CBS World News Roundup, 3/7

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, March 7th

Another winter storm hits the Northeast. The Justice Department sues California over sanctuary cities. Stormy Daniels sues President Trump. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Nor'easter around tool usually don't come back to back like this it's going to be a tough couple days. Justice Department sues a sanctuary state they needed they author trying to preempt federal laws when. Porn star supposed the president she wants to set the record straight. This is the CBS world news roundup presented by fare works relief. Good morning I'm Steve case in five days after a nor'easter battered Atlantic coast states with wind rain and snow another powerful storm is bearing down and for the tens of thousands who still don't have power after the first storm it's more misery. Oh forget it. The winter to their predicting we're going to be any jam really are. Outside Philadelphia CBS's Don Baylor says conditions may cause a new round of power outages this is incredibly wet. And heavy snow it adds a lot of weight to the top of these old trees. And there root systems. Have guarded a weakened by the storm last week now the determinant factor as to weather this storm is gonna be as damaging as last week's. Bill wins we are told they're not supposed to be as intense as last week but they still could be gusting upwards of sixty miles an hour. And the forecast is for a foot or more of snow in some places from New Jersey into new York and New England at Newark Airport transportation correspondent Chris van cleave tells us a storm is. Already disrupting air travel to and from major East Coast hub cities like Baltimore Philadelphia Boston and New York City. Look for that to the impact flights across the country. A far airlines have canceled about 2000 flights today. The federal government's going to court targeting one state in its laws shielding illegal immigrants CBS's Paula reed. The Justice Department filed a lawsuit in Sacramento against the seat of California it's governor in attorney general. Alleging that they are preventing federal immigration enforcement officials from doing their jobs. And this lawsuit the Justice Department alleges that the state of California is violating the constitution. By trying to use state laws to pre amp. Federal lock our legal analyst Andrew cone local law enforcement officials are saying that their primary duty is to public safety. And that federal immigration policies are harming that public safety. And that is going to be an issue that the federal courts are going to have to address and overcome if they're going to give the Fed to victory in this case. It's also going to courting California is porn star stormy Daniels and her target is the president of the United States she wants a judge to us rollout for non disclosure agreement she signed just before the 2016 election. Her attorney Michael Allen Nadia on CBS this morning. This is a publicity stunt I want to be wasting my time or stake my reputation on it if it was a publicity stunt we believe the NBA will be tossed out. We believe it'll show that mr. trump never signed either document and therefore she's free to tell our story. Her story is she had a relationship with mr. trump and included sex before he was president the suit also claims he used and alias David Dennison and what the suit calls a harsh agreement. Planned departure of Gary Cohn as president Trump's chief economic advisor has left markets unsettled and shows the depth of the opposition to mr. Trump's plan tariffs on steel and aluminum. CBS is Steven Portnoy joins us live now from the White House. Cohen a former Goldman Sachs executive was the leading voice of the Wall Street establishment inside this White House. And while he registered Democrat helped shepherd the passage of the president's tax cut plan. And has been a champion of mr. Trump's economic policies generally. Colonies bitterly opposed to his plan to impose tariffs on middle imports. He was also greatly upset by the president's reaction to the violence in Charlottesville Virginia last summer. Word of cones impending departure came just two hours. After mr. trump insisted that every one wants to work in his White House I can take any position in the White House. Now have the choice of the ten top people. Academics say in its first year this administration has had a 40%. Turnover rate leaving what one analyst calls vacancies at top of vacancies Steve. A federal watchdog finds White House counselor Kellyanne Conway violated the law that prohibits government officials from using their jobs to influence campaigns. This is over TV comments on two occasions supporting Roy Moore in his failed Alabama senate bid punishment if any. Is up to president trump. With no fanfare of the administration has decided to allow Americans to import the body parts of African elephants shop for sport. Just last November president trump called the practice of horror show in tweets. It's back to school this morning in West Virginia CBS's Jim Crow Sula says a statewide teachers' strike is now history. Thrilled with their 5% pay raise many West Virginia teachers including Leslie Locke. Are even happier to be going back to their classrooms beginning today. We wanted to get back the date that we went out and we really missed being there wouldn't want to be back in school just like the kids want sales. The parents want us to all. School systems in all 55 West Virginia counties must now decide. How to make up the nine clashed a's lost during the longest teachers strike in state history as CBS's Omar via Franco tells us this morning the next teachers strike could come next month in Oklahoma texts teach her. And John Wayne Wacom teaches second graded bridge creek public school outside of Oklahoma City all the teachers in your state makes some of the lowest wages in the country. She loves working a shortened four day school weeks how is your quality of life changed. That has allowed that we can time with my family that I also really truly feel like it has made me a better teacher 200 intended to state schools operate on a four day schedule we should not encourage the best but state superintendent of instruction George -- Meister. Worries about the long term impact on students just extending more minutes today is not actually the same. As having more days in the calendar year. The truth about dogs in a new study is they like you it's when their owners baby talk. Don't borrow that eight to respond to their parents now British scientists have confirmed that using baby talk with our dogs help them on with us T. Scientists measured the amount of attention don't paint scheme and and what they called dawn director. Vs adult directed speech at the dogs most want to interact with the humans who used dog during a speech. Especially when content was mute the dogs could use. Does this mean it's. Convenience can be costly when it comes to the nutrients found in salad greens you're CBS's Jim Shannon eating healthy is never been easier than prepackaged salads but you may be leaving yourself short of nutrients by choosing not to make that salad yourself. Researchers at North Carolina State University founded prepackaged salads lose some minerals and vitamins after their packaging due to exposure to light heat and oxygen. Vitamins B and C take the biggest hit because they are the most sensitive to the elements. And of course the time between when the salad his bag and when it's consumed. Spinach can lose up to 80% of its vitamin C watercress nearly 60%. Jim Shannon BC BS news. A Virginia man is offering a 17100 dollar diamond ring to a couple with the best story about their romance Stephen Crocker says it's a ring he bought for his own engagement that fizzle. He says giveaway is more about hope. That loss. And that's the CBS world news Rhonda and Steve case and CBS news.