CBS World News Roundup, 3/9

CBS World News Roundup
Friday, March 9th

President Trump agrees to meet North Korea's leader. 911 calls from the FL school massacre released. Warnings about a popular Mexican resort. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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President trump took me North Korea's leader this would be a really really big deal that comes through. 911 calls from students under fire her from here our government carpal. Warnings about a Mexican resort town I think people should take that seriously. This is the CBS world news roundup presented by fare works released. Good morning I'm Steve case and president trump and North Korea's dictator of traded insults up to now rocket man. Is on a suicide mission for himself Bob until manner poised for what could be the first direct meeting of an American president and a North Korean leader one that might tone down red hot nuclear tensions we begin with White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. It was a stunning announcement setting up the summit of the century South Korea's national security advisor told the president that Kim Jung who wants to meet with him as soon as possible. Because I thought appreciated post anything. And set. You mid teens Olin. Ambassador channel we young says that meeting would take place Monday Press Secretary Sara Sanders is mr. trump will accept the invitation. At a time and place to be determined. In the meantime she says all sanctions and maximum pressure. Must remain I'm Tammy McCormick in Washington secretary of state Rex Tillerson says Kim John Allen's approach to talks with South Korea led to this decision. What changed was his posture and a very dramatic way that. In all honesty was refusal over the surprise to us tell person traveling in Djibouti said the US has been open to talks for some time but he stressed these are not negotiations. They conditions are not rightfully. The negotiations. With reaction from South Korea here CBS's Hollywood he. Console the current administration here in South Korea once to engage with North Korea the many other people he would say that the north simply cannot be trusted. And will never give up its nuclear weapons. And he's told to go ahead then their reward for North Korea is huge because defense seeking US president meets with North Korea's dictator Kim Jong willing. Then that helps give him some credibility in the eyes of the world. Which is exactly what North Korea craves remember also that North Korea has reneged on previous deals. Oldham while continuing to develop its nuclear weapons. I'm Gary not. Some of those who know North Korea best believe the negotiating process must begin slowly thing it's far better to sort of start with a small concrete step knowing Medialink and improvement in the human rights situation in North Korea professor Robert Kelly of Tucson university. Former NATO ambassador Nicholas Burns now a professor at Harvard looks at the talks from the perspective of Kim Jong on. US sanctions relief will be open may be to negotiating some transparency about its nuclear weapons and while burns says there are risks on both sides he believes for president trump this will be about as difficult as it gets. President Trump's news steel and aluminum terrace will take hold and about two weeks CBS a jury can dom. The terrorists will hit US allies like Britain Germany South Korea Japan and Australia Canada and Mexico will be exempted while NAFTA negotiations continue China the focus of the president's ire on trade will largely be spared. China and Japan complained about the terrorists today. 911 tapes reveal more about the frightening moments during last month's high school massacre in Parkland Florida CBS's Adriana DS. Panicked mother is over Hertz speaking directly to her daughter. I'm like yeah I'm not even. An yeah. In a call from inside the school. A cry for help had to be whispered the caller too afraid to be heard by the shooter. What it will include articles incompetent. It's been shy about. Radio transmissions between law enforcement including the school resource officer Broward county sheriff's deputy Scott Peterson. Peterson who's denied any wrongdoing never entered the building to confront the shooter even warned first responders to stay away. I puck away at that point. It was another night in the dark and cold for hundreds of thousands of people in the northeast after this week's big storm the spans and like cough New Jersey were downed trees and branches littered the landscape. It's really a war zone on our street and for those still waiting for power from the storm a week ago all the frustrations mount. First it was like. Sunday night after that Friday and then it was Tuesday and it was Wednesday and now I think it's something like we're being told by the town and it may be pushed into the with the weekend. There's word a refrigerator malfunctioned at a fertility clinic outside Cleveland possibly damaging more than 2000 frozen eggs and embryos. Crime fears of prompted the government to closely US consulate in a Mexican resort town. And the security alerts going out to American vacationers. Here CBS's and a war over the past. Last year there has been a dramatic increase in violence in and around via del Carmen. According to Eric Olsen an expert on security issues in Mexico there are American victims but they tend to be bystanders people on the wrong place at the wrong time the US embassy did not mention a specific plot targeting Americans but also believes issuing a security alert was the right call there is information. That there could be a violent attack in the next few days so they're letting people know what they know. A former police officer and Asheville, North Carolina faces assault charges his body cam video appears to show him beating and accused. He officer who has since resigned his white the other man is black the emerging story drew outrage in the city meaning. The grim because of the created all of this behavior then. Correspondent Steve Dorsey says Martin's rally will be sentenced today in his securities fraud case sees the former pharma kingpin who jacked up the price of a lifesaving drug. Scroll is dismissive attitude while defending himself from the case may only worsen his sentence according to Columbia law professor John Coffee at his trial. He made himself characteristically. Unlikable he held press conferences in the federal courthouse. Where it called the prosecution. Junior varsity players. He indicated the whole trial was a farce. Defendants don't say there and when they do say that they can irritate the sentencing judge in letters to CBS news last fall squarely defended himself. Calling those behind his indictment. Fools reports say the retail chain Toys 'R' Us is making plans to possibly liquidate all of its American operations. The company did declare bankruptcy last year. New York Times says former President Obama and his wife for negotiating a deal with Netflix to produce show hosts. Today marks the ninth anniversary of the bull markets and the effects of the recession that preceded it are still being felt in some places. This is the weekend we spring ahead serving our clocks ahead an hour for daylight saving time 100 anniversary for that that's world news roundup produced by Paul ferry. Steve case and CBS news.