CBS World News Roundup, 4/10

CBS World News Roundup
Tuesday, April 10th

President Trump lashes out after the FBI seizes material from his personal lawyer. Mulling a Syria response. Mark Zuckerberg goes before Congress. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Feds seized material from trump attorneys disgraceful situation it's a total which shut. President weighs response to Syria attack will be met and it will be met forcefully. FaceBook CEO goes before congress he'll keep his cool answer the question and the at least somewhat contrite. This is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by Holman. Visor good morning I'm Steve case until morning tweets back up what president trump said late yesterday just after word broke that federal agents raided the office and home of his attorney Michael Cohen. One says attorney client privilege is dead. White House correspondent Major Garrett on the furious response. It's president trump lashed out at special counsel Robert Mueller and is expanding Russian investigation after a Monday meeting with top military officials did say. An attack on our. Country in interceptions and attack on what we all stat for one of the FBI raids took place on the 23 floor of thirty Rockefeller plaza at the law firm where Colin had been working. Cohen's personal residence at trump park avenue was subject to the search as what they third location to Loews Regency Hotel in New York City where Cohen had been staying. They find a collision. And then they go from there they say well let's keep going and they raided an office of late president attorney early in the morning. CBS jumper gay is has more on what's been seized the. We're told to go and is under investigation for possible bank fraud campaign finance violations and other potential crimes connected to the 2016. Election. Going paid a 130000. Dollars a porn star stormy Daniels who alleged that she had an affair with president truck but he is also under scrutiny. A connection with the Russia investigate. So mr. trump spoke about that payment last week for the first time saying he had no knowledge of also commanding the president's attention now is Syria in the wake of these suspected chemical attack last weekend let's check in live with a White House correspondent Stephen port. On the president made his remarks about Michael Cohen and Robert Moeller will top military advisor sent around the cabinet room table they had. Gathered to discuss what to do about Saturday's attack in Syria. Mr. trump said it will be met. Forcefully when I will not say because I don't like talking about timing but the sense is a US led strike is imminent it would follow what mr. trump did last year after a Sarin gas attack. The president has said he wants to pull US troops fighting crisis out of Syria quickly. The White House says that goal in the deterrence of chemical weapons used to not mutually exclusive key questions for the White House will strike be effective. It might further escalate tensions between the US and decides main benefactor Russia. Yesterday president trump said Vladimir who may bear responsibility for Syrian chemical attacks and if so he too will pay a price Steve. An Iranian official visiting Syria says the air base airstrike blamed on Israel will not go on answers to Iranians train of the Syrian basin were among those killed. China's president's been able to tamp down the trade tension between Beijing and Washington Asia correspondent Ben Tracy says he's promised to cut China's auto import tariffs and ease other restrictions of the country's auto industry. They're still are these threats of parrot and a trade war. But this is the signal at least that China is sending saying we have some things we can talk about here we have to say we could stick. China's auto terrace with a subject of a tweets from president trump just yesterday. Of the top ten trending stories on FaceBook this morning CEO Mark Zuckerberg upcoming congressional testimony isn't one of them. But CBS is Nancy Courtis says there's widespread interest in waddle have to say about user information and privacy. After admitting the data of 87 million users ended up in the hands of a political firm. Talk a Burr will admit today we take a broad enough view of our responsibility. And that was a big mistake. We have a responsibility to not just build tools but to make sure those tools are used for good. Senators on the left and right want to know more today about the other companies that FaceBook says may also have harvested personal information. From some of its more than two billion users. Six and ten minute just released CBS news poll have little or no confidence FaceBook and protects personal information and prevent disinformation. And CBS's Japanese held until tells us. A majority say more regulation but specifically to try to keep their data safe. And it's important say what we mean by safe here whether or not it would be shared by people with whom you otherwise wouldn't choose to share. One of the victims of poisoning that focused blame on the Kremlin is now out of hospital live to London and CBS is Vicki barker. Out of the hospital but it usually is Apollo is not completely out of the woods says doctor Christine black chart we have not just challenged you the F from salt the district hospital this is not the end of her treatment that marks a significant milestone she says you Leo's father former spice hairdo a script hall continues to improve after his exposure to a military grade nerve agent but experts warn both may be left with permanent damage and the diplomatic shockwaves continue with Russia threatening reprisals over what it calls the unjustified accusations that it ordered the attack Steve. All six people on board were killed when a small plane crashed in a golf course in Scottsdale Arizona no one was on the course of the time the cause of the crash under investigation. A big money payment has been raised as an issue and bill Cosby's second sex assault trial question is. Is it symbolic of the accusers agreed as the defense suggests or potential sign of guilt. It's this morning it's Tom does a rose turn 'cause he's powerhouse attorney known for helping high profile people accused get acquitted. Late yesterday the jury of twelve heard opening statements for just over an hour from the prosecution. And for the first time it was revealed Cosby paid his accuser Andrea can't stand more than three million dollars in 2006. But the document states that caused. CBS news Norris town Pennsylvania. Government health officials a place new restrictions on a permanent contraceptive. Implant it's called. If there were an Olympics of TV watching Americans would be taking home the gold as we hear from CBS's Jim show enemy. The US has been losing ground on the number of fronts when it comes to world rankings but not when it comes to TV viewing and air America is number one. According to Euro Dana TV world why the US residents averaged four hours three minutes of TV viewing daily. Canada was virtually tied with the US at the top followed by European viewers at three hours 49 minutes today Russia and Brazil rounding up the top five. If you consider all TV viewers around the world we're talking nearly three hours in front of the tube each day. Jim Shannon VC BS news. A woman want to must theft charge in Maine had the audacity to apply for a job at a jail in New Hampshire. When the interviewer found out of 31 year old woman was then put behind bars at the place where she. Sought to work. That's around a Steve case and CBS news.