CBS World News Roundup, 3/6

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, March 6th

Former Trump aide backs off after taking aim at the special counsel. FL Senate votes for new gun restrictions. Another winter blast for the Northeast. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Or trump any blasts the special counsel mr. Moeller and what's a seven to jail because having to jail and then I'll laugh. Florida lawmakers act on guns this is the first step. He's saying never again. March in like a lion to major nor'easter is within five days. This is the CBS world news rounds out presented by Sara works released. Good morning I'm Steve case and there's a new twist after what was one of the most bazaar today is that the Russian investigation a story that played out on several cable TV channel. So lucky to send me to jail it was a spectacle that lasted several hours former trump campaign aide Sam number cool only served on the trump team in the summer of 2015. Told several interviewers he ignored a subpoena from Robert Moeller is grand jury I think that that this request is to block numbered said it's not fair to expect him to sift through and turn over documents. Why I have to give Bob bower might email convert made it clear he's not defending the president. And he added it's I think pretty may have done something very reelection. But I don't know after several hours on TV he was asked on CNN yeah I have smelled alcohol on your. Well I thought had a drink that body into the evening numbered told the network I would be willing. To go in for testimony. Meaning he may avoid contempt proceedings after all. Steven Portnoy CBS news the White House. Nearly three weeks after the Parkland massacre of Florida's senate has taken action on a bill to enhance school security and put new restrictions on guns CBS is Nikki Batista's in Tallahassee. The Florida State Senate approved legislation that would start a new Marshal program. Permitting some teachers and school staff to be arms after release 132 hours of training. This bill will make a difference now the bill also raises the legal age to purchase of firearms to 21. Establishes a three day waiting period for purchasing a firearm under some circumstances. Bans the sale of bonds stocks and as significant funding for mental health how amazing is that there were going to train personnel have money to train personnel to be able to identify. Students. Who may have. A mental health problem not included a Democrat proposed amendment that would ban assault weapons something the students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school specifically asked for. When they visited lawmakers last month. And a similar bill will now be considered Bible Florida house blizzard conditions as part of a snowstorm battering states in the upper midwest today this man's just outside Minneapolis. It's brutal I got floral drive you know some able able to move around but. That's really you know this car is over there this is stuff. In the forecast tomorrow calls for heavy snow and strong winds in the northeast less than a week after the deadly nor'easter WBZ TV meteorologist Eric Fisher. This is a colder storm duel we had last week. So as a moves at the coastline big snow totals just northwest side that I 95 court or over a foot of snow looks likely. Tens of thousands still don't have power from the last storm. Overseas it may be just talks. Outage you want you and a bedroom to get on North Korea has extended an olive branch to South Korea Asia correspondent Ben Tracy. The regime is now apparently saying that it won't use nuclear or conventional weapons on South Korea. It's also saying that it doesn't even need it's nuclear weapons at all if it is given a security guarantees although it's not entirely clear what that means. Now all of this comes after this extraordinary meeting between Kim Jung un any delegation from South Korea that took place in Pyongyang on Monday. Kim says that he hopes to write a new history of national reunification. Back here at home it's primary day in Texas ahead of this fall's mid term elections early voting by Democrats is twice what it was four years ago Republican voting up just slightly. CBS's Anthony Sabato says the GOP is long dominated in statewide race. Since the districts in Texas that could become competitive are places where. Hillary Clinton last time in 2016 did a little bit better than Democrats typically do. Our inner around the suburbs of Dallas. Around suburbs in the city of Houston. And those are places that have given the Democrats some hope. The strike by schoolteachers in West Virginia is into its ninth day today CBS's mega dollar says they remain defiance in the battle for a pay rates and. We're not gonna take it was the message delivered by thousands of protesters outside the State Capitol. I'm fully prepared to go to. As long as possible and make sure this stuff parents are worried about their children falling behind the high school students can't get some of these days back but high school seniors clear he begins in court Dunlap say they're not worried about missing class the teachers are not being compensated fairly Nike's shares have put. So much work into getting rant today. Hillary tense moments on a flight from San Francisco to Boise it's. Passengers on board united express flight 5449. Restrained. This Boise Idaho woman who was ranting about being god moments earlier she tried to open the aircraft door while the plane was in flight. Correspondent Chris van cleave says some passengers subdued the woman. We've reported on scams that target elderly people but when it comes to online schemes millennial skin often fall victim here CBS's Vicki barker. I like to think I'm fairly well educated and I was completely blind side at 29 year old David Sigmund had already made small sums working for an online mystery shopper surface so let me ask him to review the local bank by depositing their 2900 dollar check in and wire and and the money that he did. Then that news about fat check I got a call from Wells Fargo saying that it's fraudulent and that I'm on the hook for the entire amount Monica Bach of the Better Business Bureau says millennial are more vulnerable to online fraud and seniors in part because older Americans have become so happier. They're doing a really good job avoiding a loss and they wanna warn people about it. In fact twice as many millennial lost money to fraud last year then seniors though older Americans lost higher amounts court appearance is set for today for the man accused of swiping Frances McDormand Oscar red and after party a suspicious photographer tracked 47 year old Terry Bryant who is showing the trophy to anyone who would look. And posting it all on social media Richard wins in the the LA times. And tonight basically mr. Brian and I ended up winning only one thing handcuffs the senate is poised to pass a bill this week that would roll back some of the banking restrictions imposed after the 2008. Financial meltdown CBS's Allison Keyes is in Washington. The legislation would roll back some of the key aspects of the Dodd-Frank law enacted eight years ago explains banking consultant Bert easily. The intent is primarily to reduce regulatory burden on smaller banks local community banks. He says the bill would reduce the cost for smaller banks to comply with the law. As well it's exempted some of the larger banks from it annual stress test by the Federal Reserve but Healy doesn't think consumers should be worried. Allison Keyes CBS news Washington. A former brain surgeon who runs the Department of Housing and Urban Development maybe in over his head those close to Ben Carson say. He saw the job puzzling and frustrating and even considered quitting over recent budget panels. That's the world is round. Steve case and CBS news.