CBS World News Roundup, 4/12

CBS World News Roundup
Thursday, April 12th

New Trump tweets on Syria retaliation. FBI raid on lawyer's office involved the raunchy Trump "Access Hollywood" tapes. New calls for Missouri governor's resignation. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.


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US malls military action in Syria president has not laid out a timetable. Points of interest in the raid on the president's lawyer including the raunchy Access Hollywood take. Explosive report on Missouri's governor this is not a witch hunt and the committee had no political agenda. This is the CBS world news roundup sponsored by Holman. Visor good morning I'm Steve case and a day after signaling the United States would use missiles to responsibly suspected chemical attack in Syria and taunting Russia in the process president trump tweets this morning. It could be sown or not so soon at all to begin with CBS news pentagon correspondent David Martin. The White House says the president has not yet decided on a military option all options are on the table. Former vice chairman of the joint chiefs and now CBS news analyst sandy wanna fell expects those missiles to come from a number of different directions likely it will use a combination of platforms. The Russians will probably not know where the submarines are or that there there when it feels says the best way for a Russian officer to avoid being hit. Is to stay away from Syrian military installations. I think it's very unlikely that we would directly and intentionally target any Russian forces that are in Syria. I'm Steven Portnoy beyond banking inside the White House says Russia shares responsibility for the attack. Because it didn't live by its 2013 pledged to rid Syria of chemical weapons. Last Press Secretary Sara Sanders whether the president intends to target Moscow's assets or personnel in Syria. If that's what he meant by his get ready Russia tweet. I think there's a lot there that you can read frowned at the same time the president has a number of options. At his disposal and all those options remain on the table including diplomacy Sanders says. But she didn't rule out directing gauged with Russia. I'm Larry Miller in London British prime minister trees amaze asking her so Cold War cabinet. To back are called to join military action with the US against the Asad regime can. The continued use of chemical weapons cannot go unchallenged. May is seeking consensus among her closest ministers rejecting calls for a parliamentary vote she might. News this morning president trumped waited if he wanted to fire Robert Mueller in December he would've fired him. The suggestion that he was considering that at that time was reported by the New York Times. We're learning more about the federal raid on trump attorney Michael Collins home and office CBS is Major Garrett says sources indicate president Trump's name was mentioned several times in the search warrant. Search warrants indicate the raids covered a lot of ground I moved to her like a including any records related to the now infamous axis Hollywood tape in which mr. trump made several derogatory comments about women when you're suddenly doing. You can do anything but federal agents want to know have Colin coordinated with the trump campaign in an attempt to bury any negative information about the candidate. And whether any campaign finance laws were violated in the process. In Missouri a special committee investigating the governor has released a detailed report on the extramarital affair he had into the woman involved accuses him of slapping grabbing and shoving her during sexual encounters. Governor Eric brightens defiant this is a political witch hunts but house speaker Tom Richardson says the committee had no political agenda the testimony. Outlined in the report. Is beyond disturbing the reports graphic details are certainly impeachable says Republican state attorney general Josh Paul Lee who says Missouri shouldn't be put through that ordeal and governor brightens should resign immediately Michael Calhoun for CBS news Saint Louis at the. Oh 'cause pretrial his accusers are sounding off once called him a serial rapists and other stared him down and said through tears you remember don't you. CBS has met piper has more. Salem las it was very emotional stand when recalling meeting caused when she was seventeen. At the Las Vegas Hilton. She claims Cosby offered her appeal and it drink and she passed tell you she says she was sexually assaulted and that caused be took her life from her. The other accuser Janice speaker kitty says cause we offered her two pills that are real home in nineteen needs to she fell asleep and woke up with their clothes off. Cosby's team is trying to highlight inconsistencies. In their stories to police over the years and claims their attorney Gloria Allred is trying to get money from Cosby. That piper CBS news Norris town Pennsylvania. Let's assault took place in 1992 in West Hollywood and the alleged victim was an adult at the time. The sheriff's department says its investigation began in December in the case was presented to the DA's office last week a source familiar with the probe concedes the case likely falls beyond the statute of limitations but says it was sent to the DA's task force on sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry out of an abundance of caution. Others have accused Stacy of sexual misconduct he apologized to his initial accuser Anthony Rapp last year and said he was seeking treatments. California governor Jerry Brown's agreed to send National Guard troops to the Mexican border as ordered by president trumps. But they'll be involved in drug crime not immigration issues other states have agreed to go along as well. In light of the FaceBook privacy scandal ins to Graham is offering up something for its users from. Live with CBS is Peter king and to Graham says users will soon be able to download copies of everything they've shared on the site for messages to videos companies owned by FaceBook which already does that. While it says there's no timeline the new option the so called data portability tool it's expected to make it easier for users to get that information and delete and account. It's to Graham has some 800 million users worldwide Steve at Arizona civil list of states where teachers are rising up. I think a good thing. Duke and ambassador. Teachers marched arm in arm at more than a thousand schools demanding higher pay and increased classroom funding teacher protest in Oklahoma are into a nine day. Anchorage Alaska's the first major city in the US to defeat a bathroom bill that would have required people in public clear to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender and births. Red Sox vs yankees last night in Boston. And Cox. A seventh inning bench clearing brawl erupted after Yankee Tyler Austin was hit by a pitch from Boston's Joseph Kelly earlier Austin had been involved in a controversial base running play. The Rockies and Padres also slogged it out in Denver after a brush back pitch. Panic buying has reported of a candy Vick could soon vanish from store shelves CBS is Pam Coulter says sales are up more than so. Steve percent so people really love those necco Wafer candies and are upset that the Massachusetts company that makes them. May shut down 23 year old Katie Samuels offered the wholesaler candy store dot com a deal. She would hand over her 2003. Honda Accord for all the nickel wafers they have. Her offer was rejected in what the company calls the great necco Wafer panic Samuels did get to buy Ford doesn't rules of the candy Pam Coulter CBS news. Well when he was in congress John Boehner was a staunch opponent of marijuana legalization. Of former house speaker once said he was on all terribly opposed but now Boehner has joined the advisory board of a multistate Canada's company. Says his position has evolved he's all for legalization. That's around for Thursday. Steve case and CBS news.