family's distraught. Amy can you comment my mean he's seen your. The teams brother John says the tour apparently involved in a romantic relationship why we're in the 45 year old man and sixteen year old girl. That's disgusting officials say the team changed schooled documents to list masterly as her stepfather allowing him to sign her out of school. In Britain the mystery over the apparent poisoning of a former Russian spy has deepened in public health concerns have emerged to live to London and CBS is Vicki barker sit. Script Holland his daughter yulia still listed as critical in a Salisbury hospital poisoned by any nerve agent and hundreds of people who may have crossed paths with him has been urged to wash all their close leaving locals like this man with unanswered questions. Having that you wouldn't think it plays more of a long and impatient for me in my life. Another question was this a Kremlin hit or possibly the work of Russian ultranationalists who may have acted without explicit orders from Vladimir Putin. The British government still weighing it's response Steve. An interview done twelve years ago aired for the first time last night on fox CBS is Vladimir dude GA says it was billed as ball lost confessions of OJ Simpson in his hypothetical play by play OJ Simpson tells Judith Regan hike he and a friend named Charlie. Went to Nicole Brown Simpson's house on June 12 1994. Things got heated additionally the call fail. And herself. This guy kind of got into karate thing I'm in my grabbed. I if I do remember that portion take them live from Charlie and be honest. Simpson alternate between talking about Charlie and speaking in first person that you write about removing a glove. If we're taking a knife I have no conscious memory of doing that but obviously I must go because they file. This is no hypothetical. Christopher Darden was also part of the special and one of the prosecutors in the criminal trial where Simpson was found not guilty. I think she's the fast tomorrow. Decided that it was a confession interview is a joke Simpson's attorney Malcolm burn claimed to Regan was bleeding Simpson duty interview to push book sales when this was that scripted. By Judith Regan the publisher of the book mister Simpson went along because quite frankly he got a lot of money up front. In Ireland country start Tim McGraw collapsed on stage during a concert his wife Faith Hill spoke to the crowd in Dublin yeah. Seems Rick I. The audience not only cheered that decision maker urged McGraw to get well. It's an important day for Britain's royal family as we hear from CBS's Larry Miller in London. It used to be said the sun never sets on the British empire of those days may be history but they are celebrated on this commonwealth today. The British commonwealth still represents 53 countries and almost 2.4 billion people. Today's service from Westminster Abbey will be the first time. Prince Harry's fiance the American actress Megan Markel will appear at an official engagement with the queen and the entire royal family. She and Harry are said to be married Windsor castle and made. Larry Miller CBS news London. Pairings for the NCAA basketball tournament have been announced Virginia Villanova Xavier and Kansas are top seeds Louisville Oklahoma State and Saint Mary's are among the schools snubbed by the tournament committee. That's world news round. I'm Steve case and CBS news.