CBS World News Roundup, 4/11

CBS World News Roundup
Wednesday, April 11th

Trump tweet warns of missile strike against Syria. Can President Trump directly fire the special counsel? Facebook's apology before Congress. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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Talks Russia and Syria are racing foreseen sorted US strike. And mr. trump fire Robert Mueller the president certainly has the power to make that decision. Facebook's CEO fends off senator we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility. And that was a big mistake it's. He's the CBS world news roundup sponsored by home advisor good morning I'm Steve case and president trump has signaled an American attack is coming in Syria he writes on Twitter Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia because they will be coming in nice new and Smart. And he goes on to say Moscow shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it. White House correspondent Major Garrett. The most important thing he said today is missiles are coming. And that is a first for this administration and a first for this president to sort of say on Twitter what he's either already. Ordered or soon will order. And mr. trump says the US relationship with Russia is worse now than it has ever been including the Cold War. CBS assessed donors reporting this morning from Lebanon not far from the border with Syria. Part of this discussion both in the United States and among. A US allies in in France and Britain is. What could possible targets beat as possible targets could include a warehouse in Damascus airport where Iran. Flies in weapons or there's another air base on the outskirts. Of the capital an international watchdog group is due to investigate the apparent chemical attack that started all this but it's not clear how soon they'll get up there. The raid on president trumps attorney has raised the question about whether mr. trump can take direct action to fire the special counsel Robert Mueller. We're live with CBS a Steven Portnoy. This is a question the White House first answered last June when trump gates first said they believe it's within the president's power to fire the special counsel. Even though Justice Department regulations say it must be done by the man who appointed him and only for what the rule calls good cause. Sara Sanders reiterated that position yesterday sing mr. trump has the constitutional power to fire mullah no matter what the regulations say. The question remains will he do it. Mr. trump is said to be as angry as ever over the Russia probe. Especially after this week's raids targeting Michael Cohen focused on his purported involvement. With confidentiality. Deal signed by two women who claimed to have slept with depressed mr. trump says. Investigators have done the unthinkable in ratings lawyer's office. There's now a bipartisan push in the senate to pass a bill protecting the special counsel from instant dismissal. But yesterday top Republican Mitch McConnell said he doesn't think that's necessary Steve. A second day of congressional testimonies ahead today for FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have CBS's dancing Courtis looks at his nearly five hours before almost half the US senate. The 33 year old CEO now knows what he's up against lawmakers who say a sorry isn't enough how we as today's. Apology different stop apologizing and let's make the change. We should have handled a lot of things very differently Zuckerberg admitted FaceBook should not have waited some two and a half years to inform up to 87 million users. That their data was harvested by a third party app. Posing as a personality quiz. We clearly viewed as a mistake that we didn't inform people. And we did not based on false information that we thought that the case was Khloe is and that the data had been deleted. Bloomberg insisted that FaceBook can police itself and that its mission has evolved it's not enough to just build tools. We need to make sure that they're used for good several senators argued that Facebook's privacy controls are confusing on purpose you're you sure agreement shocks. The purpose like usual agreement as to cover Facebook's ruairidh. The Justice Department's looking into seven it league colleges and the information they apparently share about applicants for admission. Lot to CBS's Vicki barker. Williams Wesleyan Middlebury amorous Wellesley and renowned Pomona all of for the option of early decision successful applicants than obligated to attend now all seven colleges in the targets of the new federal probe into possible antitrust violations. To which the collective response seems to be higher. The schools insist they only share information about applicants to ensure non Archie think they should they do not share information about regular decision candidates Steve. At the bill Cosby's sex assault trial jurors are hearing from the first of five women who will testify they too fell victim to cause be long before the accuser in this case. More questions for 'cause the accuser Heidi Thomas this morning who yesterday testified that 'cause BP for wine during a cold reed type audition in 1984. Which meter fuel loopy. She says all she remembers is waking up in a dead with Cosby forcing himself on to work. She's the first of several accusers who claim Cosby used his fame to lure women into Dennis salting them. Also expected to testify this week model Janice Dickinson Nat piper CBS news Norris town Pennsylvania. Overseas and Algerian military plane crashed southwest of Algiers killing all 257. On board the cause of the crash not clear. Outside El Paso, Texas a stretch of border walls being assembled to block what's considered to be a busy Mexican smuggling routes but CBS has been global market is says. That's not the only thing going on and some officials are concerned. More than 400 National Guard members have a ride since last week to patrol the border. I think if he rhetoric has been more harmful than helpful Republican mayor of El Paso T Margo worry stronger enforcement at the border. We'll damaged the relationship between the US and Mexico you can not tell the difference between. Where El Paso hands and Mexico began we're really one community and have been for over 400 years. Teachers in Arizona plan to walk arm in arm and above thousand schools in the state to push for a pay raise and more money for education in Oklahoma classes in the State's largest districts are canceled for an eighth straight day as protests continue with the same goals in mind as teacher works and also. We love doing everything within us. What ever we have to do. A 32 year old guard Andre Ingram is suited up for the LA lakers in last night's loss to Houston notable because it was his first NBA game after a bumpy ten year arrive in basketball's minor leagues. He's made the first three point shot he took and went on to score nineteen points a teammate called Ingram zephyr a testament to hard work. On health watch medical marijuana has been shown to help patients with severe pain but how effective visits for treating the effects of autism CBS is Peter King takes a look. At Tampa pediatrician says medical marijuana helped stop crippling and sometimes violent anxiety and panic attacks for young patient doctor David Berger says that followed extreme caution. Start off with a very low dosage and yet gradually increase the dose. He says you make other changes have needed in this case and others Berger says. He's combined those who listen to Jan TH C another strain that negates those effects. And not getting high fermenter getting wonderful symptom relief. Florida is one of ten states were doctors can legally treat autistic patients with medical marijuana several medical organizations including the American academy of pediatrics say there needs to be more research before more widespread treatment for young people. Peter King CBS news' Orlando and that's the CBS world news roundup for Wednesday I'm Steve case and CBS news.