CBS World News Roundup, 3/13

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, March 13th

President Trump surveys options for his border wall. A third noreaster hits New England. The Roundup celebrates 80 years on the air. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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And trump goes to California he's expected to survey eight different prototypes reporter Walt. Another march snow storm. Hobbling in the northeast wind blowing and drifting snow zero visibility as to how. It roundups eightieth anniversary to bring you the picture of the Europe tonight. Colombia not present a special broadcast. This is the CBS world news roundup presented by fireworks release good morning I'm Steve case and it's off to California today for Donald Trump where he'll get to seal the prototypes of an important symbol. Bolivia's presidency a planned border walls CBS news White House correspondent Steven Portnoy begins our coverage. The prison grounds it'll happen. We are building the wall. Visiting the border today he'll survey eight different prototypes each one standing thirty feet tall. One has a stylized brick pattern that Americans could seek those on the Mexican side which he just bare concrete and barbed wire. The most expensive designer sees through with narrow little column spaced apart and rounded top so it's hard decline. This is deep Letterman in San Diego. This will be the president's first trip to the traditional blue state since he took office and the welcome here well let's just say it will not be universal. Protest took place last night in San Diego on the eve of the visit some people telling mr. trump to stay home. And during his brief former visit here today there will be more protests since. Am Francisco's ice spokesman disputes federal claims that 800 illegal immigrants escaped capture in Oakland after the mayor warned of a sweep he has resigned. A draft report is up from the House Intelligence Committee CBS jump for gays says it's one of the many investigations into Russia and the trump campaign. Republicans on the committee concluded that there was no evidence of collusion between the drug campaign and the Russians the GOP members on the committee also disagreed with the intelligence community is January 2017. Assessment. That Russia's battling his partly because of Russian president Vladimir boat is supposed preference for candidates trumped. Adam Schiff the top Democrat on the committee accuse the Republicans are protecting the president. Now to the northeast were a tough winter wind is blowing once again. And whipped him more snow this time new England's gonna get the worst habit with a foot or more of snow in some places this woman has a snowplow driver in the Boston area. It's not fun because you wrote it for many many many hours and it's the third storm in less than two weeks right I probably have a hundred Allison since the last on the start of yet. Definitely died of it at. People in the Austin, Texas area are on edge to package bombs went off on doorsteps yesterday killing one person and injuring two others. Earlier this month there was a similar package bombing that killed a man. Brian Manley is the acting police chief. We have an individual that has the ability to construct these bombs and to have them successfully debt. Nate he says this could be a possible hate crime be attacks have targeted minorities. Polls are open this morning and western Pennsylvania's eighteenth congressional district it's a highly anticipated special election in Ontario won by president trump by twenty points. CBS is dancing cordless is covering. It has forced national Republicans to sink ten million dollars into what should be an easy race car. Mostly liberal. And it may have prompted president trump to make that surprise announcement about steel tariffs and a lot of steel mills that now opening up. Even lifelong residents like Don makes them say they don't know which way today's vote will go. It's interesting to me how tough. Attorneys general sessions says US attorneys will be more aggressively enforcing the law that makes it a crime for gun buyers still lie on the federal background checks of the Justice Department will also increase the presence of law enforcement officers at schools. In the wake of the Parkland massacre. A fund to help Las Vegas shooting victims left someone out woman who spent two months on life support and underwent nine surgeries lied to CBS's Vicki barker. Rosemary Melancon still hospitalized and in agony with at least one more surgery to go but distracted by his wife's medical ordeal her husband to miss the January 31 application deadline for the Las Vegas the victim's fund. And all of the monies now committed to other survivors the fund chairman says he's aware of the problem and may appeal for new donations Steve. Well today were proud to mark the eightieth anniversary of this broadcast the world news round up the nation's longest running network newscasts to. I the world trembled torn by conflicting forces salas sounded on day one in 1938 cents German troops warm across front terrorism their first offensive since 1914. Colombia not prevent the special broadcast which will include pick ups DURECT among them from Paris. Robert Trout was the anchor of the 38 minute broadcast we take you now to London England the first one with a format were so familiar with today and anchor introducing correspondents in the field. We were switching to Europe and I was in terms use the term I commend them out remember him right there I was the first one. I'm still bring them a single correspondent who controllable what was happening in his field. And one night the news right you said why don't we I'll put a number of interstellar a number of correspondents who have enough are showing about for it. The first world news round up came to galleries Hitler's German troops invaded Austria. That it was Edward Murrow speaking from Vienna. It's normally 2:30 in the morning. It's not get a rise. It's of course obviously the wrong ground since Vietnam for the tremendous reception has been pretty. Her it was the first time listeners heard the voice of Edward. Aren't your Douglas Edwards with the CBS world news roundup. Good morning everybody good morning this is bellows told them with a CBS world news round. Good morning everyone I'm Christopher bland good morning I'm Nick Young with a CBS world news round up and it's always been a broadcast with a certain degree or breach longtime anchor Dallas Townsend recalls getting word on the air to a cabinet member whose vacation home had no telephone. I on the Rondo would say. This new will be of particular interest to secretary actually Dulles Dulles would then come over the mainland and go over telephones and phone Washington. And with the last four Murrow awards for best newscast on our shelf the world is round ups still going strong. President trump has stepped in to block broad comes bid to buy Qualcomm in a 117. Billion dollar deal on the grounds that it raises national security concerns Broadcom is based in Singapore. New monuments taken shape in Washington DC here's CBS is Jim Taylor. Each pair of 7000 shoes making up the monument on the capitol long represents child killed by gun violence just cents. The Newtown elementary school massacre the CDC got conservative estimate but says that thirteen hundred kids a year are killed by gun violence and the ruby Sachs with the organizers of bonds families of victims will be donating shoes celebrities too they're gonna be set up a large march really an homage to the fact that this movement right now is being led by children. Survivors. She among known names donating shoes Bette Midler and Susan Sarandon Tim Taylor CBS news and that's the world news roundup I'm Steve case and CBS news.