CBS World News Roundup, 3/2

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, March 2nd

Wild weather hits the east and west coasts. Winners and losers of the Trump trade tariffs. Engineering a better flu vaccine. CBS News Correspondent Peter King has today's World News Roundup.


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Wild weather from east at major powerhouse storm to west we're gonna get anywhere from a third to a half an inch of rain per hour. Trade terror free action positive we want it level playing field and negative. It's been caused our crisis and it's gonna make us less competitive. Engineering a better flu vaccine they're directing it against a part of the virus that doesn't change. This is the CBS world news round up presented by fireworks released good morning I'm Peter King residents along the East Coast are bracing for a nor'easter that stretches from the Carolinas to New England. With rain snow and hurricane force winds depending on where they live. There are voluntary evacuations for places like Plum Island Massachusetts mayor Donna holiday. We haven't seen a storm like this it's very very concerning. CBS's bill rake off is just outside Washington and Howard county Maryland from. Wins 125 to thirty miles an hour right now getting a wind gusts. It has to be somewhere in the forty to 45 mile an hour range. Thousands of people are without electricity service. Traffic lights are out trees are down across rail lines school systems are closed and many counties around the Washington DC area and the federal government has even decided to close its offices for the day WCBS radio meteorologist Craig Alan. This is going to be a storm with widespread. Damaging results up and down the eastern seaboard and it's going to take a good 36 hours. Two cleared the East Coast even after it remains very windy. I think the biggest fear is going to be power outages right now and also the threat from coastal flooding. Massachusetts could get the worst of it with a high winds bringing a possible four foot storm surge. CBS's Chris van cleave says hundreds of flights have been canceled in and out of the northeast. Out of quarter of the flights are possum Logan have been canceled and and that number could grow certainly throughout the day the airlines have thinned their flight schedule as they expect the FAA to start limiting the number of flights I can arrive or depart from major airports during this storm. Parts of Western Pennsylvania in central and Western New York have already gotten a foot of snow or more. California is expecting three to five feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada as parts of Santa Barbara County already hurting from. January mudslides are now mandatory evacuation zones sheriff Bill Brown we want you make sure that no one is. In harm's way we have another sizable debris flow Lyndon Lauren lives in modest seat though it's just better for everybody of people get out of the way get through this one and evaluate the president says his announced tariffs for imported steel and aluminum 25 and 10% respectively will help American manufacturers but. Critics say they're worried about a new trade war and other possible consequences. CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger. Obviously it domestic producer of either steel or aluminum is going to do well in this scenario. But there are some pretty major losers that could come to bear. We can T the car industry a company like Boeing that needs steel to make airplanes and we could see it trickle back even to a bigger company could have beer can is made of aluminum. Mr. troubles will be yours to reversed his stand on raising the legal age for gun buyers CBS is Major Garrett is at the White House president trump gave gun control advocates hope when he said this on Wednesday you have to look at the age of 21. For certain types of weapons take becomes first. Goes through do process but last night the NRA said mr. trump wanted the opposite. Following an Oval Office meeting NRA executive lobbyist Chris Cox treated that mr. trump and vice president pence quote. Support strong due process and don't want gun control. An hour later mr. trump tweeted that the meeting went great. The delta airlines' decision to cut ties with the National Rifle Association may turn out to be an expensive one. Georgia's Republican controlled legislature is killed a tax break that would have saved delta some fifty million dollars in fuel taxes in its home state. Governors from New York Connecticut and Virginia have already invited delta to move headquarters to their states. Joshua Tree California couple is under arrest for child cruelty after they end their three children were found living in squalor. Inside a small homemade Shaq only about four foot high and ten feet wide Mike Reynolds lives nearby. Lost their house. There's so you bought this slot and he bought that trailer he moved up in and then they were living there and his goal is to build his dream house. San Bernardino county sheriff's department says there was no power or running water the Shaq was surrounded by mounds of trash human waste. Dozens of cats. There are new sex abuse allegations against former teen USA doctor Larry Nasser. Jim this Jacob Moore says Nash are treated him for shoulder injury with acupuncture. Near his genitals when he was sixteen. The suit says there is no known medical connection between those areas of the body. This been a difficult flu season in the FDA is already working on next season CBS news chief medical correspondent doctor John the Polk says. Researchers hope to come up with the universal vaccine. Flu viruses are made up of mullah who's that look like mushrooms with heads and stalks the current vaccine only targets the head but that ports on stable. And it often changes to the result of the flu vaccine that only works some of the time. What they're doing now is looking at the bottom or the stock and the directing the vaccine against that since it doesn't change the vaccine might work more. Back to back could be ten years away. Just days after announcing that it would have to bankruptcy court the Weinstein Co. says a deal to sell the studio two an investment group is on again. That sale would include buyer's commitment to compensate women who say that founder Harvey Weinstein a sexually assaulted them. And the Oscar goes to the you can fill in the rest of the blanks Sunday night the CBS's Steve government has our preview. Hollywood is getting ready for its big night and there are some clear favorites. Most believe the race for best picture is a battle between two films the shape of water until yeah. It's. And three billboards outside of the Missouri my daughter Angela was murdered seven months ago he seems to be the police department is too busy torturing black folks to solve actual crime the story of three billboards Frances McDormand is the overwhelming favorite to win best actress. Gary Oldman is almost everyone's choice to win best actor for his portrayal of Winston Churchill than darkest hours. And Allison Janney appears to be the front runner for best supporting actress she plays the mother of figure skater Tonya Harding in Tonya I didn't stay home make an apple around that no Major League champion Steve Letterman CBS news Hollywood. President trump is expected to lead mortars at today's funeral for the reverend Billy Graham and Charlotte, North Carolina CBS's Jim Priscilla is there. Some 2000 people including the president and vice president. Will gather in a huge tent near the Billy Graham Library for the funeral of a man dubbed America's pastor family spokesman mark. The malls the funeral service itself was planned largely by mr. Graham and his longtime associate the late cliff barrows. More than a decade ago. Graham died at his North Carolina mountain home on February 21 at the age of 99 Jim pursue with CBS news Charlotte, North Carolina in volusia county Florida the sheriff has announced that anybody caught making a threat against schools there will have to pay back the cost of emergency response. At starts at about a thousand dollars a pop. That's the world news round up for Friday march 2 2018 the broadcast is produced by Paul Perry and I'm Peter King CBS news.