CBS World News Roundup, 3/5

CBS World News Roundup
Monday, March 5th

"The Shape of Water" takes top Oscar honors. Getting the power back on after the big storm. FL legislature votes on school safety bill. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Big night the shape of. Power struggle after the storm this is absolutely not I haven't seen it this that summer. Why don't lawmakers consider arming teachers some Republican controlled chamber is bitterly divided. This is the CBS world news roundup presented by Sara works released good morning I'm Steve case in the ninetieth Academy Awards ceremony was a display of moviemaking accomplishment and the power of the meat till movements here's CBS's Steve fodder. This was in the Oscars show where the winners were forced to share center stage with the fallout resulting from the Hollywood sexual abuse scandal. There with the usual war of the Oscar goes to him. Good shape a lot of fantasy romance that shaped water won the most Oscars for and the most important cost for best picture. In the acting categories all the favorites one very. For his portrayal of Winston Churchill and darkest hour Frances McDormand she won best actress for three billboards outside at the Missouri. In the supporting categories winners were Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney. The issue of sexual abuse was a theme throughout the show host Jimmy Kimmel attempted to deal with that in this humorous way Oscar. Is the most beloved. Man in Hollywood just look at. Keeps his hands where you can see them best actress winner Frances McDormand urge women to come together if I may be so honored. To have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight yeah. But the most emotional comments came from three of Harvey Weinstein accusers who came on stage including actress and the bill of she you'll this year and many spoke bare truth. It's really a new path. Has Simmons Keith Olbermann CBS news at the Academy Awards in Hollywood. Below last word around a half million homes and businesses from Massachusetts to Virginia were still without power after last week's deadly nor'easter these people in Virginia say it's been RR stress. Should fit in the house feel free bundled up and think why kids. I put sweaters around kids there's a line of bad weather today from Wisconsin on into the deep south's president trump is tweeting about trade this morning as planned tariffs on steel and aluminum raise concern here at home and overseas slime not a White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. The president says to protect our country we must protect American steel is trade advisor Peter Navarro says tariffs on imported medals are necessary. To save a dying industry. In the US. We were the largest aluminum producer in the world today we have one point 5% global market share China's got 55% but the secretaries of state defense and treasury warned against the tariffs. Arguing a mainly hit US allies. On face the nation Republican senator Lindsey Graham noted China represents just a tiny fraction of US steel imports China is winning and we're losing with this tariff regime your letting China off the hook the EU was warned to retaliate against American exports. Over the weekend the president should trade wars are good easy to win. Today he tweets he'll relax the tariffs if a new NAFTA ideally struck with Canada and Mexico Steve. China's government is pledged strong growth in the nation's president is poised for sweeping long lasting power CBS is Ben Tracy is in Beijing. China's people's congress is large and largely ceremonial. But these delegates are they needed rubber stamp that she gene. For more than two terms was a super at least delegate to the people's congress told me she thinks he should be president forever what I Farrell he does good things for the people and makes the country prosperous and strong so very big DL Isaacs don't fish is an expert on Chinese politics. It really could be that China like it had in the 50s60s. And sad news. Now as a dictator for life back here at home Florida lawmakers are considering new gun measures nearly three weeks after the Parkland school massacres CBS's Nikki Batiste is in Tallahassee. The legislation would increase the age to buy a rifle from eighteen to 21. Band bonds stocks and require a three day waiting period for most gun purchases. The legislation also start a new Marshal program permitting teachers and staff to be armed after at least 132. Hours of training. A strike by public school teachers in West Virginia drags on no end in sight CBS's Jim Priscilla says they've been working for four years without a raise and lawmakers are under pressure. Republican state senators including Craig Blair fielder simply not about money to give teachers and other state workers in West Virginia. A 5% race if we give 5%. What happens that's is that we may not be able to fort next year and the following year would you do striking teachers will be out of their classrooms for an eighth day today. Average teacher pay and West Virginia ranks 48. National crisis has released what it says his video of the October ambush in need to share that killed four US soldiers pentagon correspondent David Martin. It would be two hours from the start of the ambush before French aircraft arrived on the scene these soldiers were on their own one of them went down. Another rush to aside and then dragged him back to the cover the SUV. Their position at the issue he was about to be overrun except for the smoke from the grenades and a few scrub trees there was no cover no escape. In Europe Italy is election is drawing attention more alive the foreign desk with CBS's Vicki barker. Italy's FaceBook status the shower and it's complicated Italian voters have unseated the ruling pro EU Centre left party favoring instead the populist anti EU five star movement followed by a coalition formed by several far right anti immigrant groups and the center right party of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi with no clear majority in parliament Italy is in four weeks of political horse trading and political gridlock Steve. His court action in Pennsylvania today in the bill Cosby's sexual assault case his retrial set for next month KYW radio's Jim Miller says lawyers wanna stop prosecutors from calling dozens of women to testify. Andre Constance has come to be drug to molested her in 2004 to suburban Philadelphia home. Prosecutors are asking to be allowed to present nineteen women at trial who've made similar accusations the defense wants to present a witnessed. Who says constant told her she can make a lot of money if she made up a story about someone famous drugging and raping her. Jury selection is scheduled to begin at the end of the month. The man at the center of one of the twentieth century's great sports moments done over the weekend here's CBS is Larry Miller. In May 1954. On a cinder track and Oxford England Roger Bannister became the first human to run a mile. Four minutes. Five year old medical student came from behind then after breaking the record. Felt exhausted into the arms of his coach. Iraqis say that I have to be able. I think I was very lucky. Although his record stood for just 46 days it's Bannister who will be remembered. He went on to become one of Britain's top neurologists. Roger Bannister was 88 Larry Miller CBS news Lund. In Alaska modern day mushers set off yesterday in the Iditarod sled dog race more than sixty teams are competing in the event the last just over a week the first man to hit the trail says he plans to teach himself how to play the harmonica. During the event. That's the roundup a Steve case and CBS news.