CBS World News Roundup, 3/8

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, March 8th

Two feet of snow knocks out power in the Northeast. FL legislature passes gun restrictions. Report details waste at a Washington VA hospital. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Storm slams northeast march misery hundreds of thousands of people with no power. Florida house passes gun bill we have an obligation to govern it's time for us to be grownups. Watchdog takes up bytes at a VA hospital a failure of the VA system at every level. This is the CBS world news roundup presented by fireworks relief. Good morning I'm Steve cases and the the massive dig out so underway in the northeast after a late winter storm dropped a deep blanket of snow could tell me poorly. Put like 56 pounds. And generate some places got around to seat on the roads plow drivers had to dodge stranded drivers hundreds of them were trapped on to New Jersey interstates for sep. All hours people just don't need the warning or change. They pay for. And hundreds of thousands spent a night in the dark and cold without power some have been out since last week's storm this lineman says there's a lot of work to do. They've been working sixteen hours a day that's very heavy snow. You know the trees and thought breaking in and lynch the sought snapping coming down so we have to be very mindful of what would go on CBS is Don Baylor is in Morristown New Jersey. There are still life power lines on the ground in numerous places. And there are tree limbs that still are crashing down we can hear them in the distance the officials are saying please stay home. And stay out of the way and let the professionals clear the roads clear the power lines. Airlines trying to get their flight schedules back in order there have been a few hundred cancellations today. Now return to Washington where CBS's Steven Portnoy joins us with the latest on what the White House is saying about the lawsuit brought against president trumped by a porn star. That porn star who claims she once had a sexual relationship with the president's as mr. Trump's lawyers have been trying to silence her. And yesterday the White House effectively confirmed that. When Sara Sanders acknowledged the president's attorneys have gone to arbitration. To enforce the terms of a confidentiality. Agreement. Stormy Daniels is suing to get out from under. Arbitration was one and the president's favor when we reached Daniel's attorney he called that claim ludicrous both sides say. At a private arbitrator has issued a temporary restraining order but Daniels is lawyer points out that's not a final ruling on the merits. Before the election Daniels was paid 130000. Dollars by mr. Trump's private lawyer to stay quiet. She signed an agreement requiring her to pay the president one million dollars for every instance of breach. But she argues that agreement is Noelle because the president himself never signed in any event the White House continues to insist that stormy Daniels story isn't true Steve. The New York Times reports president trump talks to people about what they discussed with the special counsel's office in the Russian investigation former chief of staff Ryan's previous and attorney Don McGann. CBS news legal analyst general cone. Even of these conversations aren't themselves obstruction of justice or witness tampering and I'm not sure they aren't. They are part of a pattern of interference that the president has been warned to avoid by his own lawyers and they supported narrative the special counsel may build that essentially says. Look the president is still trying to control a story about his team's ties to Russia that the law says he's not allowed to try to control. At a Washington Post reports Robert Mueller has gathered evidence of a secret meeting before the trump inauguration in a bid to create a back channel between the incoming president's team on the Kremlin. White House says controversial new tariffs that could be announced soon may spare Mexico Canada and some other nations. CBS's Gary Nunn joins us now with more on what people on the aluminum and steel industries think about at all. The terror proposal has produced mixed opinions and concerns one Pennsylvania steelworker. They gave me hope for. I'm. Allentown metal worker Georgia TO worries possibly a slow down. And and work in orders because of price hikes which would be passed on to consumers Barry C Goldman is optimistic for his steel pipe business Steele as the backbone. And we could be the backbone again he sees more jobs on the horizon state. In Florida it's now up to the governor's CBS's Adriana Diaz says the state house has taken final legislative action on a gun in school safety bill. Sixty sit in the aged between these speaker. Republican state representative Jose Oliva introduce the measure in the house. I know that some of you think that. This is gonna put guns in schools and two children I would not be standing here if I thought that that was the case the bill would limit rifle sales to people 21 are over after a three day waiting period. Allocate 400 million dollars for provisions like school mental health programs and allow some teachers to be armed. And had two weeks after the Parkland massacre police report more than 600 copycat threats in this country at a time when anxieties been running high. Reporter Dave Cohen has more from WWL. New Orleans today after days schools on lockdown students arrested threats to kill peers teachers and others. One of the things that happens after high profile consider is lol referred to as a contagion effects. Doctor George kappa which a former top now criminologist. In the department of sociology at Loyola university says this behaviors come to be expected it opens up. Greater risk apparent fear anger so hey today. He's as people are angry upset confused your annual exhibit they contagion effect after such incidents. Dave Cohen for CBS news new world. Of Missouri police officer was shot and killed two others wounded when they were sent to the wrong Kansas City house after a 911 call a 37 year old gunman in the home was later found dead by a swat team. It's not clear if he took his own life the house where the call originated is fifteen miles away. A new report from a government watchdog slams the leadership of the veterans administration for waste and climate of complacency that put patients at risk at a DC hospital. CBS is Jan Crawford with some of the example. It's patients who underwent prolonged anesthesia because surgical instruments were unavailable once they were put under doctors and nurses forced to make do by borrowing supplies from a nearby hospital. While 500000. Items set and you used in a warehouse. And the government renting items like three home hospital beds for nearly 875000. Dollars that would have cost only 21000. Dollars to buy. Health insurance giant Cigna is spending 52 billion dollars to by the pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts. USA today reports Oprah Winfrey has sold about a quarter for stake in Weight Watchers. No question it's been a rough flu season and it's not over yet it's here's CBS's bill rake off. Doctor entity bounty of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says it has been a tough year which. Dealing with the worst. Seasonal flu that we had and at least the last decade. Partially because of the H three N two virus and the fact about she says that this year's vaccine was not as effective as he would like to. Sometimes we missed that sometimes the virus changes. After we made the decision about what to put into the vaccine. But for the most part we get critical. Sound she says researchers moving toward universal vaccine that could prevent all strains of the flu. Don't rake jobs CBS news or former NFL star Peyton Manning reportedly sold 31 Papa John's stores in the Denver area two days before the league dropped the pizza chain as an official sponsor. He's not commented but he will remain a celebrity spokesman for the brand and that's the CBS world news roundup and Steve case and CBS news.